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State of the (Healing) Union Address: Pre-Patch 6.1

Greetings and Happy Tuesday, everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful three-day weekend!  I am happy to report that as of Sunday, my raid finally got Imperator Mar’guk down (Normal only- we ARE casual, after all.)  To commemorate (not really), today I will be discussing my overall thoughts on healing so far in Warlords of Draenor (Normal and Heroic instances as well as Normal and Heroic Highmaul.)

State of the (Healing) Union Address- Pre-Patch 6.1

And, so far healers… we’re looking good.

DISCLAIMER:  Again I say (as it seems I have to say this every time I make a post like this), my word is not the law.  All of this is based on my PERSONAL experiences, and may not be the case for every healer on the planet, so before you come barking to me on reddit or Facebook or Twitter (or wherever you may find me) about “oh, well, you didn’t mention ‘this,'” please note that I did warn you that this is an article that is strictly my opinions on how things seem to be pre-Blackrock Foundry.  Anyone who chooses to ignore this disclaimer will be mocked publicly.  Also, cherry picking my posts to me will result in a verbal bitchslap that will sound something like, “Maybe you should include the rest of my post instead of the parts you wanted.”  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.  (If I need to put stars and sparkly shit around these Disclaimers to get people to read them I will.  Don’t test me.)

Anyone who’s seen any of my Angry Healers’ Guides to Highmaul knows my standard raid healer composition, but for those of you not in the know, I will enlighten you: I run with a Restoration Shaman, a Restoration Druid, a Holy Paladin, and a Discipline Priest (me!) so I can give you a fair assessment of their strengths as of right now and how they work in a raid (please keep in mind I am coming off of maining a Resto!Shaman myself in MoP.)  As the healing lead for my raid team, I make sure I understand how my healers do their jobs and what, exactly, they have in their arsenal that I can call on to save our collective butts.  And my team is pretty damn strong- we’re not perfect, not by a long shot, but the fights we know, we have down to an art.

First, lemme talk about mana regen (which is a topic I first started out discussing when I revived this site.)  We all know it took a significant hit at the beginning of WoD- it made healing Heroic instances and absolute nightmare of a task, but has been minimized by both player skill and overall gear scores.  Healers have a much better grasp of what heals are needed when.  We have gear that has Spirit on it (now that we finally have weapons worth spending three Temporal Crystals and five Sorcerous Fire on for Mark of Shadowmoon!) and we are balancing around it.  We have a better understanding of how our classes work and boss mechanics that require us to think outside of the box.

Second, lemme talk to you about mechanics.  Other people (being non-healers) have started understanding that THEY CAN’T STAND IN THE FIRE.  (OK, not everyone has figured this out, but hey.  It’s a start.  I’ll take it.)  Those non-healer types have realized that they can help their healers conserve mana by using personal defensive cooldowns, potions, and lock rocks.  And we can tell!  And, gods above, do we appreciate it!  Healers love running with people who understand their classes- not just how to maximize their DPS rotations, but how to survive and encounter as long as possible.  People now know that healers cannot- and will not!- heal them through avoidable damage anymore.

Let’s bring this thing to a close with healing niches- yes, they still exist, but YE GODS try outhealing a Shaman on Brackenspore.  It can’t be done!   Just because you are a niche healer doesn’t mean you can’t blow the healing charts up!  Discipline is amazingly strong right now, with the ability to heal with their shields, and holy Pallies and their double Beacon make them amazing tank healers.  Druids can literally spec to be the perfect tank or raid heals.  And nothing- NOTHING- I’ve seen so far beats the Monk on sheer all out raid healing CD with Revival.  Niches are there, and we are rocking them.

Healing right now is looking fan-tabulous.  We took the nerfs in stride and we are proving that nothing can keep a good healer down.

Well, that’s it outta me for now.  Come back later on this week, I’ll be talking about something, I’m sure.  Until then, keep cool and stay angry, healers!




Angry Healers’ Guide to Tectus (N/H)

So, as promised, Tectus is up and ready for your enjoyment!


Personal Cooldowns and You: Know Your Defenses, Part 2- Mages

Greetings and WELCOME BACK EVERYBODY!!!!  I had a wonderful holiday break, and I hope you did, as well.  But the holidays have officially come and gone and now its time to put our butts back in work chairs and our noses to the grinder.  For me, that means trying to cram an entire semester of Early American History into a span of 3 weeks, catching up on posting my Angry Healers’ Guides to Highmaul (Tectus is due out soon, so keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube channel), posts of some value here at Angry Healers, and Heroic progression in Highmaul!  When last we left off, we were talking about Cooldowns- I had just finished my post series on Raid Cooldowns and had started on Personal Defensive Cooldowns (PCD’s, where Hunters were first on the chopping black.)  We’re going to continue that series today with my favorite PvP class- the Mage.

