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What I Do and Why: Discipline Priest, Part 3


Took a week off there, but I’m back in the game!  My friends at d20crit and I have some exciting things going on, but that’s not what you’re here for, is it?

Time to finish off this post series with a bang!  Or… Glyphs.

Let’s get right into it, then!

Glyph #1: Glyph of Weakened Soul.  Now, I knoew before I touted using Glyph of PW:S, which transferred 20% of the shield’s total absorb to the target as a heal.  It’s OK.  It still is OK.  But this one is better.  This one reduces the duration of Weakened Soul (the debuff a player gets when you bubble them with PW:S) by 2 seconds.  It stacks with Empowered PW:S, which reduces the Weakened Soul effect by 3 seconds for a total debuff reduction of 5 seconds.  Without either of these things, Weakened Soul lasts 15 seconds, so you can see why its kind of great- more bubbles faster, bubbles where you need them and when, which is phenomenal since bubbles last 15 seconds (or until they’ve absorbed the damage they need to.)  Admittedly, tank bubbles usually get beaten off in a second, but you can put another one on them in short order with this Glyph.

Glyph #2: Glyph of Penance.  Because it still allows you to cast it on the move.  That is so important because one of our strengths is our mobility- ut you have to remember.  Your job is to mitigate incoming damage, not actually heal (you can, and if you have to, do, but only in an emergency, when it is needed to save a life.)

Glyph #3: Your Choice

Really, there is no third glyph I can recommend.  I have Glyph of Mass Dispel, but I rarely use MD anymore, so I am on the lookout for a good third glyph.

Well, that concludes this post series!  Stay tuned here for more upcoming news about BlizzCon and Con Before the Storm, some 6.2 looks, and the new tier set coming with Hellfire Citadel!  Until then, keep cool and stay angry, healers!


What I Do and Why: Discipline Priest Part 2

Part 2!!!  Whaaaaat?  Once again, remember- I love my role as a discipline priest, and it is very important to me that any new Discopriests have a wide variety of information to look through when deciding how they want to play.  This week, we’ll be taking a look at Talents.

What I Do and Why: Discipline Priest Talents

First we’re going to take a look at talents.  DISCLAIMER:  Everything I’ve selected is the talent that works out best for my playstyle.  You may find you want to use something different, and in some cases, that’s fine.  In others (and I will specify) there is really no other choice.  But always keep in mind that this is opinion based on performance of the talent- my opinion- and you are invited to form your own and bring it here to discuss!

Level 15:  Here, I have taken Angelic Bulwark over Desperate Prayer.  Why?  Simply put- its Passive.  Its one less button I have to worry about on my bar.  I’m sure the immediate 22% of maximum health heal is nice, but AB has saved my ass more often than I’d care to remember.

Level 30:  Body and Soul.  I bubble so much that this is pretty much the go to talent.  Angelic Feather is nice (I use it as both Holy and the occasional jaunt into Shadow) but with the sheer number of bubbles I’m tossing around, BnS just makes the most sense.  That, and I don’t have to worry abut misplacing a bubble- my bubbles are for all the things!

Level 45: Power Word: Solace.  Why?  Mana regen and stacks of Evangelism, both of which are very important.  It keeps a steady flow if mana coming in (2% of max mana) and replaces Holy Fire.  It also helps me maintain maximum uptime on Archangel, which is critical to Discopriest play.

Level 60:  I use Void Tendrils because why the hell not?  I have made it work for me in raids when adds come after me.  I occasionally get asked to use it to trap an add away from a group, but not often.  Its just handy to have.  This entire tier is pretty much up to you, as it has little to no effect on your gameplay as a raider.

Level 75: Power Infusion.  It is hands down the best talent in the tier.  Its like a mini-Blood Lust/Heroism that reduces the mana costs of spells by 20% and is on a 2 minute CD.  Use and use often.

Level 90:  Now, this is the tier when you can start switching Talents around as needed, though here you are mostly going to be sticking with Cascade and Halo (Divine Star just… hasn’t recovered from its massive 6.0 nerf yet) and will depend entirely on raid placement.  For most situations, or for when the raid is spread very far, Cascade performs well, and now, it can hit the same target twice.  For when you have definitive placement and can get as many people as possible at that 25 yard range, Halo may do better.  I tend to default to Cascade.

Level 100:  I use Words of Mending.  Every time I cast a shield, the talent grants me a stack of Words of Mending.  When I get to 10 stacks, it auto casts Prayer of Mending on the next target I heal or bubble.  Prayer of Mending heals that target the next time they take damage and then bounces to someone else within 20 yards and repeats until it has jumped 5 times, lasting 30 seconds after each jump.  For free.  Don’t get me wrong- PoM by itself is pretty much ick for a standard Disco Priest, especially considering our focus is mitigation, not healing.  But you are constantly casting PW:S, which means you’ll hit 10 stacks of Words of Mending before you know it.  Boom- free heal.  And its a passive ability, so there is no need to keep track of it.  PoM may not heal for much, but I prefer it to the long cast time on Clarity of Will.  That being said, when there are fights when the tanks are going to be absorbing huge hits (we have our tanks soak an Inferno Slice by themselves on Gruul in heroic) I do like to take Clarity of Will for those instances- it saves me a lot of pain in the long run.

