Trial of the Crusader and You- On the Way to Icecrown Citadel

… though I don’t really see how winning a tournament is going to help me defeat Arthas and possibly undead!Bolvar.  -gasp-  Yes, I said it.  Its my speculation, and I can flaunt it if I want to!


My guild, such as it is, has moved onto Trial of the Crusader.  No, we haven’t done either 10 or 25 man on Heroic yet, but that’s fine.  No need to be TOO hardcore now.  As such, we have gotten through most of the current bosses in 10 and 25 man Normal ToC.  No, we haven’t killed Yogg yet- school juts started back up, which means half of my guild went ‘OMG homework!’  ><  We’ll get there, I promise.  But, I want to discuss healing strategies for ToC now, so… bear with me (no pun intended.)

Good things about ToC:  No trash!

Bad things about ToC: Well… We’ll get to that soon enough…  onto the fights!

Northrend Beasts:

Possibly the longest fight I’ve ever encountered, including Illidan (who had a LOOOONG fight).  The northrend Beasts consisit of:

Gormok the Impaler- a magnataur from the ‘deepest caverns of Storm Peaks.’

Acidmaw and Dreadscale: huge Jormungr worms often referred to as ‘the twin terrors’ (and for good damn reason.)

Icehowl:   Big.  Ass.  Yeti.

Each fight has its own strat, and no, you do not get time to rez between fights- you live through them all, or you’re dead through it all (so, DPS, do NOT die on Gormok- we trees will not waste our Rebirth on you.)

Gormok the Impaler:  Again… a huge magnataur from Storm Peaks who comes equipped with annoying little snobolds.  The fight is pretty easy.  2-3 tanks are needed, as he will stack an Impale debuff on the tank with the highest threat, that does quite a bit of damage- 4 stacks is enough ot kill most tanks.  So heals will need to be intensive on the tank with the aggro.  He’ll do a melee AoE stomp that does medium damage- nothing a Circle of Healing or a well- placed Wild Growth can’t handle.  He drops fire on random players- GET OUT OF THE FIRE, DPS, WE CAN’T HEAL THROUGH IT.  And his snobolds will jump off of his back and onto random players’!  Ranged DPS will need to attack the snobold until it dies, as it will stun and silence anyone it’s on- obviously an issue if its on a healer or tank, both of which i’ve seen happen.  Most of the damage in this fight is on the tank, with some raid.  Take care of the snobolds and avoid the fire, and you’ll be ok.

Acidmaw and Dreadscale:  a pair of huge, hungry Jormungr.  One is always stationary- its lower body will be in the ground- and one is always mobile.  Which one is which varies- and they swap everytime they dive into the ground and move.  Acidmaw does a variety of poison based attacks- Poison Spit Volley, he drops a ring of poison like Grobbulus, and a Poison Breath.  Dreadmaw does fire based attacks- Fire Breath and Fire Spit Volleys.  What makes these 2 dangerous are their debuffs- Dreadscale puts a DoT Fire debuff on random players- usually only 1, but i’ve seen more.  Acidmaw puts a paralyzing poison debuff on random players.  Players with the poison debuff must run to players with the fire debuff and have it ‘burned’ off before they are unable to move.  People with the Fire debuff just need to be healed (it doesn’t do too much damage).  And everytime the pair dive underground and move, they reset aggro, and switch positions- if Acidmaw was in the ground, he’ll now be mobile, etc.  Once again, most of the damage from this fight is on the tanks and melee, with minimal raid damage.  People just have to be smart and not stand in the poison, get the poison debuff cleansed, and not pull threat.

Icehowl:  The best fight.  Period.  He’s a huge yeti (you can see him fast asleep outside the Coliseum, tied to the ground) that charges into the ring and does massive melee damage to the tank.  He will occasionally use Freezing Breath, like the Sons of Hodir lookin’ guys in Ulduar, but mostly, he’ll beat on the tank.  His signature move, however, is his targeted charge.  He’ll jump up in the middle of the ring and knock everyone to the walls, stunning you for a few seconds.  He’ll then select a target that he will furiously charge at.  After the stun wears off, a speed buff will activate, allowing the person targeted (and everyone near him) to move out of Icehowl’s way before he rams you fullforce with his head.  If you move in time, Icehowl cracks his skull off of the coliseum wall and is stunned for a few seconds, taking increased damage.  If he hits his intended target (or some other unfortunate who got in his way) he will instantly kill the person and enrage- this can be salvaged, but it can wipe your raid- which means you have to start ALL OVER from Gormok.  This particular fight is very healing intensive, so watch out.  And don’t get hit!

That’s it for now!  Until next time!


2 comments for “Trial of the Crusader and You- On the Way to Icecrown Citadel

  1. September 11, 2009 at 8:22 am

    Last night my raid actually found out that the last fight wasn’t as healing intensive as the first two… but that might also contribute to the fact we only had half out raid alive at the point.

    As long as the tank is against the wall, and the rest of the DPS is reletivly spread out to where his freezing breath only hits one person, you basically only looking at healing 2-3 people at a time max giving that only 2 DPS are being hit with his breath.

    Really kinda boring on some parts, but the raid was reletively glad that the last boss was the easiest compared to the others since by the time in the fight, cooldowns were blown, healers were oom, and people were exhausted.

  2. September 11, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    “Last night my raid actually found out that the last fight wasn’t as healing intensive as the first two… but that might also contribute to the fact we only had half out raid alive at the point. ”


    Amazing how well my mana bar does when half the DPS is dead.

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