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What Is In Your Job Description

Hello, Happy Friday, and welcome back!  We’ve managed to make it through yet another week (I have been sick this entire week, too, which was rough to say the least.)  So today, I’m bringing you a (hopefully) somewhat funny ranty post about WoW stuff- because when isn’t it about WoW stuff?  NEVAR.

(Ahem) Anyways.  Everyone who plays knows that there are some things you just have to do as each role in a dungeon/ raid, right?  Well… not so much.  See, I’m not sure if its that they don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing or if they just don’t do it because they’re still rocking that MoP mentality.  Either way, I thought it would be fun to take a look at each role and put down a somewhat cohesive list of what is actually in your job description.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

What Is In Your Job Description

And of course, we’re going to start out with healers.  Because this is a healer blog and because I said so.


1.  Heal all the things.  Or at least bubble them.  Yep, probably doesn’t need to be said, but there it is.  Figured I’d start with the “well duh” things and then move on to the inexplicably non-obscure jobs that for some reason people forget about or refuse to do.

2. Dispel the bad shit on people.  Yes, I realize that our dispels are on an eight second cooldown.  But that is no excuse to not dispel whenever you can- remember, a lot of that stuff is stuff that deals a shitload of extra damage to its target, which means you’re going to waste mana healing them through it when you could just get it off of them for much, much cheaper.


1.  Tanking all the things.  Yes.  I mean EVERYTHING.  All of those adds on Blast Furnace?  They ALL need to be picked up.  And they need to be HELD- healers can’t heal and DPS can’t DPS if their faces are being mashed in by mobs and adds.

2. Mark targets with raid markers.  If there are five mobs, mark the one you want killed first (preferably with a skull, since that’s the universal symbol for “kill this first.”)  There are macros and add-ons and stuff out there for you to make this easier.

3.  Tell the DPS who and what to CC.  Believe it or not, most people look to the tanks as the leaders of the group.  For the most part, we will follow your cue.  Also, make sure that when you mark for CC’s, everyone understand which symbols mean what- Moon is for Polymorph, Square is for Freezing Trap, etc.


1.  CC things.  Yep.  From hard CC’s like Polymorph and Hex to soft CC’s like Entangling Roots, it is your job to CC mobs if there are more than- let’s say, four of them.  Or whatever the tank thinks they can handle.

2.  Do NOT let those CC’s break.  If you are assigned a CC, your first priority is to make sure that target stays crowd controlled until the tank can get to it.  DPS when you can, but always keep an eye out for your CC target.  This also means let the tanks break the CC’s.  That way, they are broken in some semblance of order and they don’t immediately run off to suplex a healer.

3. Avoid avoidable damage.  This can only ever help.  Yes, I realize, of course, that this may interrupt your max DPS rotation, but your DPS will be shit if you die to something you could have completely avoided.

Well, that’s it for this week.  I hope this post helps.  For now, though, let’s take a look around the Blogosphere!

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Take care, all, and have a fantastic weekend!


Unraveling the Mysteries of the Mistweaver Monk

I think I’ve done it.

I think I’ve discovered the key to Mistweaver healing.  And it only took me like… a week to figure it out.  -headdesk-



So, I made the shocking revelation (which may or may not be shocking to anyone else) this past weekend while I was doing an alt raid of Normal Blackrock Foundry.  I was doing well on the healing charts-pulling between 20-22k heals per fight, which is good, considering I was ilvl 626 (yes, they still brought me.)  But I was still having the mana issues I had been having since I got Yanshui (my Mistweaver) to 100.  And I couldn’t figure out why until we got to Hanz’gar and Franzok (I think we did him third, after Gruul and Beastlord Darmac, so we were a good 45 minutes into the raid at this point.)  Up until now, i had been doing my ususal- put Renewing Mist out on 3 people and let it get around, channel Soothing Mist on the tanks, and cast Enveloping and Surging over it as needed (I was trying to keep Enveloping up on the tanks as much as possible), then Uplift/ Rushing Jade Wind/ Detonate Chi (if I had Healing Spheres in the vicinity) to AoE heal as needed.  Revival on demand, Life Cocoon either before massive tank damage or to save a tank’s life… you know, it seemed pretty standard (all of this taking place while I had my Jade Serpent Statue down.)  I was blowing through my CD’s of Chi Brew just to make sure I had enough mana to stay int he fight.  But then the presses started dropping, and I couldn’t stand there and channel Soothing Mist anymore so I just started spamming Renewing Mist on CD.