Well, that is it from me for today.  I’ll have part three of this series- Glyphs- out next week, and some snark for you on Friday.  Until then, keep cool, and stay angry healers!


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Climbing the Learning Curve of Blackrock

Wow, its Tuesday already?  Where is the time going?  Oh yeah- to writing papers due just before Spring Break in a couple of weeks!  -facepalm-

Anywho, welcome back!  With today’s release of the third wing of Blackrock Foundry for LFR, I would like to take a few moments of your time and talk about raid and raid difficulties.  Specifically, I would like to address the GLARING difference between Heroic Highmaul and Heroic Blackrock Foundry.

DISCLAIMER:  This is fairly standard by now- My word is not law.  This is just the impressions that I’ve gotten (read: my own experiences) of Heroic BRF.  Remember, I’m a filthy casual, so you’re not getting in-depth theorycrafting here- you can get that a million other places.

So, when Highmaul released, I started doing Normals.  But Normal quickly became “farmed content.”  Which is good, right, because Normal (WoD) is Flex (MoP)?  I mean, we killed Imperator on Normal once before we were like, “Heroics all the time.”  So my raid group (comprised of 15-16 people of varying skill levels, classes, etc.) were geared up with Heroic stuff- ilvl 670+ for the most part.

When Blackrock Foundry dropped, OF COURSE we were going to go right into Heroic.  Why wouldn’t we?  Isn’t that how its supposed to work?  You go from Heroic Highmaul to Heroic BRF?

I was so wrong.  We did Heroic Gruul for the first time, and I swear my raid looked like this:

"... ow....."
My raid being Vegeta, and Frieza being Gruul pretty much pulverizing our spines.

And it raised a resounding question: why was it so much harder?  The mechanics of the fights aren’t any different between Normal and Heroic.  Sure, it was our first time in there, but we had the gear for it- or we thought we did.  So what was the problem?  Were we really so unprepared?  Or was it really just that damn hard?

I’m thinking it’s really just that damn hard, and I want to know why.  Maybe it’s just me, but the natural progression of raids should (in my honest opinion) be Normal to Normal, Heroic to Heroic, and Mythic to Mythic- not “gear in Normal BRF for Heroic BRF, even though the gear you got from Heroic Highmaul is five ilvls higher than the gear you get from Normal BRF.”  It just… doesn’t make sense.  Aside from Tier (which is game changing, let me tell you), the possibility of better stats on BRF gear (Highmaul gear did have a lot of Versatility and Multistrike), and just plain learning the fights, I see absolutely no point to doing Normal BRF.  I should be in Heroic.  I had heroic gear.  I was ilvl 670 when I went into BRF.  Almost nothing in BRF Normal is an upgrade for me- and that’s saying something because I have actually DOWNGRADED pieces because they had better secondary stats on them (getting rid of some of that Versatility because HOOBOY do I hate it.)  Going into Normal BRF after coming out of Heroic Highmaul almost makes me feel like I wasted all of that time progressing through the much harder difficulty- and makes me wonder how screwed I’d be if we’d only done Normal Highmaul.

So here’s the question then, dear readers: is the disparity between Heroic Highmaul and Heroic BRF too great?  Is it not enough?  Is it just right?  Let me know!




Things You Don’t Say to a Healer… if You’re Another Damn Healer.

I can’t believe I actually have to go here, but… I do.

Now, obviously, this is only going to crop up in situations where you’re going to have more than one healer- like raids.  I don’t heal in PvP (Frost Mage, FTW), so I can’t say if this applies there or not, but… I do raid.  So.

DISCLAIMER:  All of this that I’m putting here is OPINION ONLY.  Nothing I say here is law.  And all of it is shit that I have personally witnessed.  And ALL OF THIS is from a raider’s (and healing lead’s) perspective, since that is the only situation I can think of that you would have more than one healer.  And I’m gonna keep putting these disclaimers here until people start paying attention to them.

Things You Don’t Say to a Healer if You’re Another Damn Healer

1.  I used that CD already.  For the love of God, DO NOT use your healing CD’s until they are asked for.  Period.  I, personally, am a little more flexible with absorption/ damage reduction CDs (like PW:B and Devo Aura) as it can be difficult for me- as the healing lead- to know when best to optimally use them.  But if you have an honest to God HEALING CD, do not use it until it’s asked for or its fucking obvious when it should be used, i.e. high raid AoE damaging phases like Darmac’s Trample.  This obviously does not apply to LFR (nothing I put here will ever really apply to LFR.)  And…

2. I’m almost OOM (and we’re only halfway through a fight.)  There is absolutely no excuse for this now.  If you are raiding, you know that mana conservation is one of your top priorities.  I expect you, as a healer, to know what you need to heal, when you need to heal it, and what heal you need to use for it.  If your problem is gear, YOU need to take the initiative to go out and help yourself- I have no problem doing a little bit of carrying if its needed and “funneling” a bit of gear towards you if that’s what it takes.  But you have to understand that the raid is relying on you to keep them alive.  That’s your job, and if you can’t do it, then I won’t bring you.  Know how to heal, understand your mechanics and talents, and do your best to make sure you have as much gear as possible.

