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Add-On Sanctum: GTFO

Greetings and happy Sunday!  I know everyone’s getting ready to head back to class tomorrow (my first one is at 7am.  -shudder-), but I wanted to show you the first episode of a new video series I’m doing- the WoW Add-On Sanctum!  These are quick, 3-4 minute showcases of mods you need in WoW, and the first one I talked about was GTFO by Zensumin!  Go check it out!

Don’t worry, as soon as I remember to film Imperator Mar’guk, I’ll have the last Angry Healers’ Guides to Highmaul up and ready to go (should be doing that tonight, so hang on!)  Also, keep your eyes peeled- I’m going to be doing a few more videos, as well: the Transmog Sanctuary and How To RP in WoW, each of which should have an episode out sometime in the next week!  Until then, keep cool, and stay angry, healers!


Healer Addons: Improving Your Throughput

Greetings and Happy Saturday to you all!

With the release of Highmaul this past Tuesday, I figured this would be a good time to sit down and discuss the healer specific addons (and some non-healer specific ones that are a great addition to your UI) I have come across in my many years of healing in World of Warcraft.  I have tried all of these addons out myself at some point in time, and I would like to present you with a suitable list of decent ones (with up to date links) to paruse through, so you can decide which healing addons are right for you!

DISCLAIMER:  Please refer to the Disclaimer Page.  Remember, what is listed here are some of the basic facts about the mods (I.E. what they can do.)  Anything else beyond that is my opinion and should be taken with a grain of salt.  Use at your own risk!

We’ll start of with my current favorite.

1. Vuhdo by Iza-Gilneas (current project manager is humfras)



Vuhdo is a fully customizable raid monitor very similar to Blizzard’s base UI raid frames.  But its not its looks that are important: its what it can do.  It displays all relevant information about your rair party: life, mana/ rage/ focus/ energy/ runic power/ cookies/ tears/etc, debuffs (ones that can be removed by you!), range, Incoming Heals, Aggro, Threat, HoTs, Charmed status, PvP status,Tooltips (for race, class, level and current location), Player Tags (such as afk, disconnected, dead), and Shields.  It allows you to set up point and click healing over the grid.  You can bind any usable item and any macro to mouse clicks. You can assign up to 40 mouse click combinations to cast on raid members.  You can even automatically resurrect and decurse players out of combat.  There is very little this addon can’t do.  There are a ton of other features I haven’t even mentioned here.  There are a ton of setup tutorials for it aroudn the web!

2. Healbot by StrifeCUK


Healbot is another common addon I see.  It has much of the same functionality as Vuhdo, but it is not my favorite.  I have had some issues with Healbot in the past.  The last time I used it was at the beginning of the Siege of Orgrimmar raid in Mists of Pandaria, and my issues ran towards the raid frames getting wonky when people left the raid and not updating properly when new people came in (the same for heroic instances.)  That being said, this is still a very good addon, and you may not have the same problems with it as I did.  Once again, there are a ton of videos on Healbot set up and usage that I encourage you to take a look through.

3.  Grid + Clique


Now, I put these both together because individually these two addons do not have the full functionality of either Vuhdo or Healbot.  That being said, these two are the mother and father of all point and click healing addons created since.  These are the first two healing addons I ever used WAY back in Burning Crusade.  Clique is simple- it allows you to mouse over a unit frame and cast on it- friend or enemy, but obviously you are using it for friends here.  Grid is a compact and highly customizable raid frame with a TON of addons to make it even more so.  I still very much like both of these addons, but I am not a fan of having a billion addons- I don’t want addons for my addons so I can addon while I addon.  I lose a bit of the customization with Vuhdo but I still get the same benefits.  And I don;t have to remember which red box in which corner means what anymore.  So.  Once again, there are lots of tutorials out there for you to look through!

These are the top healing addons out there, and these are the ones I see used most often.  If there are any others you’d like to see, please feel free to leave me a comment, find me on Facebook, or Tweet me!  That’s all for today, folks.  I’ll be back TOMORROW with my Sunday Snark post!  Until then, have a great weekend, have fun in Highmaul, and stay angry, healers!


The Dangers of Recount

I know, I KNOW, I said I was going to do posts Mondays and Thursdays.  And today is Friday.  Sue me- I had stuff to do yesterday tha involved pulling a 12 hour shift at work.  Whatever.  Time for a post!

Ok, who here is familiar with Recount?  -waits for the raised hands-  Good.  That should be most of you.  For those of you not in ‘the know’, Recount is an Add- On that shows DPS/ Damage Done/ HPS/ Healing done/ etc.  It is an excellent tool for raid/ class/ healing leaders. 


The image above is the pic that everyone normally sees.  However, there are dangers associated with this view- both the DPS and HPS versions.  The first thing to rememeber when staring your Recount window in the face is that Recount is rarely- if ever- completely accurate.  There are going to be things affecting your numbers that you can’t account for or have any control over- buffs and debuffs, who’s alive, who’s dead, what cooldows you’ve blow, etc.  Recount is NEVER EVER going to be a 100% accurate representation of your Heals per Second.  All this format can really be used as is as a guideline- it lets you compare yourself to the other healers of your class, and should give you a very masic idea of what you need to work on.  Take myself, for example- I’m usually one of 3 trees in the raid.  I’ve been either 2nd or 3rd overall- but that is because my two Tree comrades are in at least 2pc T10, while I’m still rocking 4 pc T9.  I also have some gems that can stand to be replaced.  Do I let myself get discouraged because I’m not #1?  No way.  Negali and Ellestrela are amazing Trees, and awesome friends.  BUT looking at the Healing Done window of Recount shows me that its not skill, but gear, that’s holding me back- because I’m doing as much HPS as they are, but not as much overall Healing.  There is absolutely no reason for you to take Recount at face value- definitly don’t let it discourage you.  Recount is a tool to help you improve.   Figure out what you need to change, and change it. 

