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What I Do and Why: Discipline Priest, Part 3


Took a week off there, but I’m back in the game!  My friends at d20crit and I have some exciting things going on, but that’s not what you’re here for, is it?

Time to finish off this post series with a bang!  Or… Glyphs.

Let’s get right into it, then!

Glyph #1: Glyph of Weakened Soul.  Now, I knoew before I touted using Glyph of PW:S, which transferred 20% of the shield’s total absorb to the target as a heal.  It’s OK.  It still is OK.  But this one is better.  This one reduces the duration of Weakened Soul (the debuff a player gets when you bubble them with PW:S) by 2 seconds.  It stacks with Empowered PW:S, which reduces the Weakened Soul effect by 3 seconds for a total debuff reduction of 5 seconds.  Without either of these things, Weakened Soul lasts 15 seconds, so you can see why its kind of great- more bubbles faster, bubbles where you need them and when, which is phenomenal since bubbles last 15 seconds (or until they’ve absorbed the damage they need to.)  Admittedly, tank bubbles usually get beaten off in a second, but you can put another one on them in short order with this Glyph.

Glyph #2: Glyph of Penance.  Because it still allows you to cast it on the move.  That is so important because one of our strengths is our mobility- ut you have to remember.  Your job is to mitigate incoming damage, not actually heal (you can, and if you have to, do, but only in an emergency, when it is needed to save a life.)

Glyph #3: Your Choice

Really, there is no third glyph I can recommend.  I have Glyph of Mass Dispel, but I rarely use MD anymore, so I am on the lookout for a good third glyph.

Well, that concludes this post series!  Stay tuned here for more upcoming news about BlizzCon and Con Before the Storm, some 6.2 looks, and the new tier set coming with Hellfire Citadel!  Until then, keep cool and stay angry, healers!


What I Do and Why- Discipline Priest, Part 1

Now, I’ve seen recently that the Discipline Priest is considered the “scrub spec” for healers because even a slack- ass Priest can pull some pretty good numbers on fights.  I hate that.  I hate that people think this.  And I hate even more that people are OK with being a mediocre Disco Priest.  I hate saying that.  I do, because I don’t want to be that person.  But here’s the thing- I am invested in this class.  I love this spec.  And I want to see as many people as I can doing it well, because a decent Discipline Priest can pull amazing heals, and a good one can change a fight.  So here’s what I’m going to do.  This post is going to be super cereal- no, I’m still not going to theorycraft or number crunch.  I suck at it, so I’m not going to do it.  Instead, I’m going to tell you what I do and why I do it.  I’m going to impart upon you all of my experience- as well as the research I’ve done- that should be helpful.  Consider this something of an updated guide to Disco Priesting.  So let’s get into it.

What I Do and Why: Discipline Priest Edition

Anyone can play a Disco Priest and be OK.  But a great Disco Priest plays with finesse and knows how to work their spells, abilities, and talents.

1.  It is important to understand that you are not a healer in the standard sense.  I like to tell my raid that I am a bubble mage, because you will rarely catch me dropping actual heals (I do use Penance defensively and I make use of Enhanced Archangel, but there are specifics that I need to cover with these which I will go over in a bit.)  Your go to spell is Power Word: Shield.  Bubble and bubble often.  To facilitate the “bubble often” portion of that last statement, you NEED the Glyph of Weakened Soul (which reduces the Weakened Soul debuff to 10 seconds from 12, since you have Empowered PW:S.)  Plainly put, you don’t actually heal- you prevent damage.  To full understand why this is important, you need to look at what you can do.  PW:S lasts 15 seconds (or X amount of damage).  That is a long time to have a shield up.  This allows you a bit of time to prepare and forces you to think ahead and look at those ability timers on DBM.  When is the next big wave of damage coming in?  Who is soaking the Inferno Slice on Gruul?  How long do you have until the next Stone Breath on Kromag?  Look at the timer.  This gives you time to mitigate that damage.  Remember- your shields last 15 seconds.  This gives you a very unique perspective and allows you to be prepared.  A normal healer typically recognizes when damage is incoming about 3-4 seconds before it actually hits (this is just an average, obviously it depends on the person.)  However, you saw that damage coming 15 seconds ago- and you have bubbled the raid to mitigate that damage.  This is imperative as it significantly affects your other healers- they don’t have as much damage to heal up, so they aren’t blowing as much mana.  Thinking that far ahead can change an encounter drastically and make it easier on pretty much everyone.  Remember that your job isn’t to heal people up- that’s what they other healers are for.  Your job is to mitigate as much damage as you can to make the other healers’ lives easier.  Discipline priests exist symbiotically with the other healers in a raid team- you focus on preventing damage.  Let the other healers worry about filling the health bars.  We’re, henceforth, going to refer to the ability to look 15 seconds ahead as future sight.

