Choose The Player, Not The Class

Hello, and welcome back!  I’ve decided to take some time out to discuss healer comps and what I’ve seen- more importantly, what I haven’t been seeing.  And it kinda hurts me in my little healer heart because it seems that people are ignoring certain classes in lieu of stacking the stronger ones.  They’re not recruiting them, not inviting them, and kicking them from PuGs because they’re not “one of the better healer/dps/tank classes.”

This makes me a sad panda.


It also pisses me off because it’s complete and utter bullshit.

That’s right.  I said it.  It’s bullshit.

I’m just going to go ahead and put this out there right now: unless you’re in a sponsored, “I-get-paid-to-raid” raiding guild, then there’s no damn reason for you to be cutting out specific classes and/or specializations- not just healers, but all roles!- from your raids.  That is 100% pure personal opinion, but let’s face it.  Most of us aren’t pro raiders.  I raid because its fun.  I raid because I like phat lewts (also, I just got my 2-piece set bonus on my disco Priest so YEAH BABY LET’S DO THIS!)  I raid because it gives me a sense of accomplishment- I helped take down that boss.  My raid team is 7/7N (6/7H) in Highmaul and 7/10N in Blackrock Foundry (we start Heroics this weekend so… wish us luck!) and we have no aspirations of going to Mythic anytime soon- we’re just happy to be clearing content, seeing the fights, and having fun.

This means, apparently, that we get to be flexible with our class choices.  Because we’re filthy casuals.  But why?  Why is it just the people like me- the normal people who raid for fun, whose sole purpose in playing WoW is to have fun- who get to have class flexibility?  Why is it that people who are playing WoW for some sort of prestige get to dictate which of us who are playing this game to have fun get to go with them?

The answer to this is, of course, simple- don’t let them and don’t go with them.  Go forth and have fun and never let anyone dictate how you play your game.

Now, before I go any further and people start screaming, “But YOU play a Discipline Priest, which is the most OP healer class in the game right now (next to the Tree!Druid!),” lemme put this down where everyone can see it: I am not playing the Discipline Priest because its strong.  I’m playing it because its still fun.  Resto Druids are, by far, the strongest healer in a PvE raiding setting (or so I’m told), but its sooooooo boring.  My other healer- as of right now- is my Mistweaver Monk.  Who gets NO LOVE.  I have done normal Blackrock Foundry on her and TOPPED the healing charts.

I am also not saying that this is an excuse to just roll into a raid- with friends or a pug- and just faceroll and say “LOL gais I don’t know what I’m doing.”  You should always know your class.  Not knowing your class and raiding is akin to trolling.  And we all know what you can do with trolls.

Its not the classes that are the problems, you guys.  Anyone with enough skill can make up for a class’s weaknesses.  Discipline is the strongest of a Priest’s two healing specs, but they don’t have a raid wide healing CD that’s worth a damn (Yes, I know they still have PW:B, but name me one fight in current content outside of Gruul the Subjugated where there are enough people stacked up to make it worthwhile.  Go ahead and pick that apart, all of you hardcore “I’m-gonna-do-it-like-the-pros-because-epeen” folks.)  They make up for it in sheer absorption capability.  Mistweavers can provide good raid healing and great single target, tank healing- not as good as the Resto Druid, but still good.  Their strength lies in the Renewing Mist +Uplift combo and Revival, which is easily one of the BEST direct healing CDs you could ask for in a raiding environment.

So, you know what?  Screw those guys.  I don’t want to be in a top end raiding guild if I can’t choose my own class to play.  All of you hardcore, “you’re-not-doing-it-right” people can go die in a fire.  Because you know what?

Some of us just want to have fun.  So I will.  And I will never be in Paragon or Method or Midwinter because I will ALWAYS choose to have fun over getting World Firsts and prestige kills.  And I will never raid with people who insist that I must conform to the min-maxed specs for raiding.  I will not raid with people who kill my fun.

