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Post of Absolutely No Value- I’m Back In the Game!


I was gonna do a whole Huntard post… but I actually raided tonight.  For the first time in almost nine months, since school began.  And you know what?

I missed it.

WOOHOO! I'm back in the game, baby!

I gotta tell you- I’m just glad that, despite all of my T9- and less than- gear and trinkets, I can still hold my own as a tree.  My guild, The Grim Covenant, cleared up through Valithria Dreamwalker.  We got one of out Retadins his Shadowmourne.  I even managed to score myself some upgrades.  But I’m back, baby.  For real.  I get to do it again tomorrow, too!

Seriously, that’s my whole post.  Me being squeetastic at raiding with my uber-awesome guild again.

I’ll be back later this week with a real post.  Tomorrow, I graduate from my final class, and I go on a nice, long break.  Maybe my post will be about Huntards.  Or maybe it will be about Cataclysm.  We’ll see.  Until then, stay angry, healers!


Levelling A Druid!

Happy Thursday, folks!

I’m taking a page from Ambrosine’s book here.  As the ‘fount of druidic knowledge’ in my group of local WoW playing friends, I often get bombarded with questions about playing a Druid:

– What gems should I be using? 

– Show should I enchant my gear?

– Should I use a Staff of a MH/OH combination?

– What stats should I be stacking?

– How do you heal, Aanthe/ Koko?

Most of these questions are pretty easy to answer.  But recently, one of my close friends was contemplating an alt, and asked me:

‘Pyo, how did you level Aanthe/ Koko?’

And I looked at him and said, ‘That’s a good damn question.’  This post is for that person, and everyone else contemplating walking the Druidic Path, whatever you choose to be- Bear!Tank, Panzerkin, or Tree!Druid.

Levelling a Druid: A Guide

So, you want to level a Druid?  Good for you!  There’s a few things you need to know about levelling a Druid:

1.  If you have an 80 with the Emblems to spare, get the Heirloom Gear.  Color me spoiled, but the Heirloom Items are the BEST THING you can give an alt.  It makes levelling so much easier with the 20% XP boost, and its 2 pieces of gear that don’t need repaired and won’t need to be replaced until you’re 80.  Get the shoulders and chestpiece for sure, the weapon is nice, as well.  The trinkets are ok, but you can do without them.

2.  Your Forms are going to SUCK ASS when you first get them.  I am not kidding.  You’re going to hit level 10, do your Bear Form quest, go ‘Oooooo!  *poof*  RAWR!’ and promptly get your ass kicked by a mob because you have 2 Bear Form abilities.  Hit level 20, and its the same thing with Cat Form.  Levelling a Druid in the early stages is not easy.  You will die a lot if you use your Forms before you hit level 25-26, because they just aren’t that good at this point in time.  You would have better luck just staying in Caster Form and Wrathing things to death and tossing the occasional Rejuv on yourself to stay alive.  Zones that ‘meh’ for most people will be TERRIBLE for you- I’m looking at you, Hillsbrad Foothills and Redridge Mountains.  Mob respawn rate and pack pulling will be responsible for your death at least a dozen times.  This discourages a lot of people early on.  If you’re thinking of levelling a Druid, you need the mental fortitude to push on through the aggravation of getting your butt kicked all over the zone.

3.  Despite all of this, if you’re going to level a Druid, level as Feral.  Low level leather gear is itemized more for Feral than it is for anything else- and while levelling Balance may seem like a good idea at the time, levelling Feral will make it a hell of a lot easier.  With the introduction of Heirloom Items, going the Balance route is a little more viable, but those pieces that aren’t Heirloom are still not going to be itemized well.  And only a real glutton for punishment levels as Resto.  Get your ‘of the Wolf’ greens and go go Kitty Form (once it gets some worthwhile abilities.)

4.  Upgrade your gear every couple of levels or so.  The difference is noticeable.  Obviously, this is limited by the amount of money you have and what’s on the AH/ what randomly drops for you.  But there’s no reason you shouldn’t be trying to upgrade once every 2- 3 levels or so.

