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And now for something completely different – Valithria Dreamwalker

Warning: Icecrown spoilers!

Newspost from MMO-Champion

wow.com write-up

As soon as I saw information on this fight, I got really excited: a fight where healers get to pose as DPS?  So cool!  New and exciting!  Eeee!

Closer examination, however, leaves me a little disappointed.  It’s no secret that the developers believe (rightly, in my opinion) that healing specs can be more different and niched because there are fewer of them, and healing as a reactive art means it isn’t subject to the strict rotation/maximized output of DPS classes at all times.  This fight kind of turns that on its head, and suddenly it’s becoming very obvious that some healers are going to outperform others in the HPS race, as it were.

As a disc priest, I immediately voiced concern for this and basically have met the following response:  “Oh, well someone has to take care of the real people!  You’ll bubble-spam the raid.”

Sure, sure.  That sounds good and all when you’re not super excited for this new mechanic, I guess?  But this put me back in a dps mentality.  Think of it this way: I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that a dps would get annoyed if on every fight they showed low on the meters for whatever hidden reason, then got a totally different fight that catered to high dps, and got stuck on adds for every single attempt because they knew their dps wasn’t high enough to help.  They get sat out for not being able to pump out the numbers the guild needs.  Eh?  I don’t know.  I’m a bit twitchy over it, and considering I’m in a 10 man guild I’ll probably have to go holy for this fight or something.

Ew.  😉

Perhaps I’m overreacting, but there are complaints from lots of people over the large theoretical discrepancy between healers, and the fight seems rather exploitable (one of the more interesting, and I hope prohibited, ideas is having pallies chain LoH).

What would’ve been really neat is if you were actively healing against adds beating on her (someone correct me if you DO, but from what I’ve seen it doesn’t look that way) because then my bubbles would definitely count for a lot, since the healers wouldn’t have to make up for as much HP lost during the fight.