Mages are the masters of magic, and they have a TON of PCD’s, so don’t let them fool you.  It is important for all classes in your raid to understand what you can and cannot do, especially as a healer- it is not above you to expect people to save their own lives if you are in a position where you need to decide between two people.  Yes, all of you non-healers who may be reading this- we healers OFTEN make decisions of this nature.  So before anybody come whinging and screaming to their chosen class/ role’s defense, please understand that this is just a part of our jobs.  We WILL prioritize the others over you at times, no matter what their role (though it is pretty safe to assume tanks and other healers are generally near the top of that priority list.)  That’s just the way it is.

Remember- we are only looking at your DEFENSIVE CD’s.  We healers don’t care about your offensive ones.  Onto the post!

Personal Cooldowns and You: Know Your Defenses, Part 2- Mages

DISCLAIMER:  I have made it my New Year’s Resolution (not really, no) to be a bit free-er with the snark in all of my works- here, on my streams, and in my videos.  Don’t like it?  Then maybe this site is not for you.  That’s ok!  There are blogs in my blogroll that may be more suited to your needs!

Now, as I said before, Mages have quite a few PCD’s.  Some of them are spec specific, some of them are talents, etc.  I will cover them all- everything that can be used defensively will be listed here and you will have NO EXCUSE from now on to not use them.  -shakes fist-

First, and probably the most easily recognizable Mage PCD out there, is Ice Block.  Ice Block encases the mage in a block of ice for 10 seconds, preventing all damage but making it so that you cannot attack yourself.  Frankly, its pretty brainless- if you think you’re gonna die and it doesn’t look like you’re gonna get a heal in time, use it.  That gives us healers some time to pump some mana into you and keep your squishy, clothie ass alive.  This means don’t scream into Vent/Teamspeak/Mumble that YOU NEED HEALS NAO and then die because instead of Ice Blocking you decided raging at the top of your lungs in voicechat at the healer who is probably trying to save you (or someone else.)  This is stupid and is only likely to draw the ire of said healers who will then probably let you die.  This is a PCD that ALL specs of Mage possess and it has a 5 minute, so it’s ideal in situations where spike damage isn’t frequent.

Ice Blocks so powerful even Arthas wants them.
Ice Blocks so powerful even Arthas wants them.

The second is is Evanesce, a talent which replaces Ice Block.  Evanesce allows you to fade, avoiding all damage for three seconds, but is castable while another spell is in progress and is not affected by the GCD.  This is basically a shorter Ice Block on a 45 second CD that lets you cast.  Its good for high frequency spike damage or times when you can’t- or shouldn’t- interrupt your rotation.

Next is Greater Invisibility, also a talent.  It makes you invisible and untargetable for 20 seconds, removing all threat and two DoT effects.  Any action taken (offensive) cancels this effect, and you take 90% reduced damage while invisible and for 3 seconds afterwards.  Uh, this talent is kind of amazing, especially on fights like Twin Ogron where stacks of Blaze are fatal (like in Heroic.)  Now, it is important to note that you can still take damage while invisible, it is just greatly reduced, so if you run through the fire after you’ve cleared your Blaze stacks, you will get them again.  It has a 1.5 minute CD and replaces Invisibility, so use this wisely.

And then there is Alter Time, again a talent.  Alter Time moves you to the place you cast it when you cast it again or within 10 seconds.  Again, this is something that needs to be used wisely.  If you’re using it to dodge fire, but the fire has made its way to where you were when you cast Alter Time, then it doesn’t do you any good, because you’re gonna land right in it.  Don’t do that.You don’t want to die, and we don’t want to waste mana healing you because you stepped into avoidable damage.

Finally, there is the Cold Snap talent.  It instantly resets the CD on your Ice Block, Frost Nova, and one of your spec specific spells, as well as healing you for 22% of your maximum health that is usable during most loss of control effects and is unaffected by the GCD.  Great for fights where you need two Ice Blocks to soak damage and good in a pinch to give yourself enough of a life boost that healers have time to toss a heal on you.

And, no… I’m not mentioning Amplify Magic.  Because I already mentioned it here.  So save your breath.  Or fingers.  Whatever.

