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Not So Bonus Post- Ensidia

Ok, who here doesn’t know about the 72 hour ban Blizzard slapped on Ensidia this morning?

-looks around- 

Ok, now of those of you who have heard of it, who’s sick of hearing the arguments of  ‘Oh, they couldn’t have known it was going to bug out’?  Or what about the ‘OMG THEY SO DID IT BANHAMMER THEIR ASSES’? 

-looks around again-

Angry Healers and all of you lovely others who may or may not give a damn about what goes on in this here blog, if you are sick and tired of hearing about Ensidia wherever you go today, RAISE YOUR HANDS!

-raises hand-

-looks for other raised hands-

Bottom line, folks- Blizzard is God on the servers.  Blizzard sees all and knows all (and if they don’t then they can find out pretty easily.)  If they saw exploitation, then they saw a damn exploitation.  Yeah, it was Ensidia.  WHO FUCKING CARES?  Would they care if it was your guild?  Hell no. 

Ensidia got banned.  Its not permanent.  They lost their world first kill of Arthas, their acheesements, and their loots.  End of story.  Can we drop it now?  Please?

Post of No Value: RP and Lore

YaY Monday!  -gag-

Even in parallel universes, Mondays suck.

Even I’m getting a slow start today.  Blah.  Anyways.  A fluff post because I can, and because its Monday and I don’t feel like being totally serious today.  Lets talk about… Lore and RP.  (AMG NOT TEH ARPEEZ!)

Yes, I RP.  Or, at least, I used to RP pretty heavily.  Mock me if you will.  Now, as an RPer, I’ve come across a wide variety of stories and playstyles- some good, some bad, some just downright weird.  All of my characters have MyRolePlay on, and a story all typed up.  I try to be as non- Mary Sue as I possibly can- my Druid, for instance, just woke up from the Emerald Dream (its how I explained the faction transfer), which she had entered after the War of the Shifting Sands.  She has a Green Whelpling named Ysidron who likes to sleep on her shoulder, and she had no idea what the hell was going on until recently.  That’s pretty tame, right?  And its lore- friendly, despite my Druid being female- the War of the Shifting Sands was supposed to have been about 1000 years prior, well within the then immortal lifetime of the Night Elf (if Fandral Staghelm could live that long, then so could I.)  She wasn’t born during the first coming of the Burning Legion, she has never seen Queen Azshara in person, nor was she a handmaiden that somehow avoided becoming a Naga, or other such nonsense.  She might have seen Malfurion in passing while in the Dream- he was there the same time she would have been- but she had tasks of her own. 

My warlock, Nicevenn- started off as a town guard in Andorhol.  A good, Light- fearing woman with a husband and a child.  Catches the plague of undeath.  Dies.  Comes back.  Serves the Lich King.  Breaks free from his power after Sylvanas.  Looks at herself, says ‘Fuck the Light’ and starts playing with demons.  Not too bad, eh?

Awesome.  So somebody tell me where some of these people come up with some of these other stories. 

Empress of the Platinum Dragonflight?  Yep, seen it.

Forced to be a high-paid prostitute working the streets of Silvermoon City because your evil uncle is holding your kid siblings hostage?  Yep, seen that one, too.  (And, seriously, if you’re coming up with stories like this, I think you have better things to be spending your money on than WoW- like a visit to the psych.)

Something that is a cross between Arthas and Lady Sylvanas?  Good Lord, more times than I can count.

Seriously, there are acceptable deviations from the lore- and then there are just outright and blatant BULLSHIT RP.  And, I mean, its not like the lore is that hard to find- wowwiki.com, anyone?  Is it really so hard to look at the writeup of your ‘half- dragon lovechild of Kalecgos and Anveena’ you typed up on your MyRolePlay or FlagRSP and go, ‘Meh, that’s a little over the top’?

To all of you RPers out there who are not like this- I salute you!

To all of you RPs out there who ARE like this- go Die In A Fire.  You’re making the rest of us look bad.

For you brand new RPers- DON’T BE LIKE THIS.  We will shun you.  Shuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

And I’m spent.  Until Thursday!  Be safe, and stay angry, healers!


Top Mistakes Healers Make

It’s Monday!


Yeah, I know.  But this Monday is special- this is the Monday I put my ‘Pyo Starts Posting Twice A Week’ plan in effect!  (I have been working on this for a while.)  Because I believe in quality posting- and posting only one day a week bores me.  I bore easily.  So, I will be posting Mondays and Thursdays.  YaY for us!

