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Understanding Raid Cooldowns, Part 1: Holy Priests, Resto Druids/ Shaman, and Holydins

Hello, again, everyone, and welcome back to the Angry Healers!  This week, I’ve decided to tackle a fairly large topic I plan on breaking up into several parts (now sure how many just yet… still much research to do!)  but something I consider vitally important, especially for healers (though this information is useful for everyone): raid cooldowns.  Now, let me take a second to define “Raid cooldowns” for you- they are abilities/ utilities brought by specific classes that affect the entire raid team.  And, yes, I will be going over them ALL at some point, so keep your eyes peeled!  To start off, I’ve chosen to start with the healing CD’s my raid currently has- we run with myself, the Holy/Disc Priest; a Treedruid; and a Resto!shammie.

DISCLAIMER:  For the actual heal values of spells, I put X if no number (or a long ass formula) was given.  If a legitimate number was provided, I put it here.  Please consult your healers to get an exact number!

Holy Priests: Divine Hymn and Lightwell

Divine Hymn is considered to be our big raid CD.  It heals ALL raid and party members within 40 yards for # and increases healing done to them by 10% for 8 seconds, BUT the priest must channel to maintain the spell.  This is great to pop during high raid AoE damage, especially when combined with other healers layering on HoTs/ single target/ AoE heals over it, and it helps with massive AoE damage recovery.  That being said, this is not something you should use right before you know you’re going to need to move.  It might only be on a 3 minute CD now, but that’s no excuse to waste it.

I am a little hesitant to put Lightwell on here.  Honestly, there’s not reason not to have it down at the beginning of a fight- if you place it properly, it will heal everyone at some point and won’t take damage, so it will last until it comes off of its cooldown (which is 3 minutes, the standard for raid healing CD’s.)  But, I figured I might as well cover all of my bases, so here it is.  Lightwell will attempt to heal a target below 50% health for X every 6 seconds.  No, you do not have to click on it (though I could glyph for it and make you, I’d rather just have it do its own thing.)

Discipline Priests: Power Word: Barrier and Spirit Shells

PW:B is probably our only real raid CD at the moment (since we lost Divine Hymn to Holy).  That being said, it is still a very effective tool- better for when people are grouped up, but it can be used in a punch to save a group- I usually toss it on melee in such emergencies.  PW:B summons a golden bubble that lasts for 10 seconds, prevents 25% of the incoming damage, and prevents spellcasting from being interrupted.

Spirit Shells have to be talented into- and it shares the level 75 tier with Power Infusion and Twist of Fate.  This is something that may be useful for specific fights, but unfortunately, is going to be outweighed by PI more often than not.  Spirit Shell turns your Heal, Flash Heal, and Prayer of Healing into absorption shells that last for 15 seconds.

Restoration Druids: Tranquility

Pretty much a no-brainer here.   Tranquility heals all raid and party members for 250% of spell power over 8 seconds.  BIG AoE heal that needs to be saved for big AoE damage phases.  WE tend to save ours for either “Oh shit” moments, or for massive AoE damage right before we kill the boss to ensure victory.

Restoration Shaman: Ascendance + Healing Tide Totem (optional: Spirit Link Totem) and Bloodlust/ Heroism

Even with the nerfs resto!shaman received when 6.0 dropped (but its ok, cuz you guys got buffed recently, as well!!!) Ascendance and HTT are one of the best overall raid healing cooldowns.  Ascendance duplicates and distributes your heals over the whole raid, while Healing Tide Totem  heals all raid and party members within 40 yards for 60% of spellpower per tick over 6 seconds.  Stack this with Spirit Link Totem (which evenly distributes the health of everyone within 10 yards) and you have massive healing with very little overhealing.

Bloodlust/ Heroism.  Needs no explanation.  You need this for raids, so you better have someone who can do it.

Holy Paladins: Devotion Aura

I know many a paladin who was saddened by Blizzard’s decision to make Devo Aura Holy only.  But really?  It does make sense, if you think about how many spells Holy Pallies are casting vs. how many Ret and Prot are- I understand you guys are still casting, but you don’t need to do it nearly as often as Holy does.  Devotion Aura grants the raid 6 seconds of Silence-free spellcasting and reduces raid damage taken by 20%.

Well, that’s it from me for now.  Stay tuned, I’ll be back on Friday with the State of the Healing Union Address!  Until then, have a great week (good luck on your finals, fellow college students) and stay angry, healers!


