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Personal Cooldowns and You: Know Your Defenses, Part 1- Hunters

Greetings and HAPPY FRIDAY!  -drinks coffee-  We have made it through another week!  I have been enjoying my time off from school so far- catching up on sleep, playing WoW, and making raid healer videos (Twin Ogron should be out later on today, so keep an eye out!)  But now… now it is time for some more serious discussion.  I’m talking about those abilities and spells that EVERY CLASS HAS that people seem to keep forgetting about.  No, I’m not talking about CC’s.  I’m referring to…

-pause for effect-

….Personal Defensive Cooldowns (from here on out referred to as PDCD’s.)

This needs no caption.
This needs no caption.

Before you jump onto the “Hold on!  You’re a healer!  Its YOUR job to keep me alive!” bandwagon, let me explain why is this important to me- as a healer.  Its pretty simple, actually- a well placed, well used PDCD could save your life when I am busy saving someone else’s life.  The fact is, I’m sick of hearing people tell me they died because they didn’t pop a PDCD when it could have saved them and given me time to put more than a Renew on them.  There are times that I am going to be focusing on keeping a tank alive, or when someone else is in just as dire a need as you are of life saving.  The fact of the matter is that these help me keep you alive and there is no damn reason you shouldn’t be using them if you need them.  So I have decided to dedicate and entire post series to discussing each class’s (and I’m going class by class, one at a time to emphasize them) personal defensive CD’s.  Your healers NEED you to know that these spells and abilities exist.  We NEED you to understand that we expect you to use them- there are going to be times where we CANNOT save your life because we are saving someone else’s (probably a tank, or our own, because we can’t heal you if we’re DEAD.)  So here it begins.  Now, anyone who reads this post- no matter what your class- has NO REASON TO SAY THEY FORGOT TO BLOW A CD.  You have been warned.

Personal CD’s and You: Know Your Defenses, Part One: Hunters

DISCLAIMER:  I will ONLY be covering CD’s that can be used to SAVE YOUR LIFE.  I don’t care about your burst DPS, I don’t care about your personal buffs.  If it cannot feasibly be used to get your ass out of a tight situation, then it will not be covered here.  So don’t ask for it, because I won’t be covering it.

Hunters, you have TWO CD’s I am primarily concerned with.  Deterrance and Exhiliration (talent).

Deterrance: You deflect all attacks and take 30% less damage for 5 seconds, but you cannot attack.  3 minute recharge.  This ability is beautiful and you can see why- a 30% damage reduction is pretty significant from a healer’s standpoint.  This is great for times when there is high AoE damage, and will save you in a pinch if you are targeted by a high damaging boss ability or you are forced (somehow) to tank an add.  No, we don’t care that you can’t attack for 5 seconds.  No, we don’t care that its affecting your DPS.  You know what would have a bigger effect on your DPS?  Being dead.  Use the fucking CD and stay alive to maximize your DPS.

Exhiliration (talent): Instantly heals YOU for 22% and your pet for 100% of your MAX HEALTH.  2 minute CD.  I understand- this talent shares a tier with Iron Hawk (an overall reduction of damage by 10%) and Spirit Bond (2% health regen every 2 seconds while your pet is out.)  I’m not arguing that those are good.  I’m arguing that neither of those things will save you in a pinch like a flat 22% max health heal will.  Iron Hawk and Spirit Bond have their uses, but on fights where you know that you’re going to be taking the kind of damage that cannot be nullified by Iron Hawk of Spirit Bond (like Twin Ogron’s fire party), Exhiliration is clearly the best choice.  Your healers will thank you if you can save yourself just once, and we always appreciate DPS who can think outside of topping the DPS charts.

Well, that is it from me for this week.  Stay tuned for my Angry Healers’ Guide to Twin Ogron, which should be coming out in a few hours on YouTube!  Good luck in your WoW endeavours for the weekend, and stay angry, healers!


Understanding Raid Cooldowns, Part 2: Hunters, Monks, Rogues, and Death Knights

Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope all of you college students survived Finals Week!  As promised, I’m back and I’m bringing you more raid cooldowns you need to know and have a good, working understanding of to make the most of your raid time.  I love posts like these because we get to learn things together- as the healing lead for my raid team, I need to understand who brings what to the table, especially when it domes to healing and defensive cooldowns, but its helpful to know what everyone is capable of. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at Hunters, Mistweaver Monks, Rogues, and DKs.