But I digress.  Let us have a post!  Today, I have chosen- from My List of Topics- to discuss-

*cues dramatic music*

Top Mistakes Healers Make.

Say it ain’t so!

That’s right, Angry Healers, I said it- this post is about the mistakes WE make!  Well, not all of us, I suppose.  But I’ll be covering the mistakes we make when we get better- and know it.  Not the beginner mistakes.  Let’s begin, shall we?

Top Mistakes Healers Make

1.  Just because you are the healer, doesn’t mean that they won’t drop you from the group.  This is, quite possibly, this biggest problem I have seen with level 80 healers while I play on my Shadow Priest of Doom- especially all of you rolling in full epics.  Just because you’re fully epicced out in your shiny ICC/ ToC gear, doesn’t mean your place in a party is guranteed.  Yes, that means that if you’re acting like a total asshat, you can expect to be rapidly replaced, because nobody likes dealing with the ‘leetsauce’ attitude.  If you colossally fuck up, prepare to be kicked.  If you have no clue what you’re doing, prepare to be bounced.  This leads me into my next points:

2.  If you sign up as a Healer for instances, be specced properly for it.  This mainly applies to Heroics and higher level instances.  No, Mr. Enhancement Shaman trying to heal Heroic Halls of Lightning, you are NOT A HEALER.  Be prepared to be bitched at and/ or Voted to Kicked.  I, seriously, don’t know why you bothered- yeah, Healers tend to queue up quickly- but we sign up for the job we are specced and geared for.  We can do it- you can’t.  Congratulations- you just made yourself look like an ass.

3.  Know how your class heals.  By the time you hit Heroics, you should have half a clue how to heal with your chosen class- I’m not saying be a pro!healer.  I’m saying have some damn sense.  Know what spells do what, which spells can proc special abilities, understand which spells are better than others.  I habitually smack Druids that use Healing Touch- unless they combine it with Nature’s Swiftness- because we have SO MANY OTHER MORE USEFUL SPELLS.  You want a direct heal?  Use Nourish!  I cringe everytime I see a tree Tank healing with Healing Touch.  Yes, Heroics are not SRS BZNS, but that’s no excuse for not understanding the basics of your class.

4.  Don’t try healing in gear for another spec.  This is slightly (only very slightly) forgivable, especially if you’re trying to gear up for Healing, and your gear could remotely be used for healing (i.e. some Boomkin leather is ok for Treeing it up, as well.)  However, if your previous spec has absolutely no stats in common with your Healing spec, DON’T HEAL.  That means No, Feral Druid, you CAN’T heal Heroic Halls of Reflection in your Feral leathers.  You WILL fail and piss off your party, who are trusting you to not only know what you’re doing by this point in time, but to do it well.

5.  Don’t refuse to heal a certain class because you don’t like them.  OMG.  I don’t care if you don’t like Rogues, if that Rogue is doing their job and not pulling threat, HEAL HIM/ HER.  Not healing a person of a certain class persuasion just because you don’t like their class is fucking stupid, and it makes you look like a total jackhole.  That being said,  if said Rogue keeps pulling threat and pulling mobs, you have my permission to let them die, watch them QQ about not getting heals, then bitch at them for pulling threat.

6.  Don’t rez the lazy fuckers who are just chilling out after a wipe.  If it’s a wipe, everyone runs back.  Not ‘everyone- but- the- lazy- party- member- runs- back- waits- for- the- healer- to- mana- up- then- expects- a rez.’  Let that fucker sit there until he hauls his ass back.  On the contrary, if only one or two people die on a pull, REZ THEM.  Don’t be a jerk.

7.  Don’t constantly post healing  meters after every fight.  This applies primarily to raids.  Yes, Tree!Druid, we know your heals are awesome.  That does not mean you need to post the healing meter in the healers channel (or in /say… that’s just tacky.)  Incidentally, any and all DPS who might be reading this, its the same for you- we don’t care how leet your DPS is, posting the meters repeatedly to show how badass you are is stupid.

See, I like to think I hate all stupid people equally- just because you’re a healer, doesn’t mean your immune to being bashed.  Bad healers are just as bad as bad tanks and bad DPS.  Don’t be bad!

Thats it for now, lovelies!  Have a decent Monday (Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life), and stay angry, healers!