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Please Fix The Other Healers!

Blizzard!  Please fix the other healers!!!!


Yeah, that’s right, I said it- I am a Discipline Priest and I am sick of seeing nothing but people looking for Disco Priests, Holy Paladins, and Resto Shamans.

I’m not being snarky here.  I’m really not.  I KNOW why people are looking for these classes.  Disco Priests- even without Atonement- are OP as hell.  Absorbs in general are just super powerful, and a spec that… well, specializes… in absorbs is always going to rock the meters, no matter what.

Holy Pallies are the nice balance between good absorbs and good heals.  They can do it all.  They are fantastic at it.

And the Resto Shaman’s healing CD’s are just so strong.  Its like there is nothing they cannot heal through sometimes (especially when paired with Disco Priests and Holy Pallies!)

But… what about the Resto Druids and MW Monks, who were SO GOOD in MoP?  They can’t even hold a candle to the others.  And don’t even get me started on the Holy Priests- I remember when Holy was THE healer.  If you had a good Holy Priest and a good Resto Druid, you could survive anything.

Absorbs are like a monster you’ve let out of its cage… and its so fierce and so powerful that you can’t get it back under control.  You have to kill it completely or its going to run rampant- which it is.  When did the focus of healing shift from “putting heals on the target” to “absorbing as much damage as possible”?

And this is from someone who regularly tops healing charts in Heroic BRF with barely a second thought.  I know how to play my class efficiently.  I know how to look into the future (or at that sidebar DBM gives me) and predict when things are going to hit so I can prebubble.  Proactive damage mitigation has made reactionary healing obsolete.

And I don’t like it.

I didn’t choose to play a Disco Priest because they’re strong.  I love the playstyle, but… Blizzard?

This needs fixed.

The Evolution of WoW

I have a real problem who are so nostalgic about vanilla WoW and Burning Crusades.  My main issue is this: people who are super nostalgic about those times are filling trade chat with their opinions on “how WoW should be” and “it was so much better back then” attitudes.

Well, guess what?

Its not going back to that anytime soon.  So you better get the hell over it, because people like me are sick of hearing about it.

Here’s what some people don’t seem to understand: WoW was never meant to be a static game.  Compare it to a person- people don’t stay the same over the span of 10 years, they change with the times (for good and for bad.)  That’s just the way it is.  And, for its time, vanilla and TBC were AMAZING.  Hell, I’m still really hoping we see a revamp of Karazhan, my all-time favorite raid and a Burning Crusade classic.  But folks… wishing you could go back to those times because “the game weeded out the good players from the bad ones” and “raiding was hard” is idiotic.  And pointless.

Raiding was hard back then?  Yeah… but have you done any of the more recent bosses (not on LFR?)  I’m sorry, Imperator Mar’gok was HARD.  I haven’t even gotten to Blackhand yet- were they not paying attention to how long it took top end raiding guilds to get Mythic Blackhand down?  Tell me that’s not hard.

This game isn’t just for the “hardcore” player- its for everyone.  It has to be easy to understand.  My grandmother should be able to pick up playing a class and level it.  That’s how people learn to play.  not everyone is going to be a pro player.  Being patient with people- and offering them advice instead of scathing insults- is the best way to deal with someone.  Being excellent to each other is what makes the WoW community great!

So could we can it with the vanilla WoW nostalgia?  I’ve been playing since vanilla, and I don’t miss it all that much.  The game has changed to fit the people.  Maybe the minority of people who think “Vanilla or Bust” should change to fit the game.


Why We’re Not Entitled Brats

Why is it that people think that healers act like we’re entitled?

Say that again. After you pull something. Go ahead.

Yep.  This is gonna be a rant.  But you don’t come here for anything less.

I am tired of people telling me, when I do random instances (which admittedly, isn’t often)- whether I’m healing or DPS- that healers act like people owe them something.  People are making healers out to be the Millennials of the WoW universe.  Now, I will admit, there have been instances where this has been the case.  But in the great, overwhelming majority of cases, healers don’t think you owe them anything.

Why do I heal?  Because I love it.  Because its fun.  Because its engaging.  Because I don’t have to constantly look at Recount or Skada to makes sure I’m pulling enough DPS (this is the real reason- I hate comparing myself on the DPS charts.  Even if I’m at the top.)  Because healing is how I want to play my game (except in PvP- Frost Mage all the way there.)  And it takes quite a lot to get me to say something in party or raid or instance chat- I mostly try to be helpful, especially if I have done the fight before.

But there is always a point of no return- a point that I have learned to recognize early on.  There is a point where I realize that “this isn’t working and it probably won’t.”  And that’s usually when I start seeing the “stop acting like a privileged brat,” and “blame the healers for not healing through that,” and “bad heals.”

And we hit the heart of the matter.  Ultimately, no matter what else happens, healers are almost always the first people to be blamed when things go wrong (that or tanks.)  And so, this has engendered a knee-jerk reaction in healers to defend themselves.  It makes sense- no one likes to be wrong, and human nature demands that we defend ourselves from most sorts of attack.  But this seems to be the way of things- things go wrong, healers get blamed, and chat blows up.  Healers are so used to having all of the wrongs and mistakes and wipes blamed on them that we have started preempting the blame game.  And that makes us look like we’re spoiled brats.

We aren’t.  We really aren’t.  We’re just tired of being jumped on for shit that isn’t our fault.  You would be, too.

So, instead of jumping on one particular role, why don’t you stop and figure out what went wrong.  Its a game.  No one’s going to crucify you if you make a mistake.  No one’s going to shun you if you admit it.  I admit when I make mistakes (read: I facepulled Gruul on Heroic once.  I was actually hilarious, I hit him with my wand and he punched me in the face so hard i swear I reset the instance.)