Holiday Post: Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick drop in to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING, YOU GAIS!  I know I haven’t been around again, but I’m on vacation- sue me.  I’ll be back next week with the first installment of Pyo’s Introduce and Alt!  Until then, stay safe this holiday weekend, eat lotsa turkey, and relax.  You’ve earned it!

Not So Bonus Post- Ensidia

Ok, who here doesn’t know about the 72 hour ban Blizzard slapped on Ensidia this morning?

-looks around- 

Ok, now of those of you who have heard of it, who’s sick of hearing the arguments of  ‘Oh, they couldn’t have known it was going to bug out’?  Or what about the ‘OMG THEY SO DID IT BANHAMMER THEIR ASSES’? 

-looks around again-

Angry Healers and all of you lovely others who may or may not give a damn about what goes on in this here blog, if you are sick and tired of hearing about Ensidia wherever you go today, RAISE YOUR HANDS!

-raises hand-

-looks for other raised hands-

Bottom line, folks- Blizzard is God on the servers.  Blizzard sees all and knows all (and if they don’t then they can find out pretty easily.)  If they saw exploitation, then they saw a damn exploitation.  Yeah, it was Ensidia.  WHO FUCKING CARES?  Would they care if it was your guild?  Hell no. 

Ensidia got banned.  Its not permanent.  They lost their world first kill of Arthas, their acheesements, and their loots.  End of story.  Can we drop it now?  Please?

Post of No Value: RP and Lore

YaY Monday!  -gag-

Even in parallel universes, Mondays suck.

Even I’m getting a slow start today.  Blah.  Anyways.  A fluff post because I can, and because its Monday and I don’t feel like being totally serious today.  Lets talk about… Lore and RP.  (AMG NOT TEH ARPEEZ!)

Yes, I RP.  Or, at least, I used to RP pretty heavily.  Mock me if you will.  Now, as an RPer, I’ve come across a wide variety of stories and playstyles- some good, some bad, some just downright weird.  All of my characters have MyRolePlay on, and a story all typed up.  I try to be as non- Mary Sue as I possibly can- my Druid, for instance, just woke up from the Emerald Dream (its how I explained the faction transfer), which she had entered after the War of the Shifting Sands.  She has a Green Whelpling named Ysidron who likes to sleep on her shoulder, and she had no idea what the hell was going on until recently.  That’s pretty tame, right?  And its lore- friendly, despite my Druid being female- the War of the Shifting Sands was supposed to have been about 1000 years prior, well within the then immortal lifetime of the Night Elf (if Fandral Staghelm could live that long, then so could I.)  She wasn’t born during the first coming of the Burning Legion, she has never seen Queen Azshara in person, nor was she a handmaiden that somehow avoided becoming a Naga, or other such nonsense.  She might have seen Malfurion in passing while in the Dream- he was there the same time she would have been- but she had tasks of her own. 

My warlock, Nicevenn- started off as a town guard in Andorhol.  A good, Light- fearing woman with a husband and a child.  Catches the plague of undeath.  Dies.  Comes back.  Serves the Lich King.  Breaks free from his power after Sylvanas.  Looks at herself, says ‘Fuck the Light’ and starts playing with demons.  Not too bad, eh?

Awesome.  So somebody tell me where some of these people come up with some of these other stories. 

Empress of the Platinum Dragonflight?  Yep, seen it.

Forced to be a high-paid prostitute working the streets of Silvermoon City because your evil uncle is holding your kid siblings hostage?  Yep, seen that one, too.  (And, seriously, if you’re coming up with stories like this, I think you have better things to be spending your money on than WoW- like a visit to the psych.)

Something that is a cross between Arthas and Lady Sylvanas?  Good Lord, more times than I can count.

Seriously, there are acceptable deviations from the lore- and then there are just outright and blatant BULLSHIT RP.  And, I mean, its not like the lore is that hard to find- wowwiki.com, anyone?  Is it really so hard to look at the writeup of your ‘half- dragon lovechild of Kalecgos and Anveena’ you typed up on your MyRolePlay or FlagRSP and go, ‘Meh, that’s a little over the top’?

To all of you RPers out there who are not like this- I salute you!

To all of you RPs out there who ARE like this- go Die In A Fire.  You’re making the rest of us look bad.

For you brand new RPers- DON’T BE LIKE THIS.  We will shun you.  Shuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

And I’m spent.  Until Thursday!  Be safe, and stay angry, healers!


