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Choose The Player, Not The Class

Hello, and welcome back!  I’ve decided to take some time out to discuss healer comps and what I’ve seen- more importantly, what I haven’t been seeing.  And it kinda hurts me in my little healer heart because it seems that people are ignoring certain classes in lieu of stacking the stronger ones.  They’re not recruiting them, not inviting them, and kicking them from PuGs because they’re not “one of the better healer/dps/tank classes.”

This makes me a sad panda.


It also pisses me off because it’s complete and utter bullshit.

That’s right.  I said it.  It’s bullshit.

I’m just going to go ahead and put this out there right now: unless you’re in a sponsored, “I-get-paid-to-raid” raiding guild, then there’s no damn reason for you to be cutting out specific classes and/or specializations- not just healers, but all roles!- from your raids.  That is 100% pure personal opinion, but let’s face it.  Most of us aren’t pro raiders.  I raid because its fun.  I raid because I like phat lewts (also, I just got my 2-piece set bonus on my disco Priest so YEAH BABY LET’S DO THIS!)  I raid because it gives me a sense of accomplishment- I helped take down that boss.  My raid team is 7/7N (6/7H) in Highmaul and 7/10N in Blackrock Foundry (we start Heroics this weekend so… wish us luck!) and we have no aspirations of going to Mythic anytime soon- we’re just happy to be clearing content, seeing the fights, and having fun.

This means, apparently, that we get to be flexible with our class choices.  Because we’re filthy casuals.  But why?  Why is it just the people like me- the normal people who raid for fun, whose sole purpose in playing WoW is to have fun- who get to have class flexibility?  Why is it that people who are playing WoW for some sort of prestige get to dictate which of us who are playing this game to have fun get to go with them?

The answer to this is, of course, simple- don’t let them and don’t go with them.  Go forth and have fun and never let anyone dictate how you play your game.

Now, before I go any further and people start screaming, “But YOU play a Discipline Priest, which is the most OP healer class in the game right now (next to the Tree!Druid!),” lemme put this down where everyone can see it: I am not playing the Discipline Priest because its strong.  I’m playing it because its still fun.  Resto Druids are, by far, the strongest healer in a PvE raiding setting (or so I’m told), but its sooooooo boring.  My other healer- as of right now- is my Mistweaver Monk.  Who gets NO LOVE.  I have done normal Blackrock Foundry on her and TOPPED the healing charts.

I am also not saying that this is an excuse to just roll into a raid- with friends or a pug- and just faceroll and say “LOL gais I don’t know what I’m doing.”  You should always know your class.  Not knowing your class and raiding is akin to trolling.  And we all know what you can do with trolls.

Its not the classes that are the problems, you guys.  Anyone with enough skill can make up for a class’s weaknesses.  Discipline is the strongest of a Priest’s two healing specs, but they don’t have a raid wide healing CD that’s worth a damn (Yes, I know they still have PW:B, but name me one fight in current content outside of Gruul the Subjugated where there are enough people stacked up to make it worthwhile.  Go ahead and pick that apart, all of you hardcore “I’m-gonna-do-it-like-the-pros-because-epeen” folks.)  They make up for it in sheer absorption capability.  Mistweavers can provide good raid healing and great single target, tank healing- not as good as the Resto Druid, but still good.  Their strength lies in the Renewing Mist +Uplift combo and Revival, which is easily one of the BEST direct healing CDs you could ask for in a raiding environment.

So, you know what?  Screw those guys.  I don’t want to be in a top end raiding guild if I can’t choose my own class to play.  All of you hardcore, “you’re-not-doing-it-right” people can go die in a fire.  Because you know what?

Some of us just want to have fun.  So I will.  And I will never be in Paragon or Method or Midwinter because I will ALWAYS choose to have fun over getting World Firsts and prestige kills.  And I will never raid with people who insist that I must conform to the min-maxed specs for raiding.  I will not raid with people who kill my fun.

So, go forth, folks, and bring all of the classes to your raids!  Remember- this game is supposed to be fun.  You’re supposed to be having fun, no matter what you choose to do or what class you choose to play.  All classes can be good in a raiding environment.

The moral of this story is:  Choose the player, not the class.


Get Out of that Mists Mentality- A Rant

Greetings, and happy “first day of BRF,” errybody!  As we all know, this does not herald the implementation of 6.1- as it has yet to be released- but it is new and exciting and I hope you guys dive in and start wrecking up the place and getting phat loots!

That being said, I have a rant for you- and while this doesn’t apply to everyone, it applies to enough people to make this rant worthwhile, especially for us healers, some of whom are leveling through WoD instances, trying to not slam our heads off of our keyboards.

Folks, you NEED to get out of that Mists of Pandaria mentality when it comes to doing instances.

Now, what could I possibly mean by this?  I know that a lot of you will read this and say, “WTF are you talking about?”  It’s really rather simple, and its something I’ve still seen a great overabundance of.

DISCLAIMER:  Everything I’m putting here is stuff that I, myself, have witnesses.  So if you are one of the fortunate few healers who have never dealt with this, I salute you.  And if you are one of the people who does this to your healer… standby to standby.  Also, this is aimed at people who do not out gear the instances, which will be most of your alts, etc.