And I watched myself go from 3 Mana Tea to 20 during that phase.  And I was like…


Things went back to normal.  Hanz’gar jumped back into the fray, and I could start using the other rotation.  And I did.  And I blew through that stack of Mana Tea and ended up right back where I started- next to no mana and very little ways to get it back because I got myself stuck in the “mana cost chi generator- chi cost Mana Tea generator- drink to to regain mana but I can’t because I messed up” circle.  Chugged a mana potion and just… said screw it.  Thunder Focus Tea and Renewing Mist on all the things and Uplift when I had the chi for it.  When I was waiting for Renewing Mists to come off of CD- so I could put it out again and gain more chi to spend on Uplift- THEN I would cast Soothing/Enveloping/Surging Mist.  And then I had mana.  And Mana Tea.

And the heals were good.



And suddenly, I didn’t feel like a total screw up when it came to Mistweaving.  I felt like a productive member of the raid.  And a whole new world of possibilities opened up to me!

I will admit, I am not the greatest healer in the world- people have not been reluctant to remind me of it, either- but I am a better healer than I am a DPS (except for maybe Hunter DPS, I’m pretty good at the whole Focus gain/ Focus dump cycle) and I’m a MUCH better healer than I am a tank (I can’t tank.  I just can’t.)  And I am always learning.  And it feels good to know that, through my own work and my own experiences, I have improved myself.  I know there is still a lot of room for me to grow- as a Discipline Priest, as a Mistweaver Monk, and as a healer in general as I continue to level ALL THE HEALING CLASSES.  But…

…. it’s so nice to see progress.  And to go willingly into the PuG raids and LFRs and knowing I can succeed and still learn newer and better ways of doing things makes me very happy.

Also, Mistweaving is ridiculously fun.  I like the mega absorption power of the Discipline Priest, but I am happier playing a class that actually spends most of their time actually healing.

Well, that is it from me for now.  Stand by to stand by, there will be more videos this week.  Before we go, I’m bringing (sexy- no, not really) back something I used to have on all of my blog posts a while ago- the Blogosphere!  The Blogosphere is where I feature and link some articles written by fellow WoW bloggers!  SUPPORT ALL THE BLOGS!

1. Over at Restokin, Alame breaks down the Boomkin for Patch 6.1- hey!  THAT’S TODAY!

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3. And finally, over at Misty Teahouse, Ashleah talks in-depth about Mistweaver Monk’s T17 2-piece set bonus!

Go forth, keep cool, and stay angry, healers!


The Angry Healers’ Guides to BRF: Gruul the Subjugated (N/H)

Hello and Happy Friday the 13th!!!!  (I can’t speak for you, but this is usually a pretty good day for me!)  Also, LONG WEEKEND!!!!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  (Cue me leveling something Hordeside and working on all of my video projects!)

Thought you might enjoy a little movie!  Here’s my latest attempt at trying to be helpful- A Gruul the Subjugated healer-centric video!  Enjoy!


Atonement Doesn’t Work- A Bubble Priest’s Rant

Hello, and Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Today, I’d like to take a few minutes of your time to talk about a subject near and dear to my nerdy healer heart.  As I’m sure you all know by now, I main a Discipline Priest.  Well, lately, I have been leveling any number of alts (both healing and DPS) and I have been doing a lot of dungeons, and I have noticed something.  A trend, if you will.

Of Discipline Priests doing it wrong.  And we can’t have that.  I can’t have that, because people look at me when I pop into instances/ LFR/ pug raids and they’re like, “A discipline priest?  Are you any good, because…”  (Yes, I have had this happen.  Weird, right?)  And I’m like, whoa!  Discipline priests are fantastic right now, why the worry?  But then I remember my alts that I’m leveling, and running dungeons with Discipline priest healers who are barely keeping us alive (or sacrificing the DPS- specifically my poor hunter ass- to the bosses to keep the tank alive.)