So you can tell that guy in your guild who constantly links the meters that, in actuality, his DPS sucks, his e-peen strokage is lame, and he just needs to move on with his life.

Now, when dealing with Recount, you want to look at this window:

What is this I don't even-

Now, would ya look at that… a comprehensive breakdown of where all of your damage and healing is coming from, and how that damage/ healing is being dealt.  This is what you want to look at- this will tell you if someone is not doing what they’re supposed to be doing.  Just click on your name, and this will pop up.  This is the window of Recount you should really be giving a good once- over.  It is the one that tells you what spells you’re using, how often you’re using them, and what they’re doing in comparison to all of the other spells you’re using in an easy to read pair of pie chart format.  The first pie chart shows the spells/abilities you’re using and how much healing/ damage they’re doing in comparison to each other.  The second shows what those spells/ abilities are doing- ticking (if applicable), plain hits, and crits.

Druids, for raid healing, your most used spells should be: Wild Growth, Rejuv, and Nourish (the last 2 can be switched around, it depends on you.)  Swiftmend can also be up there.  I, as a Druid Healer, should NEVER SEE Regrowth, Lifebloom, or Healing Touch in the top 3 spells AT ALL.  I rarely use those spells, unless I happen to have picked up a Tank to heal (*waves at Thazz, Banderas, and Aurelius*  LOVE YOU GUYS!)  Even then, those 3 spells have a hard time getting into the top 3- there is no reason, as a Tree!Druid, that you should ever not cast Wild Growth and Lifebloom- its just criminal if you don’t. 

Discopriests!  You should NEVER look at the Healing Done section of Recount.  Go here!  Kivuli, the Troll Priest of Bubble Flinging Awesome, wrote a wonderful Discopriest Guide to Recount that you guys should use.

That’s it for now!  Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, and stay angry, Healers!


Power Auras How To

So you’ve got your addon and now you log on and type in /powah.  This is what you see:

Obviously we’re going to click on the “new” button here to get started.  I’d already done my healers and wanted to start off from scratch, so we’ll be doing some Angry Tank Power Auras…but you’ll get the idea.

To be completley honest: I don’t know what all this shit does yet.  This is just a basic tutorial.  The Texture bar there lets you pick between pretty pictures.  Opacity, size, and position bars should be pretty self explanitory. 

Turn your attention to the “Activation by:” dropdown menu there.  In this case, buffs is selected. 

Buff happens to be what I’m looking for, so I’ll leave it as is.  Now, type in the name of the buff you want it to look for.  In this case, it’s Sword and Board, and you can see that I’ve changed the picture to be a shield.  For something like that-a simple buff or proc I want an alert for-that’s really all I have to do! 

But let’s say you want it to show you when you have Serendipity x3.  See that Stacks box, right of the activation by menu?  You’d type 3 in there to get it to show up only when you had three stacks of Serendipity.  Neat!

Some important boxes to pay attention to there are “only if in combat”, “only if in raid”, etc, but those you should be able to figure out easily enough.

Now let’s say you’ve added everything you wanted-in my case, I’ve got 4 icons showing for various things.  You’ll see that although I’m “done” right this second, nothing but ?s are showing.  If I closed the power auras window right that second and started testing, nothing would work.  O noes!

That confused the hell out of me when I first started setting it up, but just give it a few.  Eventually, it’ll look like this:

Ta-da, it sorted itself out and now it’s showing the proper icons.  The only one with a ? is my aggro indicator, because aggro doesn’t have an icon.   Once it’s showing the icons, it should be working correctly.  If something seems borked, make sure you’ve typed the name correctly.

ETA: You can click the sound tab and add sounds to it for extra oomph!  I uh…I dunno what those other tabs really do, yet.  I’ll have to try for a Power Auras 102 post some day.

Addon Spotlight: Power Auras

Let’s face it, during any given raid, there’s too many boxes over in my little buffs section to look for silly little things like surge of light procs and serendipity stacks.  Power Auras gives me a nice little HEY THERE LOOKIE slap, however, which makes it a great mod for the easily  distracted!

Above you will see my sexy little priestess taking one for the team and going holy.  You’ll note two icons around her-the purple circle, and the white.  The white circle tells me that I have three stacks of serendipity up, and the purple is screaming “SURGE OF LIGHT PROC HOOOO!”. 

There are many, many icons you can chose from, and not all of them are the halo-esque type I favor.  If you peek over at Holy Dueg’s blog, you can see a few of the other icons Power Auras has to offer.   You can shift them around, change the colors, sizes, and the opacity…on top of all the other options, this is a really flexible mod.

Here’s my paladin sporting something a little more subtle, keeping me from Uber Tank Fail. 

Coming later: how the hell to use it!