1.  No, TANKS, you CAN’T pull the entire room and expect to survive.  Believe me, we healers understand that this is how dungeons used to be in MoP, but that shit’s changed, and frankly, your “I should be able to survive anything” mentality is really putting us healers in a terrible position.  We either have to spam heal you and forget about everyone else (including ourselves) or we let you die- and that makes us look like shitty healers when it is, in fact, not even our damn fault.  It’s yours.  No, the world doesn’t revolve around me (very few healers think this), but your life is in my hands.  If you want a good dungeon run with little to no problems, stop trying to act like your fucking invincible.  You’re not.  Not even CD’s will save you if you pull two packs of flowers in Everbloom.  My heals are not designed to heal you to full health in two seconds.

2.  No, DPS, someone else WILL NOT CC that target.  If you’re a DPS with a CC, be expected to use it.  Want to use it.  Use it often.  Obviously, if the tank pulls everything and you can’t use it, that’s not your fault, but don’t leave the party standing there WAITING for you to CC.  It’s your job to CC.  Get comfortable doing it, because its not going away anytime soon.  This thing you guys have with ‘all I have to do is deal damage’ is antiquated and wrong.

3. No, HEALERS, you do, in fact, need to use healing CDs.  Yeah, that’s right- even healers do dumb shit in instances (and I have seen this from the perspective of a Hunter.)  If everyone in the party is near death, USE A CD.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve suffered through party wipes because of a healer’s flat out refusal to use a CD.  What, are you saving it for some reason?  Because I’m pretty sure these aren’t raid bosses, and I’m pretty sure that a wipe that you could have prevented is going to be blamed on you.  And it will be your fault, because you had the tools to save everyone and you didn’t use it. (That’s right- not even healers are safe on this blog- if you do dumb things, expect to be called out!)

These three things are the BIGGEST causes of party wipes in instances (that I have personally witnessed.)  And all of these things can be avoided.  All you have to do is stop pretending that this shit is easy, like it was in MoP.  Because it’s not.  There are, of course, other reasons, but they do not crop up as much as these ones do.  So let’s all do ourselves a favor and forget that MoP instances ever existed.  Let’s stop acting like things have not changed, because they have.  And let’s stop acting like we are all perfect players, because we aren’t.  We make mistakes, and its OK to admit it (including me.)

So keep all of these things in mind, be excellent to each other this week, and kick some Iron Horde ass in Blackrock Foundry!  I will see you again later on this week!  As always, keep cool, and stay angry, healers!



Things You Should Never Say to a Healer… if You’re DPS!



Sorry for the “no post on Tuesday” thing.  I thought I had this scheduled to post then, but clearly I did not, and for that, I apologize profusely.  Let me make it up to you by being snarky!!!  As a healer, I hear a tremendous amount of stupid things from other players- not all the time, mind you, but often enough to make such posts as this possible.  And EVERYONE does it- tanks, DPS, even other healers!  And it irritates me every time because it’s like people don’t care about why I’m doing- or not doing- something, only that they think I’m wrong and need to try to prove it to me.

Well, needless to say, that’s why I have posts like these.  To show you how idiotic it is to do that.  Let’s get to it, shall we?

Things You Should Never Say to a Healer… if You’re DPS!

1. Why are you OOM?  Ok, if you’re asking this, then you CLEARLY haven’t been paying attention to recent healing changes in which Blizzard has stated that healer mana regen and our ability to get back mana was kind of ridiculous at the end of MoP.  It got to the point where I never dropped below 75% mana on my Resto Shaman- while casting nothing but Chain Heal over and over again.  So healer mana regen got hit with the nerfhammer and most of us lost our mana generating abilities.  This means we have to think, DPS.  We have to be careful.  We have to watch our spell prioritization and your health to make sure we put the right heal on you at the right time.  See, the problem is that you look at it like a DPS, so let me explain it like I’m DPS- if you screw up your rotation, you lose DPS, right?  If I screw up mine, people DIE.  Chances are, if I’m OOM, either I screwed up or someone else forced me to spam Flash Heal on them for whatever reason.  So have no mana.  Shut up about it.

2.  Why did you let me die?  I didn’t LET you die.  You probably died because I was either saving my life or a tank’s life.  I am a healer- I WILL prioritize my life and the tank’s life over your life.  I know, it’s kind of messed up, but think of it this way: if I die, you and the tanks don’t get heals.  If you don’t get heals, you die and can’t DPS.  The tank dies and that will probably lead to a wipe.  There are two tanks, between three and six healers, and between six and 23 DPS.  There are more of you than there are of us at any given point in time.  WE can afford to sacrifice a DPS if it means keeping a tank or another healer (or ourselves) alive.  You are the BOTTOM of our healing priority list.  Deal with it.

