The Angry Healers: A Recap of Various Resources

Because I occasionally feel the need to be a smart ass.  Because sometimes the DPS just don’t seem to learn their lesson.  And because its funny (and I need to post at least once this week.)

Why You Dead:  A Primer by Alie

Why You Dead: A Primer by Alie

 We really do think like this.  ASK ANYONE HERE.


nub!branch?  Not Anymore!

nub!branch? Not Anymore!

Read it.  Live it.  Learn it.  Love it.  And be angry, healers!  Good night, world!


4 comments for “The Angry Healers: A Recap of Various Resources

  1. Annebella
    September 3, 2009 at 10:30 am

    Yes, yes we do think that way in any guild.

    Power to healers, they take us for granted but little do they know, without us they are nothing.

  2. Millea
    September 4, 2009 at 8:22 am

    As a new healer (former dps) I too find that this is very very true. My bf keeps telling me that I need to stop saying that I wont heal people.

    My reply – “If they are that retarded they deserve to die with no heals”


  3. September 8, 2009 at 7:11 am

    There are a few types of players I refuse to heal:

    The OOM Ignorer: I am NOT popping my Enervate and burning mana pots in regular 5-man instances to save your ass because you want to gogogogo! and chain-pull all the way to the boss. I’m sorry, but my mana pool has limits. So does my patience. You get 2 warnings. Once before we start the instance, and once inside the instance. After that, it’s Bandage Spec ftw, baby.

    The Insta-DPS: Your tanks are there for a reason: They are there to take aggro and get beat on, so you won’t. It’s the reason why they have 33K armor, unbuffed, and are stacking Agi, Stam, Dodge and Defence like crazy. It’s also why they ask for a small lead to establish aggro. If you light up the target before the tank gets there, Taunt or no, Consecrate or no, pull aggro off a tank and don’t use your drop aggro button, I WILL let you die.

    The Face-Puller: You know the type – NOT A TANK! This is the idiot that happily runs ahead of the tank and pulls the room by hitting the wrong button. You know the type: the overeager Melee DPS (usually a Ret Pally or Blood DK) that can’t wait for the next pull.

    The Drifter: This is everyone’s favorite, I think. The DPS that stands in the circles of doom in Naxx and the Pokeballs in Ulduar. Yeah, if i’ts RED or GREEN, you NEED to get out of it. If you don’t, despite repeated warnings in raid, you WILL die. When something does 4K dmg per tick, I CANNOT heal you through that.

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