Well, that is it from me for this week!  Don’t forget to go and check out my YouTube Channel (I put out a vidja yesterday, so make sure you check it out!)  Until then, keep cool and stay angry, healers!



Choose The Player, Not The Class

Hello, and welcome back!  I’ve decided to take some time out to discuss healer comps and what I’ve seen- more importantly, what I haven’t been seeing.  And it kinda hurts me in my little healer heart because it seems that people are ignoring certain classes in lieu of stacking the stronger ones.  They’re not recruiting them, not inviting them, and kicking them from PuGs because they’re not “one of the better healer/dps/tank classes.”

This makes me a sad panda.


It also pisses me off because it’s complete and utter bullshit.

That’s right.  I said it.  It’s bullshit.

I’m just going to go ahead and put this out there right now: unless you’re in a sponsored, “I-get-paid-to-raid” raiding guild, then there’s no damn reason for you to be cutting out specific classes and/or specializations- not just healers, but all roles!- from your raids.  That is 100% pure personal opinion, but let’s face it.  Most of us aren’t pro raiders.  I raid because its fun.  I raid because I like phat lewts (also, I just got my 2-piece set bonus on my disco Priest so YEAH BABY LET’S DO THIS!)  I raid because it gives me a sense of accomplishment- I helped take down that boss.  My raid team is 7/7N (6/7H) in Highmaul and 7/10N in Blackrock Foundry (we start Heroics this weekend so… wish us luck!) and we have no aspirations of going to Mythic anytime soon- we’re just happy to be clearing content, seeing the fights, and having fun.

This means, apparently, that we get to be flexible with our class choices.  Because we’re filthy casuals.  But why?  Why is it just the people like me- the normal people who raid for fun, whose sole purpose in playing WoW is to have fun– who get to have class flexibility?  Why is it that people who are playing WoW for some sort of prestige get to dictate which of us who are playing this game to have fun get to go with them?

The answer to this is, of course, simple- don’t let them and don’t go with them.  Go forth and have fun and never let anyone dictate how you play your game.

Now, before I go any further and people start screaming, “But YOU play a Discipline Priest, which is the most OP healer class in the game right now (next to the Tree!Druid!),” lemme put this down where everyone can see it: I am not playing the Discipline Priest because its strong.  I’m playing it because its still fun.  Resto Druids are, by far, the strongest healer in a PvE raiding setting (or so I’m told), but its sooooooo boring.  My other healer- as of right now- is my Mistweaver Monk.  Who gets NO LOVE.  I have done normal Blackrock Foundry on her and TOPPED the healing charts.

I am also not saying that this is an excuse to just roll into a raid- with friends or a pug- and just faceroll and say “LOL gais I don’t know what I’m doing.”  You should always know your class.  Not knowing your class and raiding is akin to trolling.  And we all know what you can do with trolls.

Its not the classes that are the problems, you guys.  Anyone with enough skill can make up for a class’s weaknesses.  Discipline is the strongest of a Priest’s two healing specs, but they don’t have a raid wide healing CD that’s worth a damn (Yes, I know they still have PW:B, but name me one fight in current content outside of Gruul the Subjugated where there are enough people stacked up to make it worthwhile.  Go ahead and pick that apart, all of you hardcore “I’m-gonna-do-it-like-the-pros-because-epeen” folks.)  They make up for it in sheer absorption capability.  Mistweavers can provide good raid healing and great single target, tank healing- not as good as the Resto Druid, but still good.  Their strength lies in the Renewing Mist +Uplift combo and Revival, which is easily one of the BEST direct healing CDs you could ask for in a raiding environment.

So, you know what?  Screw those guys.  I don’t want to be in a top end raiding guild if I can’t choose my own class to play.  All of you hardcore, “you’re-not-doing-it-right” people can go die in a fire.  Because you know what?

Some of us just want to have fun.  So I will.  And I will never be in Paragon or Method or Midwinter because I will ALWAYS choose to have fun over getting World Firsts and prestige kills.  And I will never raid with people who insist that I must conform to the min-maxed specs for raiding.  I will not raid with people who kill my fun.

So, go forth, folks, and bring all of the classes to your raids!  Remember- this game is supposed to be fun.  You’re supposed to be having fun, no matter what you choose to do or what class you choose to play.  All classes can be good in a raiding environment.

The moral of this story is:  Choose the player, not the class.