2.  Know how to build stacks of Evangelism quickly (AKA get your 2- piece Tier Set bonus ASAP!!)  One of the best tools in your kit is Archangel, but to get it, you need to cast offensively.  Every time you cast Holy Fire (or Power Word; Solace), Penance (offensively), and Smite (don’t unless you REALLY need to), you gain a stack of Evangelism.  Evangelism stacks to 5 and is spent on Archangel, which increases your healing (and absorbs) by 5% per stack consumed and lasts for 20 seconds, but has a 30 seconds CD.  This is tremendous.  Yes, it forces you to put some damage on the boss, but it is well worth it.

Now, you’ve seen above that in order to use Penance to gain stacks of Evangelism, you need to cast it offensively.  Don’t be afraid to use Penance OFFENSIVELY!  You should be using Penance on CD- either offensively or defensively- so make sure you’ve got it where you can actually cast it on the boss.  Now here is where we talk about the Tier 17 set bonuses- your 2 piece bonus allows you to channel Penance for 1 extra second, and allows defensively cast Penances to grant you a stack of Evangelism.  Guys, this is massive.  This set bonus is GAME CHANGING.  Using Penance (which deals a significantly higher amount of damage and healing) as a heal and as damage, and both give you Evangelism?  You are going to have stacks of Evangelism waiting after your first use of Archangel.  Which means you can plan when you want to use it.

3. Know when to use Archangel.  There is nothing wrong with using Archangel on CD.  You’ll still pull decent numbers if you do that.  But use your future sight- Archangel lasts for 20 seconds.  PW:S lasts for 15.  You know when the boss’s next major damaging ability is coming in.  Plan it out!  Save that Archangel for the 25% increase absorbs on the group eating Inferno Slice!  Managing this CD is critical to being a great Discipline Priest.

4.  Use Empowered Archangel.  So, you’ll notice when you pop Archangel that you get another mini buff on top of that- Empowered Archangel.  EAA gives your next Flash Heal a 100% chance to crit.  This is one of the times where you should not be afraid to heal a bit- Flash Heal is a fast cast (and mana heavy, but you shouldn’t be having problems with mana) and a guaranteed critical strike.  This is good for saving a life (I usually use it on a tank.)

Ok, I’m gonna cut this off before it becomes TL:DR (which it may already be.)  Remember, Disco Priests- your job is not to HEAL damage, its to MITIGATE it.  Tune in later on this week, I’ll be talking about Talent Choices and Glyphs (more than the one I talked about above.)  Until then, keep cool, and stay angry, healers!



Unraveling the Mysteries of the Mistweaver Monk

I think I’ve done it.

I think I’ve discovered the key to Mistweaver healing.  And it only took me like… a week to figure it out.  -headdesk-



So, I made the shocking revelation (which may or may not be shocking to anyone else) this past weekend while I was doing an alt raid of Normal Blackrock Foundry.  I was doing well on the healing charts-pulling between 20-22k heals per fight, which is good, considering I was ilvl 626 (yes, they still brought me.)  But I was still having the mana issues I had been having since I got Yanshui (my Mistweaver) to 100.  And I couldn’t figure out why until we got to Hanz’gar and Franzok (I think we did him third, after Gruul and Beastlord Darmac, so we were a good 45 minutes into the raid at this point.)  Up until now, i had been doing my ususal- put Renewing Mist out on 3 people and let it get around, channel Soothing Mist on the tanks, and cast Enveloping and Surging over it as needed (I was trying to keep Enveloping up on the tanks as much as possible), then Uplift/ Rushing Jade Wind/ Detonate Chi (if I had Healing Spheres in the vicinity) to AoE heal as needed.  Revival on demand, Life Cocoon either before massive tank damage or to save a tank’s life… you know, it seemed pretty standard (all of this taking place while I had my Jade Serpent Statue down.)  I was blowing through my CD’s of Chi Brew just to make sure I had enough mana to stay int he fight.  But then the presses started dropping, and I couldn’t stand there and channel Soothing Mist anymore so I just started spamming Renewing Mist on CD.

