Inquisitor Aura

Inquisitor Aura

The Queen Bee (OH THE BEEMANITY) and resident owner of the Angry Healers!  I currently roll as a Holy/Discipline dualspecced Draenei Priestess named Isaleona and a Mistweaver Monk named Yanshui of The Valiant Guardians on Shadow Council (US-RP) server.  I hates doing my chores (which includes rep grinding and dailies), but loves playing homemaker in my Garrisons and I am the bane of my followers (MISSIONS!)  I am, however, something of an achievement whore (who managed to totally skip most of every major world holiday), a mount fiend, and a pet collector.

I’ve been playing WoW since shortly after it was released (January ’05, to be precise) and I have gone through several characters and switched factions multiple times.  I have a REALLY hard time forcing myself to do dailies to support all of my WoW habits.  I’m a raider girl, but I do love me some PvP when the mood strikes.  I am very committed to learning and knowing everything I can about Holy/Discipline Priest and Mistweaver Monk (and when I get the rest of my healers to 100, them too!) healing, and sharing what I find works for me to people who need it.  I am also very opinionated and angry when it comes to people telling me how to do my job- I didn’t get to be top healer and healing lead in the guild based on my looks.  Furthermore, I am always looking for new insights and tactics, and I welcome any and all constructive criticism and advice!

Trolls can still die on a fire.

I make all sorts of WoW-related videos, from healing guides to Add-On Spotlights and lore!  All of my videos (and my past streams!) are up on YouTube, as well, so feel free to paruse!  I am also a co-host, alongside Serephita Cosplay, at Dalaran Academy (a member of the d20crit Network!)

On a more personal note, I am a Veteran (ex-Navy), a starving college student majoring in English, am happily married and living in Southern California (FUCK YEAH BLIZZCON AND COMIC CON EVERY YEAR), and I am all varieties of geek: lore nerd, cosplayer, tabletop gamer, roleplayer.  I love all things Egyptian and Steampunk and I prefer electronic toys and things like my Frostmourne over jewelry (with the occasional steampunk inspired piece as the exception.)

Oh, and I’m angry.  But you knew that.

5 comments for “Inquisitor Aura

  1. LytLady
    November 5, 2009 at 6:21 pm

    Yeah – Just discovered your site.. Love your take on things. I am a Resto also (I wouldn’t dare say my Boom can boom) and in souther Cali!! I hope to enjoy more of your blogs/insite/rants/;-)

  2. June 11, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    Hey there, I just found your sight and was going through some posts…. pretty interesting. But can’t we disc priests be angry healers too? I mean we get picked on cuz our heals don’t show up in recount. Almost 1/2 our heals come from mitigation. These stupid noobs have no idea the damage and shit we keep them out of.

    Anyway, I just started my own blog and wanted to know if we could link exchange? I would put you on my blog roll.

    Our yeah, how many hits do you get per day/week/month or whatever, do you know?

    I’m pretty new at this but its fun! I’m getting into PvP and it is like a whole new game.

    Disc Priest
    Anethoren Server

  3. August 6, 2010 at 11:48 pm

    Hey there!

    Better late than never, I suppose. Heh. I’d be honored if you put me on your blogroll. Thanks for the compliment, as well. And amen about the Discopriest angst! =D


  4. October 28, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    I have read your blog for a long time and am glad you are back!!! Just started one of my own and hope to read more of yours as Cata is released!!

  5. Pyoska
    October 29, 2010 at 1:23 am

    Ohai! Thank you for reading here! Lemme add you to my blogroll, I need more angry pally!healers! =D

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