Understanding More Raid Cooldowns

Hunters: Aspect of the Fox and Ancient Hysteria

Probably one of the most OP abilities in the game as of right now, Aspect of the Fox is a MUST have for raid.  When cast, it allows everyone in the raid within 40 yards to move while casting for 6 seconds.  That’s freakin’ huge right there, considering the nerfs to spell casters and their ability to cast on the move.  Aspect of the Fox is excellent when combined with massive cooldowns like Tranquility.  Ancient Hysteria is just another Bloodlust/Heroism- only it comes from the hunter’s pet, specifically Core Hounds (which are Exotic, so only Beast Mastery hunters can have them- be warned!) and Nether Rays.

Mistweaver Monks: Revival and Breath of the Serpent

Breath of the Serpent
Breath of the Serpent

More healer CD’s!  Revival is holy fucking shit amazing.  It INSTANTLY heals all raid and party members within 100 yards (that’s right- 100 YARDS, not 40!) for 1193.25% of the Monk’s spell power AND removes all Magic, Poison, and Disease effects.  I mean, that is amazing.  And then, they have Breath of the Serpent, which is still good, but requires good positioning and is one of their level 100 talents.  It comes from the Jade Serpent Statue, and heals in a cone within 10 yards for X every 1 second, split evenly between everyone in range for 10 seconds.  Great for fights where stacking is necessary.

Rogues: Smoke Bomb and Shroud of Concealment

Shroud of Concealment
Shroud of Concealment

Rogues have come a long way from being straight, selfish damage dealers with the ability to cheat death on a regular basis.  They have very strong cooldowns now, both of which are very helpful  Smoke Bombs is a defensive CD that drops an 8 yard cloud around the rogue’s feet that cannot be targeted into or out of and reduces damage taken by everyone in the cloud by 10%.  Lasts 5 seconds.  This is optimal for melee during heavy raid AoE damage, or when the whole raid is grouped and unable to do damage to the boss during periods of high group damage (such as the Iron Juggernaut from Siege of Orgrimmar.)  Shroud of Concealment can be useful for initial positioning and sneaking past trash packs (will probably be amazing for Challenge Modes!)  It conceals all party and raid members withing 20 yards of the Rogue for 15 seconds.

Death Knights: Anti Magic Zone

Anti Magic Zone

This is also a talent, but exceptionally useful for high group damage with a known cast timer.  Anti-Magic Zone drops a purple bubble (which can be placed wherever the DK wants) that reduces all spell damage taken by 20% for 3 seconds.  Because its duration lasts just a short amount of time, you have to be very smart with the timing of its placement- too soon or too late, and the ability goes off and AMZ is already gone or hasn’t been placed.

Well, that’s it from me for this weekend.  Have a happy, long weekend!  Rest up and be free, college students, and until next week, stay angry, healers!



Prepping For Raid: Welcome to Highmaul

Monday came around awfully quick.  -drinks coffee-  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend!  But, it is Monday.  EVeryone is back at work or school, groaning.  But there is good news!  And you know what that is, right?

Highmaul.  Drops.  TOMORROW.

-freaks out a little bit-

That’s right folks.  Normal and Heroic Highmaul- as well as Drov the Ruiner and Tarlna the Ageless, world bosses located in Gorgrond- become available tomorrow.  And I know some of you are out there flailing- because you may be hitting Highmaul as early as tomorrow evening!  (I will not be setting foot in there until Friday night, but I’m freaking out as much as anyone else right now.)


Surprisingly, I actually am.  As much as I can be, at any rate.  I was planning on posting tomorrow, but with Highmaul coming out tomorrow, I figured that today would be a better time for this.  Here be some advice on things you need to be prepared for Highmaul.  Please note:  This post is not just for healers!  This applies to tanks and DPS, as well!

Prepping for Raid: Welcome to Highmaul

1.  Understand your stat priorities and your basic healing strategies for varying types of damage.  Icy Veins is a very good place to start- they give you a complete breakdown of stats, spells, abilities, and glyphs.  Now, it is important to note that you do not have to follow their advice to the letter.  I use it as a jumping off point, and then manipulate it to suit my particular play style.  It lets me know about where I should be starting off.  Also, don’t forget about Ask Mr. Robot.  There, you can load up your character and see what your best in slot items are.  It also has the option of editing your stat weights, so that you can get the best gear for your healing style.  Any way you choose to look at it, being knowledgeable about your class and and stats is the best way to stay on top of your healing game.

