Other Angry Healers!

Check out these other healer blogs!

World of Matticus: Matticus and Lodur

Life In Group 5:  Vixsin, Pandaren Resto Shaman!

Restokin: Lissanna

Blessing of Kings: Coriel, Holy Paladin

Healiocentric: Dedralie does theorycrafting n’ stuff!

The Misty Teahouse: Ashleah, the Mistweaver Monk!

Healing Spec: More of a podcast, but still useful!

Holy Bouch: Bouchbagette, the Holy Paladin!

Here be a variety of WoW related blogs!

Ornery Raid Leader

Eyes of the Beast (Hunter)

Huntsman’s Lodge (Hunter)

If you see any I should know about, let me know!!!!

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