So, go forth, folks, and bring all of the classes to your raids!  Remember- this game is supposed to be fun.  You’re supposed to be having fun, no matter what you choose to do or what class you choose to play.  All classes can be good in a raiding environment.

The moral of this story is:  Choose the player, not the class.


What Is In Your Job Description

Hello, Happy Friday, and welcome back!  We’ve managed to make it through yet another week (I have been sick this entire week, too, which was rough to say the least.)  So today, I’m bringing you a (hopefully) somewhat funny ranty post about WoW stuff- because when isn’t it about WoW stuff?  NEVAR.

(Ahem) Anyways.  Everyone who plays knows that there are some things you just have to do as each role in a dungeon/ raid, right?  Well… not so much.  See, I’m not sure if its that they don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing or if they just don’t do it because they’re still rocking that MoP mentality.  Either way, I thought it would be fun to take a look at each role and put down a somewhat cohesive list of what is actually in your job description.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

What Is In Your Job Description

And of course, we’re going to start out with healers.  Because this is a healer blog and because I said so.


1.  Heal all the things.  Or at least bubble them.  Yep, probably doesn’t need to be said, but there it is.  Figured I’d start with the “well duh” things and then move on to the inexplicably non-obscure jobs that for some reason people forget about or refuse to do.

2. Dispel the bad shit on people.  Yes, I realize that our dispels are on an eight second cooldown.  But that is no excuse to not dispel whenever you can- remember, a lot of that stuff is stuff that deals a shitload of extra damage to its target, which means you’re going to waste mana healing them through it when you could just get it off of them for much, much cheaper.


1.  Tanking all the things.  Yes.  I mean EVERYTHING.  All of those adds on Blast Furnace?  They ALL need to be picked up.  And they need to be HELD- healers can’t heal and DPS can’t DPS if their faces are being mashed in by mobs and adds.

2. Mark targets with raid markers.  If there are five mobs, mark the one you want killed first (preferably with a skull, since that’s the universal symbol for “kill this first.”)  There are macros and add-ons and stuff out there for you to make this easier.

3.  Tell the DPS who and what to CC.  Believe it or not, most people look to the tanks as the leaders of the group.  For the most part, we will follow your cue.  Also, make sure that when you mark for CC’s, everyone understand which symbols mean what- Moon is for Polymorph, Square is for Freezing Trap, etc.


1.  CC things.  Yep.  From hard CC’s like Polymorph and Hex to soft CC’s like Entangling Roots, it is your job to CC mobs if there are more than- let’s say, four of them.  Or whatever the tank thinks they can handle.

2.  Do NOT let those CC’s break.  If you are assigned a CC, your first priority is to make sure that target stays crowd controlled until the tank can get to it.  DPS when you can, but always keep an eye out for your CC target.  This also means let the tanks break the CC’s.  That way, they are broken in some semblance of order and they don’t immediately run off to suplex a healer.

3. Avoid avoidable damage.  This can only ever help.  Yes, I realize, of course, that this may interrupt your max DPS rotation, but your DPS will be shit if you die to something you could have completely avoided.

Well, that’s it for this week.  I hope this post helps.  For now, though, let’s take a look around the Blogosphere!

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3. And my favorite Mistweaver Monk over at The Misty Teahouse talks Mistweaving in 6.1!

Take care, all, and have a fantastic weekend!


Unraveling the Mysteries of the Mistweaver Monk

I think I’ve done it.