2.  Get the BEST GEAR you possibly can.  Ideally, you’re looking at starting off at ilvl 630+, i.e. Heroic  5-man dungeon gear.  The higher, the better.  Run those heroics (they do drop Heroic Warforged gear, which has an ilvl of 636).  Send your minions out on missions to bring you back 630 gear.  Craft yourself- or have a friend do it for you- some 640 epics (but remember, you can only wear three pieces of crafted gear, so choose wisely!)  Going  hand and hand with this is…

3.  Have your 680 ring.  At this point, there is really no excuse for you not to have it.  You can get the 4000+ apexis crystals by doing the daily Garrison quest, and you have already been running heroics, so the Heroic quest items should be fairly simple to get.  You WANT this ring.  And you do not want to fall behind in the questline to make it legendary because… you are required to kill the final boss in Highmaul and pick up 150 Abrogator Stones from Highmaul to get the next stage of it (which will, of course, be available in LFR when it drops on December 9th.)  Get ahead of the curve, your raid team will thank you for it.

4.  Read the Dungeon Journal.  Familiarize yourself with the names of abilities that are going to give you a hard time.  Know what to look out for.  Make sure you know what can and cannot be dispelled by you (remember- not all of us healers can remove Curses anymore, so you DPS are going to have to get used to doing it again.)  Have an idea of where the massive damage is going to come from.  Having 12 percent of a plan ahead of time can’t possibly hurt.

5. Check out some of the Beta Raid Videos.  Yes, the Beta is long since closed.  And while the damage is probably not nearly as severe as it was in the beta, watching the old beta raid testing videos will give you a very good idea of the timing of boss abilities- which, again, goes hand in hand with the bullet above.  Some great sources for beta raid testing videos are Method,  Fatboss, and Sparkuggz.

Well, that’s it from me for now.  Go forth and raid, my friends.  Be successful.  Be excellent to each other.  Don’t forget to go and check out my healing videos, check me out on Facebook, stalk me on Twitter, and listen to me ramble on Dalaran Academy (links are provided above!)  I will be back on Friday.  Until then, stay angry, healers!


The Dangers of Recount

I know, I KNOW, I said I was going to do posts Mondays and Thursdays.  And today is Friday.  Sue me- I had stuff to do yesterday tha involved pulling a 12 hour shift at work.  Whatever.  Time for a post!

Ok, who here is familiar with Recount?  -waits for the raised hands-  Good.  That should be most of you.  For those of you not in ‘the know’, Recount is an Add- On that shows DPS/ Damage Done/ HPS/ Healing done/ etc.  It is an excellent tool for raid/ class/ healing leaders. 


The image above is the pic that everyone normally sees.  However, there are dangers associated with this view- both the DPS and HPS versions.  The first thing to rememeber when staring your Recount window in the face is that Recount is rarely- if ever- completely accurate.  There are going to be things affecting your numbers that you can’t account for or have any control over- buffs and debuffs, who’s alive, who’s dead, what cooldows you’ve blow, etc.  Recount is NEVER EVER going to be a 100% accurate representation of your Heals per Second.  All this format can really be used as is as a guideline- it lets you compare yourself to the other healers of your class, and should give you a very masic idea of what you need to work on.  Take myself, for example- I’m usually one of 3 trees in the raid.  I’ve been either 2nd or 3rd overall- but that is because my two Tree comrades are in at least 2pc T10, while I’m still rocking 4 pc T9.  I also have some gems that can stand to be replaced.  Do I let myself get discouraged because I’m not #1?  No way.  Negali and Ellestrela are amazing Trees, and awesome friends.  BUT looking at the Healing Done window of Recount shows me that its not skill, but gear, that’s holding me back- because I’m doing as much HPS as they are, but not as much overall Healing.  There is absolutely no reason for you to take Recount at face value- definitly don’t let it discourage you.  Recount is a tool to help you improve.   Figure out what you need to change, and change it. 

So you can tell that guy in your guild who constantly links the meters that, in actuality, his DPS sucks, his e-peen strokage is lame, and he just needs to move on with his life.

Now, when dealing with Recount, you want to look at this window:

What is this I don't even-

Now, would ya look at that… a comprehensive breakdown of where all of your damage and healing is coming from, and how that damage/ healing is being dealt.  This is what you want to look at- this will tell you if someone is not doing what they’re supposed to be doing.  Just click on your name, and this will pop up.  This is the window of Recount you should really be giving a good once- over.  It is the one that tells you what spells you’re using, how often you’re using them, and what they’re doing in comparison to all of the other spells you’re using in an easy to read pair of pie chart format.  The first pie chart shows the spells/abilities you’re using and how much healing/ damage they’re doing in comparison to each other.  The second shows what those spells/ abilities are doing- ticking (if applicable), plain hits, and crits.

