Inquisitor Aura

Inquisitor Aura

The Queen Bee (OH THE BEEMANITY) and resident owner of the Angry Healers!  I currently roll as a Holy/Discipline dualspecced Draenei Priestess named Isaleona and a Mistweaver Monk named Yanshui of The Valiant Guardians on Shadow Council (US-RP) server.  I hates doing my chores (which includes rep grinding and dailies), but loves playing homemaker in my Garrisons and I am the bane of my followers (MISSIONS!)  I am, however, something of an achievement whore (who managed to totally skip most of every major world holiday), a mount fiend, and a pet collector.

I’ve been playing WoW since shortly after it was released (January ’05, to be precise) and I have gone through several characters and switched factions multiple times.  I have a REALLY hard time forcing myself to do dailies to support all of my WoW habits.  I’m a raider girl, but I do love me some PvP when the mood strikes.  I am very committed to learning and knowing everything I can about Holy/Discipline Priest and Mistweaver Monk (and when I get the rest of my healers to 100, them too!) healing, and sharing what I find works for me to people who need it.  I am also very opinionated and angry when it comes to people telling me how to do my job- I didn’t get to be top healer and healing lead in the guild based on my looks.  Furthermore, I am always looking for new insights and tactics, and I welcome any and all constructive criticism and advice!

Trolls can still die on a fire.

I make all sorts of WoW-related videos, from healing guides to Add-On Spotlights and lore!  All of my videos (and my past streams!) are up on YouTube, as well, so feel free to paruse!  I am also a co-host, alongside Serephita Cosplay, at Dalaran Academy (a member of the d20crit Network!)

On a more personal note, I am a Veteran (ex-Navy), a starving college student majoring in English, am happily married and living in Southern California (FUCK YEAH BLIZZCON AND COMIC CON EVERY YEAR), and I am all varieties of geek: lore nerd, cosplayer, tabletop gamer, roleplayer.  I love all things Egyptian and Steampunk and I prefer electronic toys and things like my Frostmourne over jewelry (with the occasional steampunk inspired piece as the exception.)

Oh, and I’m angry.  But you knew that.

5 thoughts on “Inquisitor Aura”

  1. Yeah – Just discovered your site.. Love your take on things. I am a Resto also (I wouldn’t dare say my Boom can boom) and in souther Cali!! I hope to enjoy more of your blogs/insite/rants/;-)

  2. Hey there, I just found your sight and was going through some posts…. pretty interesting. But can’t we disc priests be angry healers too? I mean we get picked on cuz our heals don’t show up in recount. Almost 1/2 our heals come from mitigation. These stupid noobs have no idea the damage and shit we keep them out of.

    Anyway, I just started my own blog and wanted to know if we could link exchange? I would put you on my blog roll.

    Our yeah, how many hits do you get per day/week/month or whatever, do you know?

    I’m pretty new at this but its fun! I’m getting into PvP and it is like a whole new game.

    Disc Priest
    Anethoren Server

  3. Hey there!

    Better late than never, I suppose. Heh. I’d be honored if you put me on your blogroll. Thanks for the compliment, as well. And amen about the Discopriest angst! =D


  4. I have read your blog for a long time and am glad you are back!!! Just started one of my own and hope to read more of yours as Cata is released!!

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