5.  Level two gathering professions.  Yep.  Now, I know what you’re thinking- ‘But what about all of those neat Leatherworking patterns for useful stuff I can actually use?’  Honestly, its better just to get 2 gathering professions.  Do it for the money.  Set yourself up early for success- the more money you have when you hit 80, the less you’ll have to farm.  My suggestions?  Herbalism and Skinning, as you can do these in your Animal/ Travel Forms.  Alternately, if you’re really good at spotting mines, go Herbalism and Mining, since both of those gathering professions are associated with at least 2 crafting professions (Mining is 3!)  Also, consider downloading Auctioneer, and remember to do an AH scan at least once a day the first week you have it, then twice a week after that.  It’ll allow you to follow market demands for specific items and lets you maximize your profits.  When you hit 80, you can choose to dump a gathering profession for a crafting professi0n and powerlevel it.

6.  Don’t be afraid of the LFG tool.  Instances, especially with the Heirloom Items, are a quick way to get your levels and better gear.  Also, don’t be afraid to click the Tank and Healer options- even as Feral you should be fine in the lower level instances.  I wouldn’t recommend this in Outlands and Northrend, however.

7.  Don’t be afraid of taking advice from others.  Especially other people who play druids- for the most part, we do know what we’re talking about.  Alternatively, doing some research- like looking at levelling guides that are more in depth than this one, blogs such as Big Bear Butt, and Armorying your Druid friends- will prove to be quite useful.

8. Don’t worry about Dual- Speccing until you’re at least level 60.  Yes, I know the option is available at 40.  If you’re doing the ‘2 gathering professions’ thing I recommended, you will probably have the 1000g to fork over.  SAVE IT.  You’ll thank me when you’re higher level and can afford to buy Epic Flight Form and Cold Weather Flight as soon as you get to Northrend (YaY Heirloom Flight Book!)

9.  Level First Aid.  Bandages can be made- and applied- in your Forms.  Honestly, there is no reason that any character you choose to level should not have First Aid.  Level it, and make sure you maintain it as you go.  When you go to buy the First Aid books, buy them all (if you have the money for it) and stick them in your bank.  Whenever the bandage you’re currently working on goes green, go back to a major city and get the next bandage.  Don’t forget about the First Aid quest guy in Hammerfall/ Theramore Isle!

10.  Have fun!  Don’t worry about endgame content until you’re level 80 and rocking your way through Heroics for Emblems of Triumph and Tier 9 armor pieces!  After you’ve done that, then you can decide if endgame raiding as one of the most OP classes in WoW to date is what you want. 

LOL Druids

Well, that’s all for now, folks!  This isn’t an all- inclusive guide to levelling, but I hope these points helped someone.  Have a great weekend, and stay angry, healers!


Top Mistakes Healers Make

It’s Monday!


Yeah, I know.  But this Monday is special- this is the Monday I put my ‘Pyo Starts Posting Twice A Week’ plan in effect!  (I have been working on this for a while.)  Because I believe in quality posting- and posting only one day a week bores me.  I bore easily.  So, I will be posting Mondays and Thursdays.  YaY for us!

But I digress.  Let us have a post!  Today, I have chosen- from My List of Topics- to discuss-

*cues dramatic music*

Top Mistakes Healers Make.

Say it ain’t so!

That’s right, Angry Healers, I said it- this post is about the mistakes WE make!  Well, not all of us, I suppose.  But I’ll be covering the mistakes we make when we get better- and know it.  Not the beginner mistakes.  Let’s begin, shall we?

Top Mistakes Healers Make

1.  Just because you are the healer, doesn’t mean that they won’t drop you from the group.  This is, quite possibly, this biggest problem I have seen with level 80 healers while I play on my Shadow Priest of Doom- especially all of you rolling in full epics.  Just because you’re fully epicced out in your shiny ICC/ ToC gear, doesn’t mean your place in a party is guranteed.  Yes, that means that if you’re acting like a total asshat, you can expect to be rapidly replaced, because nobody likes dealing with the ‘leetsauce’ attitude.  If you colossally fuck up, prepare to be kicked.  If you have no clue what you’re doing, prepare to be bounced.  This leads me into my next points:

2.  If you sign up as a Healer for instances, be specced properly for it.  This mainly applies to Heroics and higher level instances.  No, Mr. Enhancement Shaman trying to heal Heroic Halls of Lightning, you are NOT A HEALER.  Be prepared to be bitched at and/ or Voted to Kicked.  I, seriously, don’t know why you bothered- yeah, Healers tend to queue up quickly- but we sign up for the job we are specced and geared for.  We can do it- you can’t.  Congratulations- you just made yourself look like an ass.