Welcome Back! Here, Have a Prima Donna Tank and Healer Post!

I hope everyone’s holidays brought them everything they wanted, and then some.  Mine brought me friends from up north,  a faction swap of my priest back to the Horde to play with them, and a hangover (no, nothing as epic as The Hangover.)

But now, its time to get angry, healers.  And its time to show some appreciation.

Whilst parusing teh intarwebz this morning, I came across a post in a snark community (no, I’m not snarky, not at all… ) I frequently post in about ‘DPS being a dime a dozen’ and that ‘Healers and Tanks deserve loot drops more than DPS.’  What made this worst, perhaps, is that this was guest posted over at World of Matticus


Rage, incoming as  I step back from my favored role as a raid healer… and put on my ‘I was a successful DPSer’ robe and hat.  (Hunter, Boomkin, Shadow Priest, and Rogue GO GO GO!)

First off, guest poster, DPS are not a dime a dozen.  Them being a dime a dozen implies that they all do the same amount of DPS, no matter what their class, have no utility whatsoever, and are pretty much required to stand there and auto attack while the tanks and the healers do all the work. 

-ahem- No.  In the words of the XT-002 Deconstructor: ‘ no no No No NO NO NO NO NO.’  Seriously, dude, wth?  What do you mean the DPS are just ‘meat in the room’?  Who’s killing the boss?  Not the healer.  Not the tank (for the most part, though I do applaud Blizzard for giving you guys some DPS capabilities now.)  The Deeps. 

Who’s interrupting the brutal Frostbolts on Lady Deathwhisper?  Probably your kicking Rogues. 

Who’s interrupting the problematic Sentry Blast that could wipe your raid in Ulduar?  That’s probably a combination of your rogues, shaman, and warriors.

Who’s helping your Tank frontload asstons of threat?  That Hunter back there, with her Misdirection. 

 Who’s taking down the gangs of trash mobs that pull together?  That Shadow Priest using Mind Sear, that Mage using Blizzard, that Warlock using Rain of Fire, that Boomkin using Hurricane. 

No- NOT the Tank.  Or the Healer.  The DPS.  Their whole job is to slam the boss and mobs with enough damage to kill them.  There are fights in game that REQUIRE the DPS to have a minimum personal DPS of 7.5k.  Can a Tank do that?  No.  How about a healer?  Nope, not them, either.  Do you not remember fights like Reliquary of Souls in Black Temple, where abilities HAD to be interrupted?  Where if you didn’t have a Rogue kick rotation, you wiped?

Now, please keep in mind- this isn’t to say that there aren’t idiots amongst the DPS.  There are, and there are such a large number of people that play DPS that it seems that most of the idiots are concentrated there.  But I’ve run with some pretty fail tanks and healers, so I can say with confidence that its not just them.  And its not just being DPS that makes those special cases idiots.  Some people just aren’t very good.  But idiots are not limited to DPS.  Oh no.  You would be surprised at how often I get complimented on my healing in PuGs because some people just can’t get it.  And how often do I find myself beating my head off of my desk because the tank can’t hold threat?  I assure you, its fairly often, and the majority of the reason why I just don’t PuG anymore.

And its not just this- groups are a machine.  Everything needs to be there in order for it to work.  No heals?  Tank dies.  No Tank?  Everyone dies.  No DPS?  The healer runs out of mana before the tank gets a chance to get the mob down.  Raids are even more so, because everyone is expected to perform at a level much higher than expected in a 5 man instance, where- literally- failing to put out the proper amount of DPS or do any of the other utility abilities DPS classes possess can, and will, wipe the raid.

LEAVE THE DPS ALONE.  Sure, DPS are everywhere… but good DPS are just as hard to come across as good Tanks and Healers.  And I don’t say ‘good’ and mean ‘have really good TPS/DPS/HPS and thats it.’  I mean ‘have really good HPS/TPS/DPS, don’t stand in the fire, can dance with the best of them, and can smile after its all said an done.’

So, Mr. DPS- Are- Meat- In- The- Room… tell us again exactly why it is that you feel that Healers and Tanks do all of the work?  Sure, we’re underappreciated at times… but I think your post show how even the DPS can be taken for granted.  I stand by the outstanding DPSers in my guild, who attend my raids, and make my job easier.  Cheers to you folks who continue to prove posts like the one over at WoM wrong.

What a better way to start the year at Angry Healers than with an Angry Post!  =D

Stay angry, Healers!  Up next: Icecrown Citadel strategy posts!