DISCLAIMER:  (I put it here, I even put it in all caps and italicize it, and still somehow people forget to read it…) Now, I’m not saying this is all of you, because it isn’t.  This post isn’t aimed at the people who have been raiding in WoD since Highmaul dropped, who undoubtedly are awesome and have a full understanding of how Discipline currently works.  This is for you up and coming priests I have been running with in instances.  This is for you discopriests who haven’t healed since 6.0 dropped at the end of MoP and have just now started picking your sparkly bubble priests back up.  Discipline is different now, and you need to understand how!

I hate to be the one to tell you this (I don’t actually, because it needs to be said) but… you’re doing it wrong.  I have made it a point to carefully watch a couple of fresh WoD priests (as carefully as I can without standing in stuff or making their life harder) and… I have to say… I see an inordinate number of young bubble priests using Atonement.  And it hurts my soul.  So its time to take a stand.

Time for a ranty post!

Atonement Doesn’t Work;  A Bubble Priest’s Guide

1.  It really doesn’t.  Now, keep in mind that when I speak of Atonement, I mean the Discopriest’s passive ability (dealing 100% of Smite/ Penance/ Holy Fire/ PW: Solace’s damage as heals to the nearest low-health friendly.)  With the nerfs to/removal of healer’s mana regen abilities,  and its damage is only 92% of spell power now (with my gear, that’s a whopping 4,907 damage/ heals for 2400 of my 160k mana), Smite is nothing but a mana drain.  My Heal spell heals for 17,743 for 3,200 mana.  My bubbles are 3,840 mana.  It has become more mana efficient to bubble all the things and augment your shields with actual heals because they just do more for their mana costs.  That being said, it is worth it to Smite the boss to build your Evangelism stacks for Archangel before periods of high AoE damage (or whenever possible) to get that 25% extra healing and the guaranteed Flash Heal crit, but this should only be done when you can afford to not heal people for a few seconds.  Using Smite should ALWAYS come secondary to healing and active mitigation.  Also, it is possible to gain full Evangelism stacks without Smite: using Penance as a damaging spell (which is fine on occasion, but should not under any circumstances be your normal use for that most awesome of healing spells) and weaving it with Holy Fire (or Power Word: Solace) can get your your Evangelism stacks, but it does take longer since both spells have a CD (I try to use PW: Solace on CD because it also restores 2% of maximum mana).  Either way, you’ll have Archangel available when it comes off of it’s CD, so you really don’t need to use Smite after the first few seconds of the fight to get that initial Archangel proc (when damage is lowest and you can afford to just slam the Smite button and Penance as damage.)  If you’re smart about it, you can pop Archangel every time it comes off CD.

2.  Power Word: Shield is your best friend.  This does not give you permission to do nothing but bubble- you will still need to augment your PW:S with ACTUAL HEALING.  Your heals are no longer simply a vehicle for delivering Divine Aegis on all the things (though that does still happen), so dig into your spellbooks and make sure Heal, Flash Heal, Prayer of Healing, and Prayer of Mending are within fingers’ reach.

3.  Changing your talents to fit your situation is still a skill you need.  That hasn’t changed since MoP, and it applies to more than just your level 90 talents!  I know how easy it is to just default to a talent and leave it there for the rest of time, but we are stupid flexible in that area and we need to stay that way.  Switch your 90 talents often:  Divine Star is instant cast and can double heal and is still the best for stacked AoE healing.  Halo is great is you can get that optimal 25 yard distance for the biggest heal it can deliver, which is still significant.  Cascade is great if you don’t have room for Halo and are too spread for Divine Star.  And don’t just change these ones, you’re level 45 and 75 talents can be swapped and swapped often, as well!  Mindbender should be used if you are having mana issues.  Surge of Light is fantastic when used with Divine Star (which procs it quite a lot) and you can slap down FREE Flash Heals.  Power Word: Solace is great for keeping up Evangelism/ Archangel!  Twist of Fate is fantastic on Butcher like fights, Power Infusion shines when you need to conserve mana and stacks with BL/Hero.  Spirit Shells are great for mitigating incoming damage (though I miss that this is a talent now, and no longer baseline.)

