BlizzCon Bound!!!

Good news, everybody!  The Angry Healers blog (along with the Dalaran Academy podcast and d20crit Gaming) are HEADED TO BLIZZCON!!!

Remember, if you want to go, and didn’t get your tickets on Wednesday, there is still one day left to get them!  BlizzCon tickets go on sale TOMORROW, April 18 2015 at 10am Pacific Standard Time here through Eventbrite!  Remember- you have to input the number of tickets you want to purchase at the very beginning. You can’t change it at the end!  Want more ticket preparation advice!  Listen to Dalaran Academy here!  We did a whole episode on it!

Also, don’t forget, there are all kinds of other events going on before, during, and after the con!  Con Before the Storm (formerly known as World of Podcasts) takes place on November 6th!  We had an amazing turnout last year (over 3500 people!) and we’d love to give you that same level of entrtainment this year, so go to our Kickstarter and help us out!  We are almost to our first stretch goal, and we will be able to bring you bigger and better things if we get past the first one!  Go pledge!

Good luck to all of you who are trying for tickets!  I hope to see you at BlizzCon!

~Aura, A
KA Lewt, the Battle Treasure Goblin!

What I Do and Why: Discipline Priest Part 2

Part 2!!!  Whaaaaat?  Once again, remember- I love my role as a discipline priest, and it is very important to me that any new Discopriests have a wide variety of information to look through when deciding how they want to play.  This week, we’ll be taking a look at Talents.

What I Do and Why: Discipline Priest Talents

First we’re going to take a look at talents.  DISCLAIMER:  Everything I’ve selected is the talent that works out best for my playstyle.  You may find you want to use something different, and in some cases, that’s fine.  In others (and I will specify) there is really no other choice.  But always keep in mind that this is opinion based on performance of the talent- my opinion- and you are invited to form your own and bring it here to discuss!

Level 15:  Here, I have taken Angelic Bulwark over Desperate Prayer.  Why?  Simply put- its Passive.  Its one less button I have to worry about on my bar.  I’m sure the immediate 22% of maximum health heal is nice, but AB has saved my ass more often than I’d care to remember.

Level 30:  Body and Soul.  I bubble so much that this is pretty much the go to talent.  Angelic Feather is nice (I use it as both Holy and the occasional jaunt into Shadow) but with the sheer number of bubbles I’m tossing around, BnS just makes the most sense.  That, and I don’t have to worry abut misplacing a bubble- my bubbles are for all the things!

Level 45: Power Word: Solace.  Why?  Mana regen and stacks of Evangelism, both of which are very important.  It keeps a steady flow if mana coming in (2% of max mana) and replaces Holy Fire.  It also helps me maintain maximum uptime on Archangel, which is critical to Discopriest play.

Level 60:  I use Void Tendrils because why the hell not?  I have made it work for me in raids when adds come after me.  I occasionally get asked to use it to trap an add away from a group, but not often.  Its just handy to have.  This entire tier is pretty much up to you, as it has little to no effect on your gameplay as a raider.

Level 75: Power Infusion.  It is hands down the best talent in the tier.  Its like a mini-Blood Lust/Heroism that reduces the mana costs of spells by 20% and is on a 2 minute CD.  Use and use often.

Level 90:  Now, this is the tier when you can start switching Talents around as needed, though here you are mostly going to be sticking with Cascade and Halo (Divine Star just… hasn’t recovered from its massive 6.0 nerf yet) and will depend entirely on raid placement.  For most situations, or for when the raid is spread very far, Cascade performs well, and now, it can hit the same target twice.  For when you have definitive placement and can get as many people as possible at that 25 yard range, Halo may do better.  I tend to default to Cascade.

Level 100:  I use Words of Mending.  Every time I cast a shield, the talent grants me a stack of Words of Mending.  When I get to 10 stacks, it auto casts Prayer of Mending on the next target I heal or bubble.  Prayer of Mending heals that target the next time they take damage and then bounces to someone else within 20 yards and repeats until it has jumped 5 times, lasting 30 seconds after each jump.  For free.  Don’t get me wrong- PoM by itself is pretty much ick for a standard Disco Priest, especially considering our focus is mitigation, not healing.  But you are constantly casting PW:S, which means you’ll hit 10 stacks of Words of Mending before you know it.  Boom- free heal.  And its a passive ability, so there is no need to keep track of it.  PoM may not heal for much, but I prefer it to the long cast time on Clarity of Will.  That being said, when there are fights when the tanks are going to be absorbing huge hits (we have our tanks soak an Inferno Slice by themselves on Gruul in heroic) I do like to take Clarity of Will for those instances- it saves me a lot of pain in the long run.