Druids, for raid healing, your most used spells should be: Wild Growth, Rejuv, and Nourish (the last 2 can be switched around, it depends on you.)  Swiftmend can also be up there.  I, as a Druid Healer, should NEVER SEE Regrowth, Lifebloom, or Healing Touch in the top 3 spells AT ALL.  I rarely use those spells, unless I happen to have picked up a Tank to heal (*waves at Thazz, Banderas, and Aurelius*  LOVE YOU GUYS!)  Even then, those 3 spells have a hard time getting into the top 3- there is no reason, as a Tree!Druid, that you should ever not cast Wild Growth and Lifebloom- its just criminal if you don’t. 

Discopriests!  You should NEVER look at the Healing Done section of Recount.  Go here!  Kivuli, the Troll Priest of Bubble Flinging Awesome, wrote a wonderful Discopriest Guide to Recount that you guys should use.

That’s it for now!  Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, and stay angry, Healers!


Inside Icecrown Citadel

Well, the 10 man version, at least.

Last night, my guild (The Grim Covenant, The Venture Co US/RP-PvP) ventured forth to do battle with the minions of the Lich King inside his frozen citadel.  Now, mind you, we didn’t get very far- we started kinda late, and we did not have the comp to get farther than we did- but we did some fairly impressive damage, all things considered.

Let me just say I so called this.

First off: MINIPET.  Get an authenticator if you don’t have one- I mean, if you didn’t have one before, for security reasons (which you should have), ask for one for Christmas!  Because you get a pet if you have one!

Awwww... he wants to play! (and maybe scorch your face off, I'm not really sure...)


We did start out in the Heroic 5 mans, going from instance to instance.  We got stalled in the Halls of Reflection (undoubtedly the instance everyone will HATE- stupid waves of ghosts and exploding hallucinations- but our unholy tank and a retadin were scheduled to do 10 man ICC, since we were holding off on 25 man until tonight.  Group breaks up, I start heading to the Tournament grounds.  Cue me getting an invite to heal- the 10 man ICC group.  -grin-  ‘Hey, Aanthe, we need you to heal for us, kthx.’

No problem, guys.

Now, first, I just want to say, this isn’t going to be a boss strat post- its going to be random lorebased squeeing (WITH SPOILERS!  Consider this your SPOILER ALERT!) and screenies of the bosses we saw- 3 of whom we beat, one of whom we oneshotted, and the last we didn’t have the comp (or the time) for.

You get inside, and the Ashen Verdict (a combination of the Knights of the Ebon Blade and the Argent Crusade- they’re like the Violet Eye/ the Ashtongue Deathsworn/ The SCale of the Sands- you gain rep with them by doing the raid, and you get a ring that upgrades with each rep increase) has set up a perimeter just inside the door.  Highlord Tiring fordring is in there (with some shinily impressive armor) with Highlord Darion Mograine (with his ugly new weapon- well, I don’t like it.)  There is some talking going on- Arthas threatens us, we threaten him- the usual.  Then suddenly, Arthas remarks offhandedly about how taxing it is to break a certain person… the atrocities he’s committed upon his soul.

Alliance types, you might want to sit down.

The Battle of Icecrown Citadel has begun- the prize is the life of Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, whom Arthas has at the top of the Citadel.  And, for all you RPers out there… screaming is ok. 

I’m done torturing you now.  Onto the screenies!

The Ambassador of the Green Dragonflight is all 'LOL.'

Yeah, my Emerald Whelpling (that took me 12 HOURS TO FARM this past weekend) wanted to nom on Marrowgar.  Call it a cameo appearance or whatnot.

I finally get to see a femme!lich, and she's just as ugly as the rest of 'em.

Lady Deathwhisper, female lich with a really annoying voice actor.  Its true, just wait and see.  And for this next shot, I just want to say, I totally called this, but I really do hate it when I’m right.  I didn’t play on the PTR, nor did I really do and looking on any websites for bosses, so… yeah…

Now, what you’re not seeing here is ANYTHING from the Skybreaker fight- because, seriously, I don’t want to ruin that for you.  Its fun.  Just watch out- you can jump off of the ship.  And die.  Splat.

O_o Dammit, I hate it when I'm right, sometimes...

/cry The Hordie in me died a little when I saw this.  Poor Saurfang…

That’s all for now!  Tonight, we venture into ICC on 25 normal.  Happy raiding, and stay angry, healers!