3.  Know how your class heals.  By the time you hit Heroics, you should have half a clue how to heal with your chosen class- I’m not saying be a pro!healer.  I’m saying have some damn sense.  Know what spells do what, which spells can proc special abilities, understand which spells are better than others.  I habitually smack Druids that use Healing Touch- unless they combine it with Nature’s Swiftness- because we have SO MANY OTHER MORE USEFUL SPELLS.  You want a direct heal?  Use Nourish!  I cringe everytime I see a tree Tank healing with Healing Touch.  Yes, Heroics are not SRS BZNS, but that’s no excuse for not understanding the basics of your class.

4.  Don’t try healing in gear for another spec.  This is slightly (only very slightly) forgivable, especially if you’re trying to gear up for Healing, and your gear could remotely be used for healing (i.e. some Boomkin leather is ok for Treeing it up, as well.)  However, if your previous spec has absolutely no stats in common with your Healing spec, DON’T HEAL.  That means No, Feral Druid, you CAN’T heal Heroic Halls of Reflection in your Feral leathers.  You WILL fail and piss off your party, who are trusting you to not only know what you’re doing by this point in time, but to do it well.

5.  Don’t refuse to heal a certain class because you don’t like them.  OMG.  I don’t care if you don’t like Rogues, if that Rogue is doing their job and not pulling threat, HEAL HIM/ HER.  Not healing a person of a certain class persuasion just because you don’t like their class is fucking stupid, and it makes you look like a total jackhole.  That being said,  if said Rogue keeps pulling threat and pulling mobs, you have my permission to let them die, watch them QQ about not getting heals, then bitch at them for pulling threat.

6.  Don’t rez the lazy fuckers who are just chilling out after a wipe.  If it’s a wipe, everyone runs back.  Not ‘everyone- but- the- lazy- party- member- runs- back- waits- for- the- healer- to- mana- up- then- expects- a rez.’  Let that fucker sit there until he hauls his ass back.  On the contrary, if only one or two people die on a pull, REZ THEM.  Don’t be a jerk.

7.  Don’t constantly post healing  meters after every fight.  This applies primarily to raids.  Yes, Tree!Druid, we know your heals are awesome.  That does not mean you need to post the healing meter in the healers channel (or in /say… that’s just tacky.)  Incidentally, any and all DPS who might be reading this, its the same for you- we don’t care how leet your DPS is, posting the meters repeatedly to show how badass you are is stupid.

See, I like to think I hate all stupid people equally- just because you’re a healer, doesn’t mean your immune to being bashed.  Bad healers are just as bad as bad tanks and bad DPS.  Don’t be bad!

Thats it for now, lovelies!  Have a decent Monday (Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life), and stay angry, healers!


Druids: Patch 3.3 and You

Hey, look!  A post that isn’t a non-meme and me being stunned repeatedly by the Sunreavers!

Hey, shut up, I finally started getting it right!  -grumble-

Anyways, yesterday was raid night.  As we were preparing to roflstomp our way through normal ToC25, I see this blaze across our healer channel.

So, did you see that Haste will affect Rejuv ticks in 3.3?

I can’t say for certain what happened next- I think I fainted from healer happy.  As soon as I shook off the shock, I started drilling my informant for questions- how will haste affect it?  What about the ‘bug fix’ (let’s not beat around the bush here, Blizzard, you’re not fooling anyone by calling it a ‘bug fix’- its a nerf, OWN UP TO IT!) Blizz is planning on implementing on Rejuv?  What about the Gift of the Earthmother nerf?

The only answer I got for certain is that haste will only affect Rejuv with a glyph.  Of course, no one could tell me what the glyph was (though ‘Glyph of Super Fast Rejuv’ made me chuckle.)  Its ok, dear other trees in The Grim Covenant- thats why I’m here!

So, we raided- got some loot, got some Emblems (and 3 upgrades, woot!), got the shiny Heirloom 2H Axe for my Warrior/Paladin/Death Knight to share, and promptly went to do some research. 