3. Why are you rolling on that (main piece of armor?)  Because that armor no longer has Spirit on it to tell you that it is HEALER ONLY.  We have to share.  So do you.  /roll

4.  Why are you rolling on that (minor piece that doesn’t have Spirit?)  This could be any number of reasons, but I’ll give you the big one- because that ring has Crit/Mastery on it, and that is WAY BETTER than any ring with Spirit on it because it has my two BEST STATS.  It is still very good and completely viable for me, so stop whining about it.

5. I NEED HEALS NAO!!!!  Um… yeah, this is probably the worst way to get on your healer’s bad side.  I’ll get to you, calm the hell down.  Yelling at me like I don’t spend the entire fight monitoring people’s health bars is moronic.  Chances are, I KNOW you need a heal.  See #2 and the “you get prioritized last for a reason” speech.  Also, don’t scream for heals if you aren’t sub 30% health, because if you aren’t, then you’re really in no danger of dying unless you stood in the fire for too long and can’t lock rock/ PCD your way out of it.  In which case you need to not stand in the fire because that is avoidable damage and now you are making me waste my precious mana because you screwed up.

6.  Why weren’t you in range to heal me?  Lemme put it to you this way- I have to be in range of the tanks AT ALL TIMES.  You don’t.  It is just as much your responsibility to stay within 40 yards of me as it is my responsibility to stay within healing range of you.  Want healed?  Stay with me if you want to live.

Believe me, this isn’t all I’ve heard, but it’s a good start.  Thank you for stopping by! I’ll have another post up on Friday about something healing related (I am debating between several topics right now) so make sure you come back and check it out!  As always, keep cool and stay angry, healers!



When the DPS Dies, Its Their Own Damn Fault: When This Is and Isn’t the Case

Yes, I am really going there.


-clears throat-

Anyways, I am typically of the belief that if you are DPS and you die on a non- boss fight… it is your fault!  Let’s face it, DPSers- there is no excuse for it.  If you’re dying during a mob pull, you’re not paying attention to what’s going on around you.

So, lets pick out a few normal, every instance situations and weigh the details.  And we, the Angry Healers who have to watch your health bar dwindle to nothingness, will determine whether or not your death is your fault- or ours.

If the DPS Dies, Its Their Own Damn Fault:  When This Is and Isn’t the Case

So, let’s look at some common scenarios encountered in your typical instance/ Heroic/ raid:

1.  Standing in the Fire- DPS’s fault?  You betcha.  I’m sorry, it’s the classic complaint of all raiders.  This goes along with Void Zones.  Don’t stand in them.  Don’t stand near them if you’ve got a shitty machine and need to turn down your spell graphics to run WoW smoothly.

Don’t blow up the raid. It will make me hate you.

2.  Running up to a mob and Pyroblast critting it for half of its life-  DPS’s fault?  Hell yes. There is this thing.  Its called aggro.  If you hit the mob first, you will get the aggro the tank wants and die.

3.  Letting a tank get aggro, but blowing all of your cooldowns to get that BIG CRIT to blow up your Recount and report repeatedly in party chat, only to pull threat- DPS’s fault?  If you do this, you should go stand in the fire.  Seriously.  No one cares about your Recount if you continuously pull threat.  Scoring that BIG CRIT just to stroke your own e-peen is annoying at best.  It gets you killed in my party- I do NOT heal fools like you.

Pay less attention to this and more attention to your surroundings.

4.  Watching General Vezax launch a Shadow Crash at you… and not even bothering to move.  DPS’s fault?  Fuck yeah.  This goes for all forms of ‘avoidable damage.’  If it can be avoided, it should be, especially something as easy to dodge as Shadow Crash, or Void Reaver’s Arcane Orbs.  Its damage you are taking that’s making me expend unnecessary amounts of mana to fix.

You know what?

DPS, the only time its not your fault is when you’re taking damage that is  unavoidable, like Gluth’s Decimate, or Stinky’s poison cloud attacks.

Other than that… be prepared to have it blamed on you.

That’s it for this week, folks.  Tune in again on Tuesday where I’ll rant about something that I have yet to determine.  Until then, stay angry, healers!


Not So Bonus Post- Ensidia

Ok, who here doesn’t know about the 72 hour ban Blizzard slapped on Ensidia this morning?

-looks around- 

Ok, now of those of you who have heard of it, who’s sick of hearing the arguments of  ‘Oh, they couldn’t have known it was going to bug out’?  Or what about the ‘OMG THEY SO DID IT BANHAMMER THEIR ASSES’? 

-looks around again-

Angry Healers and all of you lovely others who may or may not give a damn about what goes on in this here blog, if you are sick and tired of hearing about Ensidia wherever you go today, RAISE YOUR HANDS!

-raises hand-

-looks for other raised hands-

Bottom line, folks- Blizzard is God on the servers.  Blizzard sees all and knows all (and if they don’t then they can find out pretty easily.)  If they saw exploitation, then they saw a damn exploitation.  Yeah, it was Ensidia.  WHO FUCKING CARES?  Would they care if it was your guild?  Hell no. 

Ensidia got banned.  Its not permanent.  They lost their world first kill of Arthas, their acheesements, and their loots.  End of story.  Can we drop it now?  Please?