This is easy to solve- be kind to strangers.  Be excellent to each other.  Be understanding.  People make mistakes.  And remember- we’re all here to have fun.  No one likes being blamed for the group’s failure.  No one likes being ridiculed for making a mistake.  We are all people behind the screen, it’s really not that hard to be respectful.  So remember, the next time you call your healer an entitled brat that you’re addressing a person, not a bunch of pixels.  And that you will probably receive no heals for the remainder of the time we have together.  I do have a reputation to uphold as an Angry Healer.



Climbing the Learning Curve of Blackrock

Wow, its Tuesday already?  Where is the time going?  Oh yeah- to writing papers due just before Spring Break in a couple of weeks!  -facepalm-

Anywho, welcome back!  With today’s release of the third wing of Blackrock Foundry for LFR, I would like to take a few moments of your time and talk about raid and raid difficulties.  Specifically, I would like to address the GLARING difference between Heroic Highmaul and Heroic Blackrock Foundry.

DISCLAIMER:  This is fairly standard by now- My word is not law.  This is just the impressions that I’ve gotten (read: my own experiences) of Heroic BRF.  Remember, I’m a filthy casual, so you’re not getting in-depth theorycrafting here- you can get that a million other places.

So, when Highmaul released, I started doing Normals.  But Normal quickly became “farmed content.”  Which is good, right, because Normal (WoD) is Flex (MoP)?  I mean, we killed Imperator on Normal once before we were like, “Heroics all the time.”  So my raid group (comprised of 15-16 people of varying skill levels, classes, etc.) were geared up with Heroic stuff- ilvl 670+ for the most part.

When Blackrock Foundry dropped, OF COURSE we were going to go right into Heroic.  Why wouldn’t we?  Isn’t that how its supposed to work?  You go from Heroic Highmaul to Heroic BRF?

I was so wrong.  We did Heroic Gruul for the first time, and I swear my raid looked like this:

"... ow....."
My raid being Vegeta, and Frieza being Gruul pretty much pulverizing our spines.

And it raised a resounding question: why was it so much harder?  The mechanics of the fights aren’t any different between Normal and Heroic.  Sure, it was our first time in there, but we had the gear for it- or we thought we did.  So what was the problem?  Were we really so unprepared?  Or was it really just that damn hard?

I’m thinking it’s really just that damn hard, and I want to know why.  Maybe it’s just me, but the natural progression of raids should (in my honest opinion) be Normal to Normal, Heroic to Heroic, and Mythic to Mythic- not “gear in Normal BRF for Heroic BRF, even though the gear you got from Heroic Highmaul is five ilvls higher than the gear you get from Normal BRF.”  It just… doesn’t make sense.  Aside from Tier (which is game changing, let me tell you), the possibility of better stats on BRF gear (Highmaul gear did have a lot of Versatility and Multistrike), and just plain learning the fights, I see absolutely no point to doing Normal BRF.  I should be in Heroic.  I had heroic gear.  I was ilvl 670 when I went into BRF.  Almost nothing in BRF Normal is an upgrade for me- and that’s saying something because I have actually DOWNGRADED pieces because they had better secondary stats on them (getting rid of some of that Versatility because HOOBOY do I hate it.)  Going into Normal BRF after coming out of Heroic Highmaul almost makes me feel like I wasted all of that time progressing through the much harder difficulty- and makes me wonder how screwed I’d be if we’d only done Normal Highmaul.

So here’s the question then, dear readers: is the disparity between Heroic Highmaul and Heroic BRF too great?  Is it not enough?  Is it just right?  Let me know!




Things You Don’t Say to a Healer… if You’re Another Damn Healer.

I can’t believe I actually have to go here, but… I do.

Now, obviously, this is only going to crop up in situations where you’re going to have more than one healer- like raids.  I don’t heal in PvP (Frost Mage, FTW), so I can’t say if this applies there or not, but… I do raid.  So.

DISCLAIMER:  All of this that I’m putting here is OPINION ONLY.  Nothing I say here is law.  And all of it is shit that I have personally witnessed.  And ALL OF THIS is from a raider’s (and healing lead’s) perspective, since that is the only situation I can think of that you would have more than one healer.  And I’m gonna keep putting these disclaimers here until people start paying attention to them.

Things You Don’t Say to a Healer if You’re Another Damn Healer

1.  I used that CD already.  For the love of God, DO NOT use your healing CD’s until they are asked for.  Period.  I, personally, am a little more flexible with absorption/ damage reduction CDs (like PW:B and Devo Aura) as it can be difficult for me- as the healing lead- to know when best to optimally use them.  But if you have an honest to God HEALING CD, do not use it until it’s asked for or its fucking obvious when it should be used, i.e. high raid AoE damaging phases like Darmac’s Trample.  This obviously does not apply to LFR (nothing I put here will ever really apply to LFR.)  And…

2. I’m almost OOM (and we’re only halfway through a fight.)  There is absolutely no excuse for this now.  If you are raiding, you know that mana conservation is one of your top priorities.  I expect you, as a healer, to know what you need to heal, when you need to heal it, and what heal you need to use for it.  If your problem is gear, YOU need to take the initiative to go out and help yourself- I have no problem doing a little bit of carrying if its needed and “funneling” a bit of gear towards you if that’s what it takes.  But you have to understand that the raid is relying on you to keep them alive.  That’s your job, and if you can’t do it, then I won’t bring you.  Know how to heal, understand your mechanics and talents, and do your best to make sure you have as much gear as possible.

Well, that is it from me for this week!  Don’t forget to go and check out my YouTube Channel (I put out a vidja yesterday, so make sure you check it out!)  Until then, keep cool and stay angry, healers!