Rejuvination: deals 1352 health over 12 seconds (down from 1690 over 15 seconds)- ok.  OK.  So, yeah, its a nerf.  They’re removing one tick and dropping the amount healed by 338.  Way to mess with my raid healing Rejuv spam tactic.  Once again, this is a ‘bug fix’ that Blizzard isn’t even sure if they’re going to implement (or keep, if they do.)  However, lets go out on a limb here and say not only do they implement it, they keep it.  Time to find another heal spell?   EDIT:  Blue post verified!  They are NOT nerfing Rejuv!  -does a happy dance-

Glyph of Rapid Rejuvination: causes haste to affect the time between ticks of Rejuvination– Haste.  Affects.  Rejuv ticks.  -waits for the chorus of happy!druid squees-  YES!  Ladies and Gentlemen of the Restoration Druid Persuasion, OUR PRAYERS HAVE FINALLY BEEN ANSWERED!  A glyph that increases the speed of the ticks of Rejuv based on haste rating?  The thought makes me shiver- can you imagine the amount of healing we’ll be doing then?  More healing faster, which will mean an increased in reapplication, but more damage being healed faster.  Which means more health recovery, which means less chance of people dying, which means success! If you weren’t stacking haste for the elusive 1 second GCD/ 1 second Nourish cast, now you have a reason!  -happy tree dance-

Gift of the Earthmother: Increases haste rating by 10% and decreases the GCD of Rejuv/ Wild Growth/ Nourish by 10% (5/5)– ok, admittedly… GotEM was broken.  It was pretty much stomping haste into the ground for those three spells (I think I got them right- damn work for blocking WoW sites).  But, I can’t help thinking that maybe this is taking it a little too far.  Only time will tell, I suppose.

Rebirth: cooldown reduced to 10 minutes– 10 minute battlerez?  I can live with that.

And, last but not least… images of Druid Tier 10 Armor!

Can I have a 'Hide Belt' option?
What the shit is up with that helmet?!

I haven’t seen anything on released stats for it yet, so I’m waiting on that to determine just how much I’ll despise that helmet (which is soooo getting hidden).  I kinda like my corseted Tier 9… and really?  That belt is AWFUL.  WTB my waistline back, PST.  And while I’m not too hot on the T9 shoulders, at least they don’t look like they’ll eat the next person I walk past- though that will likely grow on me.  -has a flashback of the Little Shop of Horrors-

Anyways, I’ve bothered you enough for one day.  There will be more as I catch updated info on patch 3.3, so stay tuned and stay angry, healers!


Onyxia Returns!

With no lore- based plotline to explain her sudden return, nor bad ass ‘stick her head on a pole, that’ll teach the enemies of the Horde’ bonus.  /sadpanda  Regardless, one of my favorite old world bosses revamped and ready to take down your raid once again.  After all, she usually has to leave her lair to feed.


Anyways, Ony has the same abilities and stat as her previous incarnation, but, in case you old timer’s have forgotten (or you’re new to raiding and have never seen her fight), we’ll discuss her tactics:

Onyxia has 3 effective phases:  Phase 1 is a ground phase, phase 2 is her Air and ‘OMG Deep Breath’ phase, and phase 3 is her ground ‘I’m gonna fear your raid’ phase, all of which are health based- 60 and 30% respectively.  In phase 1, you’ll have one tank to worry about healing, plus the raid.  She is a dragon, so she does have a frontal Cleave and a rear Tail Swipe, so avoid those areas.  She also summons Onyxian Whelps (MANY WHELPS LEFT SIDE- yes, I did have to do that) that will attack your raid.  Your raid should split up on either side of her and dps- AoE the Whelps when they spawn, but other than that, its pretty much a tank ‘n spank.

In phase 2, Ony will run towards the entrance of her room and take off into the air.  From the two whelp pits, dozens of Onyxian Whelps will spawn, as well as 1 Onyxian Warden each (for a total of two.)  Everyone jump to the middle of the room.  The Wardens need to be tanked and burned, and the whelps need to be AoE’d.  It is VERY important that everyone in the raid pays attention to where Ony is located in the air- when she Deep Breathes, everyone needs to split off and go to the wall- the attack will fill up about 1/3rd of the middle of the room.  Deep Breath = instagib, incidentally, so if someone gets caught in it, they will not survive.  Ranged will need to then promptly target Ony and start attacking to get her to phase 3.

In phase 3, she’s back on the ground.  This time, she causes lava to burst up out of the floor (Heigan TOTALLY stole this move from her) and fears your raid.  At this point in time, it becomes a healer battle- keep the tank up and hope the DPS doesn’t get caught in the lava, and Ony is as good as dead.

Ony drops some decent loot and 3 Emblems of Triumph, plus a sack of gems, a 22 slot bag, and her head (which has a quest associated with it).  I won’t ruin the surprise for you- but I will say that the quest ending is anti-climactic and disappointing.  But I got a nice ring, so hey, bonus, I suppose.

Anywho, that’s it for now.  Happy hunting!