Ulduar: Hodir (In which a healer learns to hate Hodir trash)

My guild is slowly working through Ulduar 10.  We were very excited to be able to fight and defeat Hodir these last two weeks.  The Hodir fight itself is just an agility check.  Can people stay mobile, can they learn to move at certain times to certain places and can hunters remember to move a bit when they have hogged a moon beam to themselves and are having critgasms.  His fight was fairly easy to learn and is a lot less confusing to me than Freya which still feels like I am a chicken running around headless.

I did meet an unexpected enemy when facing Hodir that wiped our raid almost as often as Hodir himself while we were learning him.  I met Winter Jormungers.  You see, Hodir does not just have the wandering trash that is visible to the eye while looking down the path to his chamber.  He also has these unassuming piles of snow that when you get close will agro half a dozen furry snakes onto your team.   In and of themselves they are not too dangerous.  They can easily be picked up by a tank and AoE blasted down.  They leave behind corpses that will explode your raid.  If you have no seen your raid explode in this hallway then you don’t have the 4-5 skinners in your group that I do.

I have heard the chaos I found in Hodir’s trash to be roughly similar to Freya’s room for herbalists.  My raid only has one herbalist and we just picked her up recently.  Before that no one would wander off the path to pick a goldclover, we all stuck to the game plan.  Freya’s room was no match for us, clear it, and kill her, move on.  Jormunger skins ruin our raid.  Suddenly our holy paladin could care less if the tank lives or dies; he just wants to grab the skins before our hunter.  The bear druid tries to sneak back and grab a couple, but you know while she is, the boomkins are secretly wishing you could cyclone your fellow raid members.  It’s chaos.  That’s the only way to describe it.  People back into wander pats, pull more adds, wipe the raid because those things aggro if one person pulls them even if you are staying in another room thinking you are too smart for them.  They also do not despawn as our holy paladin found out by being D/I’ed until the D/I wore off and the snakes ate him.  It was very funny for the rest of the raid to stay in their corpses and watch, though.

As a person who has no gathering professions, I just set there staring at the chaos and trying to keep up with the paladin tank (who is usually in the next room rounding up the next set of adds to clear) hoping one day I will face an add resembling a basket of laundry and my fellow priests and I will be able to go hog wild fighting each other for the Northrend cloth drops.  Somehow I don’t think it will give us the same thrill.

So Hodir trash, I salute you.  You continue to give my raid a challenge even when Hodir himself is now on our farm list.

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  1. Ayshela
    June 19, 2009 at 2:45 pm

    hoping one day I will face an add resembling a basket of laundry
    *meltal image*
    *dies laughing*
    /salute You are awesome. Your wording of concepts is pure win. Thank you for this – I have a miner, an herbalist, a skinner, and a tailor, so I get both sides of this one – but I wager this will drift across my mind now every time I’m leading a friend’s lowbie through somewhere as they go diving off the path aggroing half the zone. 😉

  2. June 25, 2009 at 9:06 am

    I am so the healer in the back skinning, sorry.

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