The Argent Tournament Continues!

Though, seriously, I am having a very hard time figuring out how this helps me beat Arthas.  -shrug-


In my last post, I covered the strats for Northren Beasts, the first of 4 bosses in 25 man Trial of the Crusader.  You’d think it gets easier than that.  It doesn’t.  Next up on the list is a demon of considerable power.  The scene starts off with your raid still in the Coliseum.  Tirion Fordring announces that a summoner of great power will bring in your next challenge.

In walks… a gnome- Wilfred Fizzbang, or some such nonsense- who proceeds to tell you that he will summon you a great demon to test your strength against.  Lo and behold, he does manage to open a portal to the demon realm, but he doesn’t just summon ‘some random large demon.’  Oh no… he summons Lord Jaraxxas, Eredar Lord, whom he then promptly tried to subjugate through force of will alone.

Yeah, not so much.  Jaraxxas one shots the gnome, then moves onto your raid.

His abilities:

Summon Sister of Pain- or whatever they’re really called.  A portal opens and one of the four- armed demonesses steps through and starts pummelling your OT.  She has a variety of her own abilities, including Whirlwind and a series of brutal physical attacks.  she needs to be tanked and DPSed down.

Summon Infernals- these look like the little volcanos Supremus used to summon in Black Temple.  Only they spawn Infernals that need to be picked up by the OTs.  There will be more than one, and they will almost always go after a healer if they are not picked up immediatly by and OT.

Fel Fireball- NEEDS to be interrupted.  Period.  Its kinda like Vezax’s channeled cast, insta-wipe fire spell.

Legion Flames- Targets a random non- tank raid member and puts green flames under their feet.  The person needs to run in outward widening circles until the debuff disappears, and then avoid the area, as the Flames will kill even a tank.

Incinerate Flesh- a Debuff that needs to be healed off, i.e. a certain amount of healing needs to be done to the target or the debuff makes them explode.  I wanna say 30k healing needs to be done to the target, but don’t quote me on that.

This fight isn’t too bad if you have good OTs that can keep the adds under control, both the Sister of Pain and the Infernals.  The key here is keeping the MT and OTs up and operating- if those 2/3 people are kept up the whole fight, and your people are more than moderately situationally aware, raid damage should be fairly minimal.  MT and OTs should have dedicated healers.   There should also be a healer dedicated to getting rid of Incinerate Flesh.

Faction Champions:

Let me say this: I am not a big fan of Arenas.  I do love me some Battlegrounds on occasion, but Arenas are BAD, mmkay.  That being said, before Tirion fordring can summon his Argent Champions to face you, King Varian Wrynn steps up and tells him (and you) that HIS champions are certain to provide a great challenge, and insists that they take the place of the Argent Champions.

Stupidest idea EVAR- but Fordring allows it.  And then, suddenly, you have 10 pissed off Alliance on your hands.

The Champions consist of any combination of the following class/ specs (NOTE: this is only from the perspective of the Horde.  I have no idea what the Alliance sees, though I am certain Garrosh is as much of a douchebag about it as King Chinface):

Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman, Resto Druid, Boomkin, Arms Warrior, Subtelty Rogue, Survival Hunter with Cat, Mage, Warlock with Felhound, Discipline Priest, Shadow Priest, Death Knight, Retribution Paladin (italics are the comp my guild beat them on the first time.)

There really is no base strat for this except kill the damn Resto Druid and Discipline Priest FIRST.  The tree’s Rejuv ticks for 10,000+ a tick, and the Discipline Priest will Mana Burn your healers’ mana away in seconds.  They need to die.  After that, find what works best for your raid- we killed the Resto Shaman after the Resto Druid and had our Rogues keep the Holy Paladin locked down.  We had 2 burst healers healing the Rogue and Warrior targets.  Then we took out the pets and the DPS.  Now, remember, these guys are computer controlled and they are fully specced- so know what to look for!  The Arms Warrior will Intercept Stun spellcasters and Bladestrom through the middle of your raid.  The Felhound will silence you, as will the Death Knight.  The Shadow Priest will use Psychic Scream.  The Warlock will Fear and use Unstable Affliction.  The Shaman will drop totems that need to be destroyed.  The Holy Paladin will bubble- you can even force this!  The Ret Paladin will Divine Strom half of your raid.  This fight is an Arena battle- don’t let anyone fool you.  Think like you would in PvP- equip your PvP trinket, and be prepared.  This fight is difficult at best, downright horrendous at worst.  Your people- everyone- needs to be on their toes.  There is NO threat table, so tanking one of them is not an option. 

After you finally get through kicking the shit out of these guys, Tirion Fordring verbally bitchslaps Varian/ Garrosh.  It makes it all worth it.  Then, still not convinced you’ve proven yourself worthy of going after Arthas with him, he has the doors opened, and in fly Eydis Darkbane and Fjola Lightbane, otherwise known as the Twin Valk’yrs, lieutenants of the Lich King’s Scourge Army.

It is very important to remember that these Twins are more like Twin Emperors and less like the Eredar Twins- they share a health pool and are capable of healing a significant amount of damage.  When they come out, Eydis Darkbane will be on the left, and Fjola Lightbane will be on the right.  They will each spawn a dark and a light portal.  Your raid will need to be split on half and they will need to get either the light or dark debuffs by clicking on the portals- the color of the debuff they take should be the opposite of the Val’kyr they’re fighting, i.e. Fjola Lightbane’s DPS should have the dark debuff.  Think of them like charges.  Their abilities:

Twin’s Pact- One of the Twins will bubble herself and begin casting Twin’s Pact, which will heal the pair for 20%.  The bubble needs to be burned down by all DPS and the heal interrupted.

Light/ Dark Vortex- One of the Twins will start to ‘spin up’ a massive AoE attack that will kill people with the opposite charge.  Everyone of the opposite charge needs to switch to the appropriate color to avoid the damage.

Orbs- light and dark orbs will apprear around the room.  Avoid the ones of the opposite color, as they explode on you, and absorb the same color- its a major DPS boost.  Healers should try to avoid both as much as possible, as it does nothing for healing.

This fight is VERY healing intensive.  The Twins do a steady AoE damage, and there will be people who eat orbs and need to be healed, so there is LOTS of raid healing to be done.  The tanks also take a fair amount of damage- each will need a dedicated healer.  Just to give you an idea, here’s what my guild’s healing meters (for overall healing) looked like for this fight:

I know that healing meters are just a tool, but GOOD GOD.

I know that healing meters are just a tool, but GOOD GOD.

And, as long as your people swap light and dark at the right times and don’t blow themselves up, you’ll get one of these!

Those are some dead bitches.

Those are some dead bitches.

That’s it for now!  Next up: Anub’Arak, the Nerubian Lord that just didn’t ge enough in Azjol-Nerub!



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