Well, that is it from me for today.  I’ll have part three of this series- Glyphs- out next week, and some snark for you on Friday.  Until then, keep cool, and stay angry healers!


P.S.- Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel and my podcast, Dalaran Academy, which I co-host with the amazing Serephita Cosplay!


What I Do and Why- Discipline Priest, Part 1

Now, I’ve seen recently that the Discipline Priest is considered the “scrub spec” for healers because even a slack- ass Priest can pull some pretty good numbers on fights.  I hate that.  I hate that people think this.  And I hate even more that people are OK with being a mediocre Disco Priest.  I hate saying that.  I do, because I don’t want to be that person.  But here’s the thing- I am invested in this class.  I love this spec.  And I want to see as many people as I can doing it well, because a decent Discipline Priest can pull amazing heals, and a good one can change a fight.  So here’s what I’m going to do.  This post is going to be super cereal- no, I’m still not going to theorycraft or number crunch.  I suck at it, so I’m not going to do it.  Instead, I’m going to tell you what I do and why I do it.  I’m going to impart upon you all of my experience- as well as the research I’ve done- that should be helpful.  Consider this something of an updated guide to Disco Priesting.  So let’s get into it.

What I Do and Why: Discipline Priest Edition

Anyone can play a Disco Priest and be OK.  But a great Disco Priest plays with finesse and knows how to work their spells, abilities, and talents.

1.  It is important to understand that you are not a healer in the standard sense.  I like to tell my raid that I am a bubble mage, because you will rarely catch me dropping actual heals (I do use Penance defensively and I make use of Enhanced Archangel, but there are specifics that I need to cover with these which I will go over in a bit.)  Your go to spell is Power Word: Shield.  Bubble and bubble often.  To facilitate the “bubble often” portion of that last statement, you NEED the Glyph of Weakened Soul (which reduces the Weakened Soul debuff to 10 seconds from 12, since you have Empowered PW:S.)  Plainly put, you don’t actually heal- you prevent damage.  To full understand why this is important, you need to look at what you can do.  PW:S lasts 15 seconds (or X amount of damage).  That is a long time to have a shield up.  This allows you a bit of time to prepare and forces you to think ahead and look at those ability timers on DBM.  When is the next big wave of damage coming in?  Who is soaking the Inferno Slice on Gruul?  How long do you have until the next Stone Breath on Kromag?  Look at the timer.  This gives you time to mitigate that damage.  Remember- your shields last 15 seconds.  This gives you a very unique perspective and allows you to be prepared.  A normal healer typically recognizes when damage is incoming about 3-4 seconds before it actually hits (this is just an average, obviously it depends on the person.)  However, you saw that damage coming 15 seconds ago- and you have bubbled the raid to mitigate that damage.  This is imperative as it significantly affects your other healers- they don’t have as much damage to heal up, so they aren’t blowing as much mana.  Thinking that far ahead can change an encounter drastically and make it easier on pretty much everyone.  Remember that your job isn’t to heal people up- that’s what they other healers are for.  Your job is to mitigate as much damage as you can to make the other healers’ lives easier.  Discipline priests exist symbiotically with the other healers in a raid team- you focus on preventing damage.  Let the other healers worry about filling the health bars.  We’re, henceforth, going to refer to the ability to look 15 seconds ahead as future sight.

2.  Know how to build stacks of Evangelism quickly (AKA get your 2- piece Tier Set bonus ASAP!!)  One of the best tools in your kit is Archangel, but to get it, you need to cast offensively.  Every time you cast Holy Fire (or Power Word; Solace), Penance (offensively), and Smite (don’t unless you REALLY need to), you gain a stack of Evangelism.  Evangelism stacks to 5 and is spent on Archangel, which increases your healing (and absorbs) by 5% per stack consumed and lasts for 20 seconds, but has a 30 seconds CD.  This is tremendous.  Yes, it forces you to put some damage on the boss, but it is well worth it.

