Angry Healers’ Guides to Highmaul: Twin Ogron (N/H)

And, as promised, here is the Angry Healers’ Guide to the Twin Ogron (N/H) in Highmaul!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Understanding Raid Cooldowns, Part 3: Warriors, Warlocks, and Mages

Cookie Well

Good afternoon, and happy Tuesday, everyone!  (Yay, we made it through Monday!)  I hope yesterday’s Kargath healers guide proves to be helpful, and I apologize for the lisping- I need a better mic, and one of these days, I may…

Highmaul Healers Guide: Kargath Bladefist (Normal/Heroic)

Happy Monday, Angry Healers!  As a small consolation to get you through this worst of all days, I have finished my first Angry Healers Healing Guide, and thus do present it for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy, and stay angry, Healers!


Understanding Raid Cooldowns, Part 2: Hunters, Monks, Rogues, and Death Knights


Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope all of you college students survived Finals Week!  As promised, I’m back and I’m bringing you more raid cooldowns you need to know and have a good, working understanding of to make the most of…