And I watched myself go from 3 Mana Tea to 20 during that phase.  And I was like…


Things went back to normal.  Hanz’gar jumped back into the fray, and I could start using the other rotation.  And I did.  And I blew through that stack of Mana Tea and ended up right back where I started- next to no mana and very little ways to get it back because I got myself stuck in the “mana cost chi generator- chi cost Mana Tea generator- drink to to regain mana but I can’t because I messed up” circle.  Chugged a mana potion and just… said screw it.  Thunder Focus Tea and Renewing Mist on all the things and Uplift when I had the chi for it.  When I was waiting for Renewing Mists to come off of CD- so I could put it out again and gain more chi to spend on Uplift- THEN I would cast Soothing/Enveloping/Surging Mist.  And then I had mana.  And Mana Tea.

And the heals were good.



And suddenly, I didn’t feel like a total screw up when it came to Mistweaving.  I felt like a productive member of the raid.  And a whole new world of possibilities opened up to me!

I will admit, I am not the greatest healer in the world- people have not been reluctant to remind me of it, either- but I am a better healer than I am a DPS (except for maybe Hunter DPS, I’m pretty good at the whole Focus gain/ Focus dump cycle) and I’m a MUCH better healer than I am a tank (I can’t tank.  I just can’t.)  And I am always learning.  And it feels good to know that, through my own work and my own experiences, I have improved myself.  I know there is still a lot of room for me to grow- as a Discipline Priest, as a Mistweaver Monk, and as a healer in general as I continue to level ALL THE HEALING CLASSES.  But…

…. it’s so nice to see progress.  And to go willingly into the PuG raids and LFRs and knowing I can succeed and still learn newer and better ways of doing things makes me very happy.

Also, Mistweaving is ridiculously fun.  I like the mega absorption power of the Discipline Priest, but I am happier playing a class that actually spends most of their time actually healing.

Well, that is it from me for now.  Stand by to stand by, there will be more videos this week.  Before we go, I’m bringing (sexy- no, not really) back something I used to have on all of my blog posts a while ago- the Blogosphere!  The Blogosphere is where I feature and link some articles written by fellow WoW bloggers!  SUPPORT ALL THE BLOGS!

1. Over at Restokin, Alame breaks down the Boomkin for Patch 6.1– hey!  THAT’S TODAY!

2. Over at World of Matticus (also a member of the d20crit network!), Matticus ponders what’s going on with Mythic?

3. And finally, over at Misty Teahouse, Ashleah talks in-depth about Mistweaver Monk’s T17 2-piece set bonus!

Go forth, keep cool, and stay angry, healers!


The Angry Healers’ Guides: Imperator Mar’gok (N/H)

And finally,  after so many weeks, we have REACHED THE END OF HIGHMAUL!!!!  -cheer-  Here it is, folks!  The final video in the Angry Healers’ Guides to Highmaul- Imperator Mar’gok, the Sorcerer King!



Add-On Sanctum: GTFO

Greetings and happy Sunday!  I know everyone’s getting ready to head back to class tomorrow (my first one is at 7am.  -shudder-), but I wanted to show you the first episode of a new video series I’m doing- the WoW Add-On Sanctum!  These are quick, 3-4 minute showcases of mods you need in WoW, and the first one I talked about was GTFO by Zensumin!  Go check it out!

Don’t worry, as soon as I remember to film Imperator Mar’guk, I’ll have the last Angry Healers’ Guides to Highmaul up and ready to go (should be doing that tonight, so hang on!)  Also, keep your eyes peeled- I’m going to be doing a few more videos, as well: the Transmog Sanctuary and How To RP in WoW, each of which should have an episode out sometime in the next week!  Until then, keep cool, and stay angry, healers!