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Things You Should Never Say to a Healer… if You’re DPS!



Sorry for the “no post on Tuesday” thing.  I thought I had this scheduled to post then, but clearly I did not, and for that, I apologize profusely.  Let me make it up to you by being snarky!!!  As a healer, I hear a tremendous amount of stupid things from other players- not all the time, mind you, but often enough to make such posts as this possible.  And EVERYONE does it- tanks, DPS, even other healers!  And it irritates me every time because it’s like people don’t care about why I’m doing- or not doing- something, only that they think I’m wrong and need to try to prove it to me.

Well, needless to say, that’s why I have posts like these.  To show you how idiotic it is to do that.  Let’s get to it, shall we?

Things You Should Never Say to a Healer… if You’re DPS!

1. Why are you OOM?  Ok, if you’re asking this, then you CLEARLY haven’t been paying attention to recent healing changes in which Blizzard has stated that healer mana regen and our ability to get back mana was kind of ridiculous at the end of MoP.  It got to the point where I never dropped below 75% mana on my Resto Shaman- while casting nothing but Chain Heal over and over again.  So healer mana regen got hit with the nerfhammer and most of us lost our mana generating abilities.  This means we have to think, DPS.  We have to be careful.  We have to watch our spell prioritization and your health to make sure we put the right heal on you at the right time.  See, the problem is that you look at it like a DPS, so let me explain it like I’m DPS- if you screw up your rotation, you lose DPS, right?  If I screw up mine, people DIE.  Chances are, if I’m OOM, either I screwed up or someone else forced me to spam Flash Heal on them for whatever reason.  So have no mana.  Shut up about it.

2.  Why did you let me die?  I didn’t LET you die.  You probably died because I was either saving my life or a tank’s life.  I am a healer- I WILL prioritize my life and the tank’s life over your life.  I know, it’s kind of messed up, but think of it this way: if I die, you and the tanks don’t get heals.  If you don’t get heals, you die and can’t DPS.  The tank dies and that will probably lead to a wipe.  There are two tanks, between three and six healers, and between six and 23 DPS.  There are more of you than there are of us at any given point in time.  WE can afford to sacrifice a DPS if it means keeping a tank or another healer (or ourselves) alive.  You are the BOTTOM of our healing priority list.  Deal with it.

3. Why are you rolling on that (main piece of armor?)  Because that armor no longer has Spirit on it to tell you that it is HEALER ONLY.  We have to share.  So do you.  /roll

4.  Why are you rolling on that (minor piece that doesn’t have Spirit?)  This could be any number of reasons, but I’ll give you the big one- because that ring has Crit/Mastery on it, and that is WAY BETTER than any ring with Spirit on it because it has my two BEST STATS.  It is still very good and completely viable for me, so stop whining about it.

5. I NEED HEALS NAO!!!!  Um… yeah, this is probably the worst way to get on your healer’s bad side.  I’ll get to you, calm the hell down.  Yelling at me like I don’t spend the entire fight monitoring people’s health bars is moronic.  Chances are, I KNOW you need a heal.  See #2 and the “you get prioritized last for a reason” speech.  Also, don’t scream for heals if you aren’t sub 30% health, because if you aren’t, then you’re really in no danger of dying unless you stood in the fire for too long and can’t lock rock/ PCD your way out of it.  In which case you need to not stand in the fire because that is avoidable damage and now you are making me waste my precious mana because you screwed up.

6.  Why weren’t you in range to heal me?  Lemme put it to you this way- I have to be in range of the tanks AT ALL TIMES.  You don’t.  It is just as much your responsibility to stay within 40 yards of me as it is my responsibility to stay within healing range of you.  Want healed?  Stay with me if you want to live.

Believe me, this isn’t all I’ve heard, but it’s a good start.  Thank you for stopping by! I’ll have another post up on Friday about something healing related (I am debating between several topics right now) so make sure you come back and check it out!  As always, keep cool and stay angry, healers!