The only one of these five abilities all Mages has is Ice Block.  The rest are Talents.  Blizzard has made talent trees super flexible now, so there is no reason you shouldn’t be respeccing to ensure survivability on each fight, especially when you’re progressing.  Your healers will love you if you can find new and interesting ways to save them mana

That’s it from me for today, folks!  Come back later on this week, I’ll have a post up on something…. healer-y.  Until then, keep cool and stay angry, healers!




The Angry Healers’ Guides to Highmaul: Brackenspore (N/H)

Good news, everybody!  Its Monday again!  -gag-  Here, let me help you get through it.  Have a Brackenspore video!


Personal Cooldowns and You: Know Your Defenses, Part 1- Hunters

Greetings and HAPPY FRIDAY!  -drinks coffee-  We have made it through another week!  I have been enjoying my time off from school so far- catching up on sleep, playing WoW, and making raid healer videos (Twin Ogron should be out later on today, so keep an eye out!)  But now… now it is time for some more serious discussion.  I’m talking about those abilities and spells that EVERY CLASS HAS that people seem to keep forgetting about.  No, I’m not talking about CC’s.  I’m referring to…

-pause for effect-

….Personal Defensive Cooldowns (from here on out referred to as PDCD’s.)

This needs no caption.
This needs no caption.

Before you jump onto the “Hold on!  You’re a healer!  Its YOUR job to keep me alive!” bandwagon, let me explain why is this important to me- as a healer.  Its pretty simple, actually- a well placed, well used PDCD could save your life when I am busy saving someone else’s life.  The fact is, I’m sick of hearing people tell me they died because they didn’t pop a PDCD when it could have saved them and given me time to put more than a Renew on them.  There are times that I am going to be focusing on keeping a tank alive, or when someone else is in just as dire a need as you are of life saving.  The fact of the matter is that these help me keep you alive and there is no damn reason you shouldn’t be using them if you need them.  So I have decided to dedicate and entire post series to discussing each class’s (and I’m going class by class, one at a time to emphasize them) personal defensive CD’s.  Your healers NEED you to know that these spells and abilities exist.  We NEED you to understand that we expect you to use them- there are going to be times where we CANNOT save your life because we are saving someone else’s (probably a tank, or our own, because we can’t heal you if we’re DEAD.)  So here it begins.  Now, anyone who reads this post- no matter what your class- has NO REASON TO SAY THEY FORGOT TO BLOW A CD.  You have been warned.

Personal CD’s and You: Know Your Defenses, Part One: Hunters

DISCLAIMER:  I will ONLY be covering CD’s that can be used to SAVE YOUR LIFE.  I don’t care about your burst DPS, I don’t care about your personal buffs.  If it cannot feasibly be used to get your ass out of a tight situation, then it will not be covered here.  So don’t ask for it, because I won’t be covering it.

Hunters, you have TWO CD’s I am primarily concerned with.  Deterrance and Exhiliration (talent).

Deterrance: You deflect all attacks and take 30% less damage for 5 seconds, but you cannot attack.  3 minute recharge.  This ability is beautiful and you can see why- a 30% damage reduction is pretty significant from a healer’s standpoint.  This is great for times when there is high AoE damage, and will save you in a pinch if you are targeted by a high damaging boss ability or you are forced (somehow) to tank an add.  No, we don’t care that you can’t attack for 5 seconds.  No, we don’t care that its affecting your DPS.  You know what would have a bigger effect on your DPS?  Being dead.  Use the fucking CD and stay alive to maximize your DPS.

Exhiliration (talent): Instantly heals YOU for 22% and your pet for 100% of your MAX HEALTH.  2 minute CD.  I understand- this talent shares a tier with Iron Hawk (an overall reduction of damage by 10%) and Spirit Bond (2% health regen every 2 seconds while your pet is out.)  I’m not arguing that those are good.  I’m arguing that neither of those things will save you in a pinch like a flat 22% max health heal will.  Iron Hawk and Spirit Bond have their uses, but on fights where you know that you’re going to be taking the kind of damage that cannot be nullified by Iron Hawk of Spirit Bond (like Twin Ogron’s fire party), Exhiliration is clearly the best choice.  Your healers will thank you if you can save yourself just once, and we always appreciate DPS who can think outside of topping the DPS charts.

Well, that is it from me for this week.  Stay tuned for my Angry Healers’ Guide to Twin Ogron, which should be coming out in a few hours on YouTube!  Good luck in your WoW endeavours for the weekend, and stay angry, healers!