Now, you’ve seen above that in order to use Penance to gain stacks of Evangelism, you need to cast it offensively.  Don’t be afraid to use Penance OFFENSIVELY!  You should be using Penance on CD- either offensively or defensively- so make sure you’ve got it where you can actually cast it on the boss.  Now here is where we talk about the Tier 17 set bonuses- your 2 piece bonus allows you to channel Penance for 1 extra second, and allows defensively cast Penances to grant you a stack of Evangelism.  Guys, this is massive.  This set bonus is GAME CHANGING.  Using Penance (which deals a significantly higher amount of damage and healing) as a heal and as damage, and both give you Evangelism?  You are going to have stacks of Evangelism waiting after your first use of Archangel.  Which means you can plan when you want to use it.

3. Know when to use Archangel.  There is nothing wrong with using Archangel on CD.  You’ll still pull decent numbers if you do that.  But use your future sight- Archangel lasts for 20 seconds.  PW:S lasts for 15.  You know when the boss’s next major damaging ability is coming in.  Plan it out!  Save that Archangel for the 25% increase absorbs on the group eating Inferno Slice!  Managing this CD is critical to being a great Discipline Priest.

4.  Use Empowered Archangel.  So, you’ll notice when you pop Archangel that you get another mini buff on top of that- Empowered Archangel.  EAA gives your next Flash Heal a 100% chance to crit.  This is one of the times where you should not be afraid to heal a bit- Flash Heal is a fast cast (and mana heavy, but you shouldn’t be having problems with mana) and a guaranteed critical strike.  This is good for saving a life (I usually use it on a tank.)

Ok, I’m gonna cut this off before it becomes TL:DR (which it may already be.)  Remember, Disco Priests- your job is not to HEAL damage, its to MITIGATE it.  Tune in later on this week, I’ll be talking about Talent Choices and Glyphs (more than the one I talked about above.)  Until then, keep cool, and stay angry, healers!



I Think I Got Pranked By My Own Blog…

…. because there was supposed to be a big ol’ post about discipline healing here and a break down of what I chose and why I chose it.  But it’s not here.  That post took me time, effort, and lots of bodies!  But it was mine.  This blog post was my bitch!  Now, it should be right here…  Riiiight here… Where the hell is it?  It couldn’t have gone anywhere!  Allright, I’m going to close my eyes, and when I open them up, its going to be right here- it’s not here.  Why isn’t it here?!  I don’t get it!!!  Who could’ve-

-gasp-  That kid.  But… how could he have found it?!  He would-

-double gasp-  That watch.  That watch was no watch at all!  It was some kind of Discipline Priest post locator!  Which means… WHICH MEANS…

ghost nappa

He took the post…





Games Are Supposed To Be Fun… So Let’s Have Fun!

Sorry for the lateness ( and skippage) of the posts this week!  Its Spring Break (for me, at least) so I have been at home relaxing it up, getting some much needed gaming in and working on lore videos (too bad my cat won’t let me record my narrations- oops!)

Anywho, I’ve decided to take this blog in a new direction.  No, I’m still going to be an Angry Healer- worry not about that.  But my husband helped me realize something today.  I’ve been trying too hard to make this blog- and myself- into something we’re just not.

And that is super serial.  (Serious for those of you who may not understand what I was going for there.)

I love healing.  I love WoW.  And I will continue to blog about those things.  But I am not a pro player (as so many people on the internet have been more than willing to remind me) and frankly… trying to write guides for people when there are so many other, better resources out there is just… boring.  And tiring.  I don’t feel like keeping up with Heliocentric and Elitist Jerks anymore.

So I’m not going to.

WoW is a game.  And games should be fun.  So why shouldn’t Angry Healers be dedicated to having fun?

The short answer to that is, of course, it should be.  I like being fun and funny.  I like being ranty and snarky.  And I know that somewhere, there are people who enjoy being ranty and snarly and snarky like me.  Those people are most likely healers, but I have no doubts that some of them are tanks and healers.  I want to have fun.  You want to have fun (I hope), so lets have fun together!

You are all welcome here, my friends.  I am dedicated to gaming for all- from the noobs to the wanna be proplayers to the ACTUAL pro-players (not that I expect any of them to come here but… hey.  Weirder things have happened.)  I want to dedicate this blog to all of the WoW players out there.  Come on in!


Pissed Off Healers of World of Warcraft… UNITE!