I think I’ve discovered the key to Mistweaver healing.  And it only took me like… a week to figure it out.  -headdesk-



So, I made the shocking revelation (which may or may not be shocking to anyone else) this past weekend while I was doing an alt raid of Normal Blackrock Foundry.  I was doing well on the healing charts-pulling between 20-22k heals per fight, which is good, considering I was ilvl 626 (yes, they still brought me.)  But I was still having the mana issues I had been having since I got Yanshui (my Mistweaver) to 100.  And I couldn’t figure out why until we got to Hanz’gar and Franzok (I think we did him third, after Gruul and Beastlord Darmac, so we were a good 45 minutes into the raid at this point.)  Up until now, i had been doing my ususal- put Renewing Mist out on 3 people and let it get around, channel Soothing Mist on the tanks, and cast Enveloping and Surging over it as needed (I was trying to keep Enveloping up on the tanks as much as possible), then Uplift/ Rushing Jade Wind/ Detonate Chi (if I had Healing Spheres in the vicinity) to AoE heal as needed.  Revival on demand, Life Cocoon either before massive tank damage or to save a tank’s life… you know, it seemed pretty standard (all of this taking place while I had my Jade Serpent Statue down.)  I was blowing through my CD’s of Chi Brew just to make sure I had enough mana to stay int he fight.  But then the presses started dropping, and I couldn’t stand there and channel Soothing Mist anymore so I just started spamming Renewing Mist on CD.

And I watched myself go from 3 Mana Tea to 20 during that phase.  And I was like…


Things went back to normal.  Hanz’gar jumped back into the fray, and I could start using the other rotation.  And I did.  And I blew through that stack of Mana Tea and ended up right back where I started- next to no mana and very little ways to get it back because I got myself stuck in the “mana cost chi generator- chi cost Mana Tea generator- drink to to regain mana but I can’t because I messed up” circle.  Chugged a mana potion and just… said screw it.  Thunder Focus Tea and Renewing Mist on all the things and Uplift when I had the chi for it.  When I was waiting for Renewing Mists to come off of CD- so I could put it out again and gain more chi to spend on Uplift- THEN I would cast Soothing/Enveloping/Surging Mist.  And then I had mana.  And Mana Tea.

And the heals were good.



And suddenly, I didn’t feel like a total screw up when it came to Mistweaving.  I felt like a productive member of the raid.  And a whole new world of possibilities opened up to me!

I will admit, I am not the greatest healer in the world- people have not been reluctant to remind me of it, either- but I am a better healer than I am a DPS (except for maybe Hunter DPS, I’m pretty good at the whole Focus gain/ Focus dump cycle) and I’m a MUCH better healer than I am a tank (I can’t tank.  I just can’t.)  And I am always learning.  And it feels good to know that, through my own work and my own experiences, I have improved myself.  I know there is still a lot of room for me to grow- as a Discipline Priest, as a Mistweaver Monk, and as a healer in general as I continue to level ALL THE HEALING CLASSES.  But…

…. it’s so nice to see progress.  And to go willingly into the PuG raids and LFRs and knowing I can succeed and still learn newer and better ways of doing things makes me very happy.

Also, Mistweaving is ridiculously fun.  I like the mega absorption power of the Discipline Priest, but I am happier playing a class that actually spends most of their time actually healing.

Well, that is it from me for now.  Stand by to stand by, there will be more videos this week.  Before we go, I’m bringing (sexy- no, not really) back something I used to have on all of my blog posts a while ago- the Blogosphere!  The Blogosphere is where I feature and link some articles written by fellow WoW bloggers!  SUPPORT ALL THE BLOGS!

1. Over at Restokin, Alame breaks down the Boomkin for Patch 6.1- hey!  THAT’S TODAY!

2. Over at World of Matticus (also a member of the d20crit network!), Matticus ponders what’s going on with Mythic?

3. And finally, over at Misty Teahouse, Ashleah talks in-depth about Mistweaver Monk’s T17 2-piece set bonus!

Go forth, keep cool, and stay angry, healers!


Mistweaving: My Impressions

Hello, and happy Tuesday!  Hope your long weekend was long enough (mine wasn’t, but it never is) and that you’re ready to kick off this short week with a bit of a rant.

Having just recently gotten mu Mistweaver Monk to 100, I would like to take some time to talk about my impressions of it.