Discipline priest healing has gone away from our beloved Atonement, “spam- the- shit- out- of- Smite” style to a more diverse balance of mitigation and direct heals.  Do not be afraid to learn how to do it and do not get stuck in that MoP mentality- you cannot simply Atonement heal your way to victory anymore, you actually have to work for it!  Go forth and be fantastic bubble priests!  Until next time, be cool and Stay Angry, Healers!


Get Out of that Mists Mentality- A Rant

Greetings, and happy “first day of BRF,” errybody!  As we all know, this does not herald the implementation of 6.1- as it has yet to be released- but it is new and exciting and I hope you guys dive in and start wrecking up the place and getting phat loots!

That being said, I have a rant for you- and while this doesn’t apply to everyone, it applies to enough people to make this rant worthwhile, especially for us healers, some of whom are leveling through WoD instances, trying to not slam our heads off of our keyboards.

Folks, you NEED to get out of that Mists of Pandaria mentality when it comes to doing instances.

Now, what could I possibly mean by this?  I know that a lot of you will read this and say, “WTF are you talking about?”  It’s really rather simple, and its something I’ve still seen a great overabundance of.

DISCLAIMER:  Everything I’m putting here is stuff that I, myself, have witnesses.  So if you are one of the fortunate few healers who have never dealt with this, I salute you.  And if you are one of the people who does this to your healer… standby to standby.  Also, this is aimed at people who do not out gear the instances, which will be most of your alts, etc.

1.  No, TANKS, you CAN’T pull the entire room and expect to survive.  Believe me, we healers understand that this is how dungeons used to be in MoP, but that shit’s changed, and frankly, your “I should be able to survive anything” mentality is really putting us healers in a terrible position.  We either have to spam heal you and forget about everyone else (including ourselves) or we let you die- and that makes us look like shitty healers when it is, in fact, not even our damn fault.  It’s yours.  No, the world doesn’t revolve around me (very few healers think this), but your life is in my hands.  If you want a good dungeon run with little to no problems, stop trying to act like your fucking invincible.  You’re not.  Not even CD’s will save you if you pull two packs of flowers in Everbloom.  My heals are not designed to heal you to full health in two seconds.

2.  No, DPS, someone else WILL NOT CC that target.  If you’re a DPS with a CC, be expected to use it.  Want to use it.  Use it often.  Obviously, if the tank pulls everything and you can’t use it, that’s not your fault, but don’t leave the party standing there WAITING for you to CC.  It’s your job to CC.  Get comfortable doing it, because its not going away anytime soon.  This thing you guys have with ‘all I have to do is deal damage’ is antiquated and wrong.

3. No, HEALERS, you do, in fact, need to use healing CDs.  Yeah, that’s right- even healers do dumb shit in instances (and I have seen this from the perspective of a Hunter.)  If everyone in the party is near death, USE A CD.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve suffered through party wipes because of a healer’s flat out refusal to use a CD.  What, are you saving it for some reason?  Because I’m pretty sure these aren’t raid bosses, and I’m pretty sure that a wipe that you could have prevented is going to be blamed on you.  And it will be your fault, because you had the tools to save everyone and you didn’t use it. (That’s right- not even healers are safe on this blog- if you do dumb things, expect to be called out!)

These three things are the BIGGEST causes of party wipes in instances (that I have personally witnessed.)  And all of these things can be avoided.  All you have to do is stop pretending that this shit is easy, like it was in MoP.  Because it’s not.  There are, of course, other reasons, but they do not crop up as much as these ones do.  So let’s all do ourselves a favor and forget that MoP instances ever existed.  Let’s stop acting like things have not changed, because they have.  And let’s stop acting like we are all perfect players, because we aren’t.  We make mistakes, and its OK to admit it (including me.)

So keep all of these things in mind, be excellent to each other this week, and kick some Iron Horde ass in Blackrock Foundry!  I will see you again later on this week!  As always, keep cool, and stay angry, healers!