Addon Spotlight: Power Auras

Let’s face it, during any given raid, there’s too many boxes over in my little buffs section to look for silly little things like surge of light procs and serendipity stacks.  Power Auras gives me a nice little HEY THERE LOOKIE slap, however, which makes it a great mod for the easily  distracted!

Above you will see my sexy little priestess taking one for the team and going holy.  You’ll note two icons around her-the purple circle, and the white.  The white circle tells me that I have three stacks of serendipity up, and the purple is screaming “SURGE OF LIGHT PROC HOOOO!”. 

There are many, many icons you can chose from, and not all of them are the halo-esque type I favor.  If you peek over at Holy Dueg’s blog, you can see a few of the other icons Power Auras has to offer.   You can shift them around, change the colors, sizes, and the opacity…on top of all the other options, this is a really flexible mod.

Here’s my paladin sporting something a little more subtle, keeping me from Uber Tank Fail. 

Coming later: how the hell to use it!

One thought on “Addon Spotlight: Power Auras”

  1. I keep hearing good things about this add-on. >.> I’m looking forward to the “how-to”.

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