DISCLAIMER:  (I will keep putting these in here until people start reading them.)  This is not a strat, a guide, or anything of that nature.  This is just a post on my impressions of Mistweaver healing from the perspective of a MW monk who has done LFR.  Do not read more into this than there is.

Allrighty then.  Let’s see how many people actually pay attention to that.

Mistweaving: My Impressions

First, I would like to start out by stating that I have had a long standing fascination with Mistweaving.  When MoP dropped, I was like, hell yeah I want to try that and just never got around to getting enough gear to make it work (I started MoP a little late because I was actually out of town for the entire month of September 2012- and had no access to my PC.)  It wasn’t until ToES was released that I got suckered back into raiding, and even then I was DPS (as an ele!shaman.)  Then we had a healer leave for an extended period of time and I offered to heal in his place- which may or may not have been a mistake, because now my raid won’t let me do anything but heal (nah.  I love healing.  Its better than constantly having to worry about my spot on the DPS chart.)  When I started this blog back up, my husband suggested that I level one of each healing class to 100 so that I could be a good, well-rounded healer and have at least some idea of how the other healing classes do their thing (and I swear, I will eventually get around to that.  I’m trying to have one of each healing class to 100 by the time we finish BRF, but I keep getting distracted by RP…)  My first project in that “level-all-the-healers” plan was the Mistweaver.  Why?

People told me it was fun.  They said “if your raid healers can make up for the overall lack of heals from the MW Monk, then bring one because they are a  blast.”


They were so right- on both counts.  Mistweaving is engaging in ways I didn’t think would be possible since Discipline’s Atonement nerfs.  There is always something for me to be doing and I can do things while doing other things.  I am in love with the fact that I can cast Enveloping Mist and Surging Mist while channeling Soothing Mist.  Revival makes me very happy as a healer (coming from Discipline, who has no huge healing CDs- please note I said “healing” not “absorption.”  Yes, I realize absorbs are counted as “heals” on the meters now, but they will not save a raid who has just taken massive AoE damage and are about to take more) because not only is it a HUGE heal, but it removes most bad shit on all players within range.  LOVE IT.  Life Cocoon is a tank saver (well, its an anyone saver, but I usually save it for tanks.)  And the Renewing Mist + Uplift combo makes for some great direct heals.

Here’s where we start running into problems, though.  People have also been proven right that Mistweavers just aren’t as strong as they used to be.  I do fine in instances/ heroic instances.  I even do well in LFR.  But I would get my ass stomped in Normal raids.  It just does not seem that Mistweavers heals heal enough.  Being a primarily HoT based class (Soothing Mist, Enveloping Mist, Renewing Mist, Rushing Jade Wind), their HoTs just don’t seem to do enough.  As far as I can tell, they have only two direct healing spells- Surging Mist and Uplift.  Admittedly, Surging Mist is instant cast over Soothing Mist (and reduces the mana cost of your next Surging Mist by 20%) and a Chi generator.  Their HoTs just need to do… more.  Also, there is the delicate (very delicate) balance between mana and Chi- it is so easy to not watch your mana and run out- which means you can’t generate Chi because some of the abilities that do generate Chi (Surging Mist and Expel Harm) cost mana.  For every four Chi you spend, you gain a stack of Mana Tea, which replenishes 4% of your mana every .5 seconds per stack you have and I just never seem to generate more than 4 stacks of Tea before I’m forced to use it.  This may be because I don’t have a lot of Critical Strike (which increases the chance of generating more Mana Tea), but it never seems to be enough (also, I have shit luck with gear.)

All of this being said, I would switch to a Mistweaver Monk in a heartbeat if it were buffed.  It’s such an engaging style of healing and I am absolutely in love with it.

Well, that is it from me for now.  Stay tuned later this week, I should have another Add-On Sanctum video out, as well as Beastlord Darmac, How to RP an Orc, and possibly the first in my Chronicles of Azeroth series!  Until Friday (or when I post my vidjas here) keep cool, and Stay Angry, healers!


Pissed Off Healers of World of Warcraft… UNITE!