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What I Do and Why: Discipline Priest, Part 3


Woo! Took a week off there, but I’m back in the game!  My friends at d20crit and I have some exciting things going on, but that’s not what you’re here for, is it? Time to finish off this post series…

What I Do and Why- Discipline Priest, Part 1


Now, I’ve seen recently that the Discipline Priest is considered the “scrub spec” for healers because even a slack- ass Priest can pull some pretty good numbers on fights.  I hate that.  I hate that people think this.  And I…

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Mistweaver Monk


I think I’ve done it. I think I’ve discovered the key to Mistweaver healing.  And it only took me like… a week to figure it out.  -headdesk-   So, I made the shocking revelation (which may or may not be…

The Angry Healers’ Guides: Imperator Mar’gok (N/H)

And finally,  after so many weeks, we have REACHED THE END OF HIGHMAUL!!!!  -cheer-  Here it is, folks!  The final video in the Angry Healers’ Guides to Highmaul- Imperator Mar’gok, the Sorcerer King!



Add-On Sanctum: GTFO

Greetings and happy Sunday!  I know everyone’s getting ready to head back to class tomorrow (my first one is at 7am.  -shudder-), but I wanted to show you the first episode of a new video series I’m doing- the WoW Add-On Sanctum!  These are quick, 3-4 minute showcases of mods you need in WoW, and the first one I talked about was GTFO by Zensumin!  Go check it out!

Don’t worry, as soon as I remember to film Imperator Mar’guk, I’ll have the last Angry Healers’ Guides to Highmaul up and ready to go (should be doing that tonight, so hang on!)  Also, keep your eyes peeled- I’m going to be doing a few more videos, as well: the Transmog Sanctuary and How To RP in WoW, each of which should have an episode out sometime in the next week!  Until then, keep cool, and stay angry, healers!