Things You Should NEVER Say To Your Healer… If You’re A Tank.


-clears throat-

DISCLAIMER:  This is a SNARK post.  I am not holding back here.  I realize that this does not apply to all tanks.  This is intended as a snide, ranty, and humorous post.  So please, save the righteous, indignant tank responses.  Thank you.

Tanks!  I know I have griped at/about you before.  And you have been very good natured about it, a fact for which I am thankful.  BUT… some of you out there… some of you that I have had the “privilege” of  healing have been… less than humble.  Less than understanding to how healing is supposed to work.  And this post is for you.

Things You Should NEVER Say To Your Healer… If You’re A Tank.

1.  NOTHING.  I have been in instances where the tank has never so much as said a word to me.  This is not good, as if you are unwilling to communicate with me your intentions, then I cannot make sure I do the best job of healing you.  This is the worst possible thing you could do.

2.  “We don’t need CC.”  I will argue that there are times that this is the case  But if I’m asking you to CC, just do it.  If I ask for CC, and you refuse to let the DPS do so, and you die, you only have yourself to blame if you die.  I told you what I needed to be successful, and you ignored me.  You can officially fuck off at that point.

3. “Spam your biggest, most expensive heal on me to keep me up.”  This usually follows, “We don’t need CC.”  This usually happens on trash, when you’ve decided that CC isn’t necessary.  You want me to blow all of my mana to keep you alive- at the expense of keeping everyone else up, as well?  I don’t think so.  You need them, too.  And that’s a pretty selfish, asshole thing to say.

4.  “WTF healer, why did you let me die?”  Probably because YOU did something stupid.  If your immediate reaction is to blame someone else, then you need to take a step back and re-evaluate your performance.  Or you need to not piss me off by doing #1-3.

Well, that’s it for now, folks.  I’ll be back on Tuesday with another post of some value, most likely involving raids and such.  Until then, have a lovely Sunday and stay angry, healers!


Pause For The Cause: A Quick Break From the Madness that is Cataclysm

I don’t really need to say it, but I will- CATACLYSM WINS.

I race changed Aanthe to Worgen- and changed her name to Ellspeth.  So, that will explain the few changes I’ve made to this page a bit.  I’ll toss up a screenie of her soon.  She’s also hit 85 and is working on instances to get some leet healing gear.

Yeah, I think that sums up my week pretty well.

So, I gotta say, my favorite things about Cataclysm?  Uldum and the Harrison Jones movie- like questline; WORGEN; and the Visions of the Battle Maiden quest line Vashj’ir.

What about you?

-runs back off to jump back into WoW-

Holiday Post: Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick drop in to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING, YOU GAIS!  I know I haven’t been around again, but I’m on vacation- sue me.  I’ll be back next week with the first installment of Pyo’s Introduce and Alt!  Until then, stay safe this holiday weekend, eat lotsa turkey, and relax.  You’ve earned it!

Post of Absolutely No Value- I’m Back In the Game!


I was gonna do a whole Huntard post… but I actually raided tonight.  For the first time in almost nine months, since school began.  And you know what?

I missed it.

WOOHOO! I'm back in the game, baby!

I gotta tell you- I’m just glad that, despite all of my T9- and less than- gear and trinkets, I can still hold my own as a tree.  My guild, The Grim Covenant, cleared up through Valithria Dreamwalker.  We got one of out Retadins his Shadowmourne.  I even managed to score myself some upgrades.  But I’m back, baby.  For real.  I get to do it again tomorrow, too!

Seriously, that’s my whole post.  Me being squeetastic at raiding with my uber-awesome guild again.

I’ll be back later this week with a real post.  Tomorrow, I graduate from my final class, and I go on a nice, long break.  Maybe my post will be about Huntards.  Or maybe it will be about Cataclysm.  We’ll see.  Until then, stay angry, healers!